Kochi Metro Unveils Kalamassery Station’s Interior & Exterior Design

The design theme of the Kalamassery station on the 25.6 km Kochi Metro line has been approved & revealed to the public! As I had written in August, the Western Ghats’s landscape & flora have been adopted as the interior theme for all 22 stations on this line.

These designs have been prepared by Tata Elxsi which functions as the Kochi Metro’s overall design consultant for making the system comfortable & easy to use. They’ve also helped prepare the design of the 25 train-sets that were unveiled in September. The first of the 25 trains is expected to arrive at the Muttom Depot from Alstom’s Indian plant located at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh later this month.

Coming back to the station – As per the Kochi Metro Rail Corp, the exterior of all stations will have similar designs but will come with unique doorways. The Kalamassery station’s design has been inspired by the monsoons with plenty of raindrops and green leaves to showcase its beauty as you can see below:

Souce: Kochi Metro Rail

Kalamassery station’s entrance – Source: Kochi Metro Rail

Souce: Kochi Metro Rail

Ticket counter at the Kalamassery station – Source: Kochi Metro Rail

Souce: Kochi Metro Rail

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates – Source: Kochi Metro Rail

Hornbill – The state bird of Kerala will be featured towards the left of the ticket counter:

Source: Kochi Metro Rail

Kerala’s Hornbiill bird – Source: Kochi Metro Rail

Souce: Kochi Metro Rail

Platform level – Source: Kochi Metro Rail

FYI – The plan to install platform screen doors (as shown above) has been put on hold due to their high cost.

As a reminder, here are the other stations & their respective themes that have been revealed so far:

  1. CUSAT – Maritime History of Kochi
  2. Edappally – Spice Route
  3. Changampuzha Park – Art, Culture & Literature of Kerala
  4. JLN Stadium – Sports Heritage of Kerala
  5. MG Road – Special focus on history of Ernakulam/Kochi

For more updates on Kochi’s Metro, check out the Kochi section of the The Metro Rail Guy!


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