L&T & KEC-Siemens Bid for Kolkata Metro Line 3 & 6’s Electrification

Larsen & Toubro and KEC International – Siemens JV are the two bidders for the 33 KV power distribution and 750 V DC third rail traction system of Kolkata Metro’s under construction 10.246 km Line-3 (Joka – Mominpur) and 32 km Line-6 (New Garia / Kavi Subhash – Biman Bandar).

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. invited bids for this systems work in October 2020 in 2 packages and opened technical bids on February 2 to reveal both L&T and KEC-Siemens had placed a bid for each package.

Package 3 (Line 3 & 6)

  • Estimated Cost of Project: Rs. 258.25 Crores
  • Period of Completion: 24 months

Brief Scope: Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 33 KV Power Distribution, Traction Substation, Auxiliary Substations and 750 V DC Third Rail Traction system for Joka-Majerhat Corridor (Mominpur) and Airport-New Garia Corridor (Hemendra Mukherjee(Excl.) to Bidhannagar of Metro Railway Kolkata.

Package 4 (Line-6)

  • Estimated Cost: 314.65 Crore
  • Period of Completion: 30 months

Brief Scope: Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 33 KV Power Distribution, Traction Substation, Auxiliary Substations and 750 V DC Third Rail Traction system for Airport-New Garia Corridor Bidhannagar (Excl.)- Bimanbandar including New Town Depot of Metro Railway Kolkata.

Route of Kolkata’s Line-3 and Line-6 – view Kolkata Metro information & full route map

The bids have now been sent for technical evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely contractor for this package.

When awarded, the winner will work closely with SYSTRA MVA which was appointed by RVNL as the Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for both lines’ design works associated with power supply, distribution system and Third Rail Electrification.

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26 Responses to "L&T & KEC-Siemens Bid for Kolkata Metro Line 3 & 6’s Electrification"

  1. Rudranil Das says:


  2. Pankaj says:

    This is poor response to RVNL.Only two bidders.

    • Mridul says:

      I believe the qualification was intentional kept strict to allowed limited bidders for the project.Something fishy

      • Sanjay Saxena says:

        I agree the financial qualification was kept very high so that only 1 or two companies can participate.
        They asked annual turnover of 1000+ crore for 300 crore project don’t know how relevant that is and may be the policy makers should check why unnecessary high qualification is kept for small projects.

  3. Gunjan Sharma says:

    Why are RVNL not promoting more bidders to increase competition.

  4. Swati Singh says:

    BMRCL had four bidders for 500 cr plus project why only two bidders here.
    NCRTC had four to five bidders for 300 cr plus projects.
    Kochi had three bidders for 50 cr project
    Kanpur had four bidders for 400 cr plus project
    Why only two bidders here?

  5. Raghav Gupta says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Another humble request whenever you gets a chance to meet or have any converstation with any RVNL official .. please ask them a question that why only two bidders when you see other metros have more than 3 bidders and I think it is against CVC guidelines to have only two bidders while we obviously have bidders in India who are executing DC Rail projects like Alstom,S&W and Linxon.

    • TMRG says:

      I have no contacts with RVNL. Mostly interact with civil & system industry professionals. Looking at the comments above, seems like they had some restrictions in order to qualify.

  6. U says:

    TMRG why RVNL is inviting or opening most of the bids together for line 3 and 6
    Has RVNL forgotten about Line 4

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      Line 4 is being executed by Metro Railway, a small 450m tunnel from Merging point to Airport of New Garia-Airport Metro is also being executed by Metro Railway.

  7. Partha Ray Choudhuri says:

    Route no # 3 & 6 in map is not matching with route description. Interestingly Joka – BBD Bag route shortened to Mominpur that too with 2 yrs completion period !!?? It’s better to divert the route through circular rail route from Majerhat to BBD Bag for faster completion.

    • TMRG says:

      Map shows the overall line – parts which are under construction and also those where work is yet to begin (eg Mominpur – Esplanade, Titumir – Airport)

    • U says:

      Circular Railway is a single line project while a metro has to be two of lines
      Moreover Metro uses 3rd rail 750DC while circular rail(Indian Railways) use AC from overhead wires.
      By definition a metro should have tracks separated from that of good trains which will not be possible in case of using Circular Railway
      Indian Railways should use feeder local trains from Majherhat to Tollygunge(To avail line 1)and also to BBD Bag(To go towards Howrah by train and then ferry/Line 2).SEALDAH CAN BE REACHED BY EITHER WAY.

  8. Sandip Das says:

    Interesting only two bidders why is RVNL Management not worried.Definitely without competition prices will be high

  9. Jayanta Gosh says:

    As per my discussion with RVNL they are informing that the finance team in RVNL was not interested in relaxing qualification.Now why that has happened I have no clue but seems there was no understanding that it will have such low bidder turnout.Also it is a very bureaucratic organisation like Indian Railway hence getting any thing changed you need to ask the cabinet minister no one is really interested to otherwise change anything

    • Manjunath K says:

      Interesting it means RVNL deliberately didn’t want bidders in the package.I am sure the senior management would consider retendering the project once they come to know how only limited bidders were allowed to participate.

  10. Ankit Jain says:

    Isn’t it govt policy to have atleast three bidders for a project?

  11. Dinesh Tripathi says:

    RVNL has been a bureaucratic organisation unlike other metros hence they have limited interest in promoting competition.They are governed by Indian railways so unless somebody from Indian railways really promotes the latest technology and governance process there is limited chances they will really improve or self correct.

  12. Rahul Sharma says:

    I understand that RVNL may retender the package considering limited participation can anyone confirm

  13. Rahul Sharma says:

    I understand that RVNL may retender the pacakge

  14. Dinesh says:

    TMRG,Any feedback on evaluation of the tender,did you get any word from officials if they are retendering the project

  15. SUMIT says:

    SIEMENS Wins both package, kindly convey the L-1 & L-2 detais

  16. Pankaj Ghosh says:

    How many and who are the potential bidders would participate on S&T tender for line 3 & 6. KMRCL.


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