Work Resumes on Pushing Delhi Metro’s Steel Bridge at Shakurpur

Another gap on the Delhi Metro’s 58.596 km Pink Line will soon be plugged 😀

Larsen & Toubro and its subcontractor HMM Infra yesterday restarted pushing a steel truss bridge over the Indian Railways’ Delhi – Fazilka line at Shakurpur in west Delhi for package CC-28! The 54 meter long bridge is 19 meters tall and was supposed to be pushed into its final resting place in mid-April, but work stopped due to a design issue with the supporting trestles which forced the crew to abandon work, rectify the design and reapply for a railway block through the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

With work restarting yesterday, HMM Infra (responsible for manufacturing & pushing the Punjabi Bagh bridge as well) now aims to finish pushing the bridge over this weekend, so do expect a follow-up post from me soon.

Satellite view of this area:


Location of the Shakurpur Bridge – view Delhi Metro map & information

Here are some images from the site:


View from the Ring Road – Photo Copyright: Sierra


Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood


Photo Copyright: Gaurav Sood

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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6 Responses to "Work Resumes on Pushing Delhi Metro’s Steel Bridge at Shakurpur"

  1. Siddhant kumar says:

    Please get news about trilokpuri also

  2. Siddhant kumar says:

    Will it be resolved before 2016

  3. Siddhant kumar says:

    Will trilokpuri issue will resolved before 2016

    • Aadisht Khanna says:

      Boss, please give some thought to this. TMRG is in touch with contractors, engineers, etc so he gets to know about progress on construction, civil and electrical work. He is not in touch with politicians to know when and how political issues will be resolved. Nor is he antaryaami. Why are you asking the same question over and over again to somebody who doesn’t have the answers.

      • Not Antaryaami says:

        The hope is that there is an antaryaami on the forums!
        I don’t think we will anyways like the answer such an antaryaami has, thus the lies of the politicians always suffice.


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