[Pics] Progress of Noida Metro in Gr. Noida

Here are some brand new images of the Noida Metro line under construction by CEC-SAM in Greater Noida! These were primarily shot between the Alpha II and Depot stations which form a part of the NC03 section that spans from the Sector 149 station to the Depot Station.

Source from NMRC - view full map

Route map of the the Noida – Gr. Noida metro line


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


A U-shaped girder being launched – Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708


Photo Copyright: Suresh2708

The metro line is coming along quite nicely with no hurdles on its way. A lot more pier caps have been erected since the first in early December 2015 and similarly 4 spans have been completed since the first U-girder was erected in mid December 2015. As a reminder, trial runs are expected to begin in July 2017 with commercial operations starting soon after by Diwali season.

For more updates on the Noida metro line, check out the Noida – Greater Noida section of The Metro Rail Guy!

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