Details Emerge on Bangalore’s Jayadeva Interchange

Details on the design of Bangalore Metro’s Jayadeva Interchange station have been revealed in the Bangalore Mirror. When Phase II opens by 2020 2023 this station will help commuters interchange between the RV Road-Bommasandra and Gottigere-Nagawara lines (see Phase II map). The station will come up at the Jayadeva Junction for which the existing flyover will be demolished and replaced with a new four-lane elevated road.

Existing layout/look of the Jayadeva Junction:

Crude Design of the Interchange
– The following rendering is from the Bangalore Mirror and has some flaws, the major one being the location of the station which will now sit AT the intersection and not in one corner. This does give a good idea of how things will shape up, so take it for what it’s worth.

Jayadeva Interchange - photo: Bangalore Mirror, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Jayadeva Interchange – photo: Bangalore Mirror, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

This design is part of the revised alignment that got approved last month by a high power committee. The original alignment would have seen 98 structures being demolished, but this will only entail 14 structures including the existing flyover to be demolished. The mammoth structure which will come up at the junction will be configured in this fashion:

Level -1 – Existing underpass
Level  0 – At-grade (ground) level road for local traffic
Level  1 – 2 way, 4 lane elevated road which will be funded by the Bangalore Development Authority
Level  2 – Concourse level consisting of ticket counters/customer service desk/stores etc
Level  3 – RV Road to Bommasandra line platforms – the line will run right above the elevated road
Level  4 – Gottigere to Nagawara line platforms – these will be at a height of 72 ft above the ground

Tendering for various allied works and electrification for Phase 2 has already begun (see: Bangalore Metro’s New Lines to Run on 3rd Rail!), so the civil work tenders are not too far away!


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