Sadbhav Begins Surat Metro’s Test Piling Work

Engineers from Sadbhav Engineering Ltd. – SP Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (SEL-SPSCPL) JV on Thursday began test piling work at Dream City to construct the first elevated section of the 40.35 km Surat Metro Phase 1 project.

Sadbhav – SP Singla was awarded a Rs. 779.73 crore contract exactly 2 months ago for the 11.6 km Kadarsha Ni Nal – Dream City (Package CS1) section of the 21.61 km Line-1 which will eventually connect Sarthana – Dream City via 20 stations.

Construction on the project was formally launched by PM Modi in mid-January with a ceremonial bore taking place. Since then, the consortium has been conducting pre-construction activities, such as geotechnical investigation at multiple spots along its alignment.

The 10 stations in their section will be built at Kadarsha Ni Nal, Majura Gate (interchange with Bhesan – Saroli Line-2), Rupali Canal, Althan Tenament, Althan Gam, VIP Road, Woman ITI, Bhimrad, Convention Center, Dream City.

Route of Surat Metro’s Kadarsha Ni Nal – Dream City section with the indicative location of stations enroute – view Surat Metro Phase 1 info & route map
Piling rig getting ready to bore at Dream City

With this, Surat Metro is just one step away from entering the construction stage. And when that happens, on the site’s menu I’ll move it over from the ‘Approved’ section to the ‘Under Construction’ section which currently has 8 systems in different stages of construction. That’ll make the Approved section empty and I suspect it’ll be like that for a long time.

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8 Responses to "Sadbhav Begins Surat Metro’s Test Piling Work"

  1. Hari Puttar says:

    I think surat metro will be completed before indore Metro’s tender 1 of 5.29 km by seeing the speed at which it is going
    Bs January ke starting me thoda kaam hua pile cap ko concrete krne ka lekin uske baad forse kaam thande baste me chala gaya
    Ab toh indore MP mtlb shankar lalwani ne bhi dbl ko ji medar bol diya delay ke liye
    27 months me complete Krna tha pura lekin 22 months baad bhi koi kaam nhi hua
    Ek pillar tk nhi bna
    Dbl bs Bhopal me kaam krti hai 😡😡

    • Akhilesh Shukla says:

      When don’t know the condition / different on Indore don’t say anything rubbish about it.
      Secondly I am associated with both of the project.
      Thirdly I am from Indore itself..
      Main reason consultant don’t want them to work because 132 kv line running parallel to alignment.
      If u aware that 132 Kv line cover 5 out of 9 stretch .
      Work in this section can be started in full swing when 132 kv relocation work start…

      • Hari Puttar says:

        Hey bro
        I ain’t saying anything rubbish
        I know about the kv line
        But the news of shifting it came in October- November only
        But it hasn’t been shifted till now

        I can say that no one’s taking interest in shifting that line
        Secondly the metro project construction started in Feb 19 so why isn’t it shifted till now
        I live in indore too and I want my city’s metro project to be completed as soon as possible
        And also the divider has been removed from mr 10 to bapat chouraha

        DBL is a good company
        It has done many projects in all over India
        But it is the first metro project of DBL so I can say it will take time to make it
        They are working on great speed in bhopal

        the kV line isn’t every where
        They can do work from mr 10 rob to bapat chauraha and Mumtaz bagh to Radisson square and they can also cast the pillars in front of ISBT bcz their no problem is there and also the structure has been made by the sariya of 5-6 pillars
        Hope that the line is shifted as soon as possible and dbl can start work on the project in full swing
        My best wishes with it 🤞🤞
        Consultant even don’t approved the designs of pillars I don’t know why
        I want to know how many box girders have being casted in the casting yard till now bcz there’s no article there about the casting yard

        If you are associated with the company or the project please convey my messages to them

        • Akhilesh Shukla says:

          DBL done all efforts to start d work. They
          done mobilization twice once for this project…
          But consultant don’t want to carry out the work in the project interest.
          General consultant done mistake by prediction of earthquake zone.
          segment r ready to erection .. almost 200 number segment has been casted.. near about 10-15 span segments
          5-6 crore uncharted utility has been shifted payment finalize is pending from the consultant.
          Dec-19 we submit diversions plan for underground utilities . till date we don’t have any approval of d same after approval of IMC.
          After awards of the project in dec-18. Received d tender drawing after 9 month’s.
          Consultant don’t share layout plan for ISBT in

          • Hari Puttar says:

            dont say anything about that shit consultant
            foreigners never want india to be developed
            we should change the consultant
            nagpur metro’s consultant was also changed after 8 months bcz of delay in work
            we should find a good indian consultant for indore metro
            These foreign consultants just want money
            hey what do you think how much time will take to statt the work in full swing by DBL
            and till when will be the line shifted


    SIR PLEASE MAKE PAGE Amritsar-Jamnagar expressway

  3. Clevin Gomes says:

    TMRG, what’s the status on Kanjurmarg Depot issue. Today was the hearing, but no news came out. Can u please relay this message to M/s Tanushree.

  4. Prabhat Dutta says:

    Dear sir
    I have well trained gang of pile cage making as well as all other rebar and concreting works . I am interested to work with your esteem. Please let me know about scope and site location of work or any contact no.

    Contact no. — 9265136005


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