Delhi Metro: Land Acquisition Completed for Yellow Line’s 3rd Depot

The Delhi government has completed acquiring agricultural land for the Yellow Line’s 3rd maintenance depot in Badli! The 3 year deadlock between local farmers and the government was ended by providing a higher compensation rate of Rs. 3.07 crore/acre. Over this past weekend, the Chief Minister of Delhi announced that the compensation was disbursed last month:

As per a report in the TOI:

According to revenue department officials of North district, DMRC required around 60 acres of land for the construction of a yard at Badli. The earmarked expanse was mostly in Siraspur village though a part of it fell in Kheda Garhi village too. The acquisition process had been initiated in 2013 and had continued through 2014 when the villagers, expressing dissatisfaction with the compensation amount offered to them, began a protest in 2015.

Location of Badli's Depot

Location of Badli Depot – view Delhi Metro map and information

Satellite view:

The existing 2 depots on this line are located at Khyber Pass in north Delhi and Sultanpur in south Delhi which were built during Phase 1 & 2 respectively.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in 2013-14 had issued work orders for the depot’s construction including other related works, so I expect groundwork leading up to construction to begin within the coming weeks. Here are details of the 3 contracts which have been awarded to build it:

• Contract CC-35: Construction of Boundary Wall, Diversion of Roads and Land Development of Badli Depot for Jahangir Puri- Badli Corridor of Delhi MRTS Phase-III Project.
Awarded to: K.R. Anand
Value: Rs. 15.48 crore

• Contract CC-63: Design and Construction of Elevated Viaduct 415 m Connecting Badli Depot on Jahangirpuri – Badli Corridor (Extension of Line-2) of Delhi MRTS Phase-III Project
Awarded to: Arvind Techno Engineers Pvt. Ltd
Value: Rs. 20.47 crore

• Contract CC-93: Civil Works for Construction of Badli Depot cum Workshop Buildings, elevated ramp, underpass, including plumbing, drainage, external development works etc. and Road works for Badli Depot of Jahangirpuri – Badli Corridor of Line – 2 Extension of Delhi MRTS PH-III project.
Awarded to: JRC Grid Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Value: Rs. 92.80 crores

Apart from this depot, the DMRC has also planned to extend the line a little further north by 1.057 km to Siraspur in Phase 3 itself. For more details see: DMRC Includes Yellow Line’s Extension to Siraspur in Phase 3.

For more updates on Delhi Metro’s Phase III, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!



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5 Responses to "Delhi Metro: Land Acquisition Completed for Yellow Line’s 3rd Depot"

  1. Siddhant kumar says:

    When will land acquisition complete for pink line of trilokpuri and punjabi bagh areas delhi

  2. Siddhant kumar says:

    Please give update on pink land acquisition because this corridor is beneficial for me

    • TMRG says:

      Which area? As per Mangu Singh, DMRC’s MD, they are yet to get small pockets of land for construction in Punjabi Bagh, Mayapuri &Trilokpuri.

  3. Siddhant kumar says:

    In trilokpuri


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