BMRCL to Invite CMRS for Underground Section’s Inspection in March

Just about everyday I get asked about the current status of the underground section of Bangalore Metro’s Purple line which runs between the Cubbon Park and Magadi Road stations. Tunneling work on this 4.8 km section was completed by the CEC-SOMA-CICI JV in March 2014 and trial runs have been underway since November 2015, but the line’s stations are still not close to being in a “ready” state with lots of interior and exterior works still left. Here’s a tweet of mine which shows the crucial Majestic station which is farthest from completion among all stations.

On the mandatory safety inspection side of things, here’s something that I shared recently through my Twitter account and am reproducing for those who are eager to know more. According to the BMRCL’s Managing Director Pradeep Khorala who interviewed with the Times of India this weekend during the MG Road Open Street festival:

We’ve completed the oscillation trials which are the most crucial part of getting ready . The stations are complete and getting the final touches. We are waiting for a speed test certificate by the Railway Standard and Designs Operation (RDSO) in a week’s time, which is the first step to begin the process of seeking clearance, followed by a Schedule of Dimensions (SoD) and a few more certificates expected to be issued by the first week of March. This has to be done before we approach the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) for the certification process.

If things play out the way he described, then it won’t be until the middle of March when all the necessary paperwork for safety inspection is prepared and filed with the CMRS’ office. From accepting the invitation to giving approval, the entire inspection process can take 1-3 months and after that, the inauguration date depends on the availability of ministers, so a March 2016 opening of this line can be struck off and I’m now looking at an April/May opening.

Purple line's underground section - view Bangalore Metro map and information

Purple line’s underground section – view Bangalore Metro map and information

The 5 underground stations on this section include Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha, Sir. M Visveshwaraya, Majestic (under construction by Coastal-TTS JV) and Bangalore City railway station.

Whenever the safety inspection application is submitted to the CMRS, I’ll make sure to write about it. I’ll leave you guys with this cute and awfully kind thought from the MD:

Even if it is delayed by some days, the concern is the safety of lakhs of passengers who have so far banked on our ability to take them to their destinations, safe and sound.

For more updates on Bangalore’s Metro, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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13 Responses to "BMRCL to Invite CMRS for Underground Section’s Inspection in March"

  1. Naveen says:

    Thanks for this update! This is a reality check on Bangalore Metro Purple line.

  2. S Manikantan says:

    I thought BMRCL would give the purple line in full as Ugadhi Gift. Now it will not be so.

    Hopefully, it will be a May Day Gift.

    But surely, it will be an Independence Day gift

    • praveen says:

      I disagree with Independence day gift, as KANNADA RAJYOTSAVA seems to be more realistic 😉

      • S Manikantan says:

        At first even I wanted to take that day. But I felt it would not take that long. May be you will prove right. Who knows.

        • praveen says:

          Deep down in my heart i feel i should be wrong, but after see these idiots working for last decade, i feel i will be right.

  3. Gopalaswamy Honnavalli says:

    RDSO means Research Design and Standard Organization and not what is said in the above tweet

  4. Prateek Chakraborty says:

    So, is it finally going to open in April then? I have actually stayed in Bangalore for 9 years and ever since I shifted back to Delhi 4 years ago, this metro is far from completion! Just compare it with Delhi Metro, which has a huge network and the third phase works, going to soon finish in this year-end.

    I am planning to visit Bangalore next month to watch an IPL match at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Can I finally expect a fast and a comfortable ride from Baiyappanahalli to Cubbon Park by April 15th or not? It is just a walking distance from the stadium, as compared to M.G Road, where I used to take an auto and the distance is close to 2 km. Waiting for your kind reply, thank you! =D

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I completely understand your frustration! A March opening is definitely not on the cards. An April opening depends on when they invite the CMRS for inspecting the line. As of March 6, there’s still no word on it.

  5. Prakash Magal says:

    The question which arise is which year Ugadi/May Day or Karnataka Rajyotstava day? Even if all tests are done stations are far from being ready for full fledged operàtions, looking at the past promised dates and actual dates!


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