Jaipur Metro’s TBM 2 Starts Tunneling Towards Choti Chaupar Station

Earlier this month, I had posted some images of the Chandpol Shaft where TBM #2 was standing ready and waiting to be unleashed towards the Choti Chaupar station. In case you missed that post, you can catch up on all the images here.

On this Wednesday, the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation’s contractor for the 2.35 kms underground stretch between Chandpol shaft – Choti Chaupar – Badi Chaupar, a JV of CEC & CICI, finally began tunneling on the southbound “down-line” tunnel!

Satellite imagery of the launch shaft:


Map of Jaipur Metro's underground section

Map of Jaipur Metro’s underground section

Photo Copyright: Ashok Kumar Rai

Ready to start tunneling! – Photo Copyright: Ashok Kumar Rai

Photo Copyright: Navdeep Singh

And in she goes! – Photo Copyright: Navdeep Singh

Photo Copyright: Ashok Kumar Rai

Night view. Just ’cause! – Photo Copyright: Ashok Kumar Rai

Meanwhile, as per an onsite engineer, TBM 1 has now tunneled well beyond the Chandpol Gate and is expected to make a breakthrough in December!

Fun fact – Both these TBMs supplied by the Robbins Company were previously used for tunneling in Delhi. The manufacturer refurbished the TBMs and customized their cutterheads to adapt to tunneling through Jaipur’s geology besides upgrading them for active articulation which allows them to better handle curves.

For more updates on the Jaipur Metro, check out the Jaipur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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