ITD Unearths Kolkata Metro’s TBMs Urvi & Chandi at Bowbazar

Workers from ITD Cementation have over the past month reached the bottom of Bowbazar Shaft to begin dismantling two tunnel boring machines that built a portion of Kolkata Metro’s east-west Line-2.

Both Ø6.65m Herrenknecht EPB sister machines are currently facing one another at Bowbazar where TBM Chandi (S-615), working on the west-bound down-line tunnel between Esplanade – Sealdah, came to an abrupt halt in August 2019 after it hit an aquifer which led to heavy soil displacement and collapse of several buildings.

Pending tunneling work of 800m was completed by TBM Urvi (S-616) with a historic final breakthrough for the entire 16.34 km line getting recorded in May 2021.

Indicative route of Line-2’s Esplanade – Sealdah section – view Kolkata Metro route map and information

Here are some snaps shot at different times over the past 30 days. Barring Urvi’s cutterhead, parts of Chandi (facing east towards Sealdah) are being pulled out first.

Urvi (top) and Chandi (bottom)
Urvi’s cutterhead about to be hoisted out
Westbound tunnel built by TBM Chandi
TBM Chandi and the rings it built getting dismantled

After both machines’ parts are removed, the base slab RCC flooring and roof work will be completed, and soil will be backfilled.

While the 2.1 km Phoolbagan – Sealdah section of Line-2 should open in Q2 2022, I see the rest of the line (Sealdah – Howrah Maidan) opening up no sooner than mid-2023 looking at the quantum of pending systems, architectural finishing, testing and other activities to go.

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4 Responses to "ITD Unearths Kolkata Metro’s TBMs Urvi & Chandi at Bowbazar"

  1. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    At last after 28months

  2. Subir k Mukhopadhyay says:

    Great achievement. Thanks to Afcons, ITD, KMRVL.

  3. Pradyot. K. Chattsrjee says:

    Retrieving Two TBMs in difficult situation without affecting otherwise ready tunnel is challenging. Unless this work is completed service to Sealdah should not be started. ITD personal are doing a great job.

  4. Pradyot. K. Chattsrjee says:

    Unless two TBM s are retrieved and tunnel is complete service to Sealdah should not be started. ITD personal are doing a great job.


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