[Pics] Progress of Delhi Metro’s Yamuna Bridge at Okhla

Last month, I wrote about how the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation announced plans to start trial runs on the 38.235 km Magenta line’s 12 km section between Kalkaji & Botanical Garden in July 2016 and why that would would not be possible, especially in Noida. Now here’s a look at another part of that section, at the rather poor progress of the line’s Yamuna bridge at Okhla (Kalindi Kunj area) which has been under construction since the end of 2012.

The CC-08 contract for constructing this bridge was one of the first among 100+ contracts to be awarded for the 160 km Phase 3 project as highlighted by its package number. The letter of award (LOA) was issued to S.P. Singla on January 31 2012 with a contract value of Rs 42.87 crores and a completion deadline of February 8 2014.

Here’s a look at its progress.

Satellite view:

Alignment of Okhla Vihar – Botanical Garden section – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & information

The bridge’s first span was completed in April 2014 using precast segments. Now here are some images clicked over this weekend which shows that there’s 1 pier (pillar) and 2 spans on either end of it yet to be constructed.


Magenta line’s bridge – Photo Copyright: Sumanta Sarathi Das


A parallel road bridge under construction – Photo Copyright: Sumanta Sarathi Das

Work to construct that one last pier is going to take at least another 3 months after which the viaduct’s deck using precast segments will take another month. Post-construction work of adding parapet walls, laying tracks and installing the CBTC signalling, telecommunication & overhead electrification equipment will take a conservative 3 months, so it would be a miracle if trial runs to Botanical Garden even start by November. At the most, I expect trial runs in July to begin between Jasola Vihar – Kalkaji and nothing more.

While I’m covering this section, here are some images of the progress made between the Kalindi Kunj Depot and Jasola Vihar:


View from the depot’s ramp towards Jasola Vihar station – Photo Copyright: Sumanta Sarathi Das


View towards the depot (left) & towards Kalindi Kunj (right) – Photo Copyright: Sumanta Sarathi Das

Looks like a battlefield, right?

The Kalindi Kunj Depot of this line recently received its 2nd new Hyundai Rotem train. Check out some nice images of it here: [Pics] 2nd New Train Arrives for Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line

For more updates & images, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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6 Responses to "[Pics] Progress of Delhi Metro’s Yamuna Bridge at Okhla"

  1. Yogesh Singhal says:

    The issue was with last Pillar whose base could not be made stable after many tries and it was tiltijng always.
    At last they abondaoned that pillar and created a new pillar at bank with larger span.
    Now , see how it goes

    • TMRG says:

      Thanks for confirming as that’s exactly what I’ve heard as well. It was moving far more than what’s permissible by industry standards. Glad they’re redoing the entire pier instead of performing a patch up job.

  2. Aditya says:

    If DMRC is constructing a new pillar, then I think its worth the delay cause safety always comes first. Such kind of engineering challenges are bound to come in a project like this. I hope they fix out the problem and we can have the kalindi kunj to botanical garden stretch operational by year end.
    As of the entire phase 3, even if it gets operational by mid 2017, I think it would be still an achivement considering the various issues lyk land acquisition (some still pending on pink line) the DMRC had to face on which it has no control.
    Hoping for the best.

  3. kuldeep k says:


    you can add your updated pic here,to make future readers updated,

    do you have any new updates regarding the track,nd time span if it will be more or not,
    i am very much interested in noida grnoida line and this botanical garden to hauz khan line as it takes me 80-90 minutes to reach saket station daily from noida (home) as it invloves taking auto than metro than rajiv chowk crowd,than again auto…

    if noida extended line and magneta line works complete on/before time,i might reach to destination well within 40-55 minutes and more conveniently.

    thanks for the info and keep up the good work

  4. Bharat says:

    By now the last pillar is erected


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