Shiv, Evrascon & JSCIAV Win Delhi-Amritsar Expressway’s Work

Shiv Build India, Evrascon-MKCIL and ‘Joint Stock Company Industrial Association Vozrozhdenie’ this past week emerged as the lowest bidders for constructing packages 6, 10 and Spur III of the roughly 650 km Delhi – Amritsar – Katra (DAK) Expressway.

This 4-lane greenfield project starts at KMP Expressway north-west of Delhi, and will be expandable to 8 lanes with provision of service roads in the future. Phase 1 involves the construction of a 397.7 km greenfield expressway between Delhi – Ludhiana – Gurdaspur and a 99 km spur connecting Nakodar – Amritsar. 

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) invited bids for these 3 packages in November 2020 and January 2021 with a 2 year deadline. All 3 section are within Punjab with Package 6 spanning Patiala district, Package 10 skirting around Jalandhar’s west-side, and Spur III forming half a ring around Amritsar’s east-side.

Package 6

Brief Scope: Construction of 4-lane Greenfield Delhi-Katra Expressway from Junction with Patiala-Samana-Patran road (SH-10) near Ghagga village to Junction with Patiala-Bathinda road (NH-7) near Bhawanigarh (Km 157.920 to Km 188.830) on EPC under BMP in Punjab

  • Contract: NHAI/BM/DAKExpressway /2020/Pkg.6
  • Length: 30.91 km
  • Technical Bids Opened: February 4, 2021
  • Bidders: 24 (all technically qualified)
  • NHAI’s estimate: Rs 850.12 crore

Financial Bid Values of Lowest 5 Technically-Qualified Bidders:

Shiv Build IndiaRs. 733 crore
Ceigall IndiaRs. 765 crore
RCC DevelopersRs. 769.87 crore
Gawar ConstructionRs. 785 crore
Shinde DevelopersRs. 810 crore

Package 10

Brief Scope: Construction of 4lane Greenfield Delhi Amritsar Katra Expressway from Junction with Jalandhar Moga road (NH-703) Kang Sahibu village to Junction with Jalandhar Kapurthala road (NH703A) near Khojewal village (Km 303.900 to km 319.400 of main expressway

  • Contract: NHAI/BM/ DAKExpressway/2020/Pkg.10
  • Length: 15.50 km
  • Technical Bids Opened: February 4, 2021
  • Bidders: 16 (15 technically qualified)
  • NHAI’s estimate: Rs. 1230.92 crore

Financial Bid Values of Lowest 5 Technically-Qualified Bidders:

Evrascon- MKCIL JVRs. 1094.46 crore
Gawar ConstructionRs. 1149 crore
Ceigall IndiaRs. 1161 crore
GR Infra Rs. 1196.87 crore
CDS InfraRs. 1278 crore
Expressway’s route within Punjab via Feedback Infra’s EIA Report

Package Spur III

Brief Scope: Construction of 4lane GA Amritsar connectivity for Connection of Amritsar with D-AM-K Expressway from NH3 and Taran taran Bypass near Mannawalla village Cha70.950-NH354 Ajanala road near Harsh china village Cha99.020 on EPC mode under BMP in Punjab

  • Contract: NHAI/BM/DAKExpressway/ 2020/Pkg.Spur-III
  • Length: 28.07 km
  • Technical Bids Opened: March 10, 2021
  • Bidders: 9 (all 9 technically qualified)
  • NHAI’s estimate: Rs. 1041.58 crore

Financial Bid Values of Lowest 5 Technically-Qualified Bidders:

Joint Stock Vozrozhdenie Rs. 925.02 crore
Evrascon-MKCIL JVRs. 936.11 crore
Gawar ConstructionRs. 982 crore
CDS InfraRs. 989.49
Ceigall IndiaRs. 990 crore

The lowest bids for each were well below NHAI’s estimate, so contracts for these should be awarded without much scrutiny during financial bid evaluation.

DAK Expressway project’s greenfield section consists of 15 packages – 12 on the 397 km Delhi – Gurdaspur section and 3 on the 99 km Nakodar-Amritsar spur. With this development, financial bids for 9 have been opened, technical bid evaluation is underway for 5 and a tender notice is pending for 1. See a list of all packages and their status’ here.

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  1. V K says:

    Any update on Patna metro?

    • TMRG says:

      Nothing major at this time. The video you shared earlier shows pile cap casting work is going to start soon. That will be followed by pier casting.

  2. Arvind says:

    Any update on dnd to sohna via Faridabad bypass nh 148na? And delhi dehradun expressway contractor?

    • TMRG says:

      Glad there weren’t any casualties. Could have been worse.

      Let’s see what the incident report says.

      • Himanshu Doria says:

        A Similar incident happened in WDFC haryana last year where the Launching Gantry came down crashing slightly damaging a pier and delaying the project by six months. L&T was the contractor for that project also.

  3. T P says:

    Joint Stock Vozrozhdenie which company is ths?

  4. Vinay Aggarwal says:

    Can you share more details on the background of Joint Stock Vozrozhdenie and its Indian subsidiary?

  5. Varinder says:

    Any reference in vaisata infrastructure Hyderabad

  6. Ankur Malhotra says:

    Hi..pls share contact information of EVRASCON ‘s local representative if available.
    Thanks & regardw

  7. Davinder singh says:

    I have own local The subash construction labour company in Amritsar, and we want to work with your organization,
    We build bridges across the road,We have been doing this for the last 18 years, so please give us a chance. Thanks 🙏

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    Contect Innova 8968053972


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