BEML & Hyundai Rotem Roll Out 1st Locally Produced Phase III Train for Delhi Metro!

On Wednesday (Nov 18), Hyundai Rotem and BEML (earlier known as Bharat Earth Movers Limited) rolled out the first locally produced train for the Delhi Metro’s new Phase III lines from BEML’s Bangalore plant!

This train is part of the 81 train-set (486 coach) contract that the Delhi Metro Rail Corp had signed with Hyundai Rotem in 2013 to run exclusively on its new Pink and Magenta lines (see Phase III map):

Line-7: Pink line – 56.59 km – Mukundpur Depot to Shiv Vihar with 38 stations
Line-8: Magenta line – 36.24 km – Janakpuri West to Botanical Garden with 26 stations

These new six-coach trains have advanced features like better traction, acceleration, USB slots and a larger capacity. Just like the Hyderabad metro, these trains can also be operated without an operator, but an operator will be present for emergency situations at least in the first few years after which the trains will run unattended on the UTO (unattended train operation) mode.

Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

As soon as the train’s motor-car was brought out of the assembly line for delivery, teams from Hyundai ROTEM (the guys in the grey jackets) and BEML engineers performed a small puja to wish it a successful journey and career ahead!

Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

According to the agreement between Hyundai Rotem & BEML, the initial 20 train-sets (120 coaches) will be manufactured & delivered from Changwon, South Korea while the remaining 61 train-sets (366 coaches) will be manufactured at BEML’s plant with Hyundai Rotem’s assistance in Bangalore.

Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

As per the DMRC, the new trains have undergone significant technological as well as eco-friendly upgrades, and many additional features have been added to increase passenger comfort. Each coach can accommodate a maximum of 380 passengers, which translates to 2,280 passengers in each train set of six coaches. This is 240 more than the regular six-coach Metro trains that the DMRC currently operates.

The display inside the trains will also be clearer and sharper. Each coach is fitted with four 18.5 inch LCD screens to run audio-visuals messages and commercials. They also have improved design features like better regeneration of energy during braking, energy efficient sub-systems like LED lighting and air conditioning systems. To enhance security, these trains are equipped with CCTV cameras both inside and outside the trains.

Inside the train - Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

Inside the train – Photo Copyright: Murali Krishna

Here’s a sweet image of two more trains inside BEML’s plant:

Photo Copyright: Jagdiz LP

Photo Copyright: Jagdiz LP

As a reminder, the first train-set from South Korea arrived at the Mundra depot in Gujarat in late May and was brought to the Pink line’s depot at Mukundpur in June. Here’s a cool image of it being lifted out of a cargo ship:

Train making a touch down at Mundra port in Gujarat - Photo Copyright DMRC

Touch down at Mundra port! – Photo Copyright DMRC

One of trains was also recently spotted in South Korea! See: Delhi Metro’s Phase 3 Train Spotted at Seoul’s Metro Station!

More images of the first train at its new home at the sprawling Mukundpur Depot can be viewed here: [Pics] Delhi Metro’s Phase III Trains Unveiled.

Commercial operations on the Pink & Magenta lines are about a year away from starting, so until then these trains will undergo local testing at the test track within the different depots.

For more updates on Delhi’s Metro’s Phase III project, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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