BMRCL Invites Demolition Bids & Identifies Properties for Line 4

Two significant pre-construction developments took place last week for Bangalore Metro’s 21.25 km Gottigere – Nagawara line! This new 21.25 km line with 18 stations is officially known as Line 4 & Reach 6, and will primarily run underground through the city center & other congested parts as part of the 72 km Phase 2 project.


Key stations on Bangalore’s Gottigere–Nagawara line – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 map & information

There are 3 major civil components of this line for which land acquisition of different degree / area is required: (1) a roughly 7 km elevated section from Gottigere to Swagath Road near Dairy Circle, (2) A roughly 14 km underground section from Dairy Circle to Nagawara, and (3) Kothanur Depot – a preliminary notification for acquiring land for it was approved and published in the Karnataka Gazette in November 2015. The depot is expected to come up west of Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple and east of Kothnur Dinne village on the land parcel shown below:

Development #1

Elevated Section (Gottigere to Dairy Circle)

The BMRCL invited demolition bids on this past Thursday (May 12) and plans to award the contract by June. The stipulated length of this little but crucial task is 9 months. Prior to its completion, the BMRCL will invite 2 contracts for the elevated section’s construction which I hope happens by the end of this year:

  1. Gottigere to IIM-B and Kothanur Depot line (4.545 km) including 3 metro stations at Gottigere, Hulimavu & IIM-Bangalore
  2. IIMB to Dairy Circle ramp (4.095 km) including 3 stations at JP Nagar, Jayadeva Hospital Interchange & Swagath Road Cross. Note: Construction of the Jayadeva Hospital Interchange (see design details) might be made a part of the RV Road – BTM layout (Line 3) contractor’s scope of works.

The BMRCL has taken an average of 10 months to award the 3 previous construction contracts (see list) for Phase 2, so if they were to invite tenders for the construction of these 2 packages by the end of this year, they are likely to only be awarded by Q3 2017 with ground work commencing in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018.

Development #2

Underground Section (Dairy Circle to Nagawara)

As per a new report in the Bangalore Mirror, the BMRCL has identified 221 properties measuring a total of over 71,000 sq meters for acquisition. These will be either partially or fully acquired for constructing 12 underground stations and their exit/entrances & ancillary support structures.

As per a BMRCL official:

We have already finalised lands required for the construction of 10 underground stations out of 12. We may require an additional 20 to 30 properties for constructing Langford Town and Vellara Junction underground stations. In a month’s time, a list of the properties identified will be sent to Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) for issuance of notification.

To minimize the costs involved in land acquisition since the land price is too high in the city, it was decided to limit the acquisition to one acre per station. However, there will be changes depending on location, traffic diversion and others. BMRCL will go for additional acquisition of land for construction of the stations, but these are yet to be finalized.

The 12 stations in this 13.79 km section include: Dairy Circle, Mico Bosch Industries, Langford Town, Vellara Junction, MG Road (interchange station with Purple Line), Shivajinagar, Cantonment Railway station, Pottery Town, Tannery Road, Venkateshpura, Arabic College and Nagawara.

Both final notifications for land acquisition & tenders for their demolition are expected to be published by the end of this year after which it will take 9-12 months for the bidding stage for the following 3 packages to be carried out:

  1. Dairy Circle Ramp to Vellara staton (4.905 km) including 4 stations at Dairy Circle, Mico Bosch Industries, Langford Town & Vellara Junction
  2. Vellara station to Pottery Town station (4.275 km) including 4 stations at  MG Road, Shivajinagar, Cantonment Railway station & Pottery Town
  3. Pottery Town station to Nagawara station & ramp (5.575 km) including 4 stations at Tannery Road, Venkateshpura, Arabic College & Nagawara

I expect contracts for these 3 packages to be awarded in early 2018 after which the first TBM will start tunneling works in 2019.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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52 Responses to "BMRCL Invites Demolition Bids & Identifies Properties for Line 4"

  1. Mithun R says:

    Hi TMRG , Phase 2 TBM will start at 2019. This is way behind the schedule . Then why do BMRCL promise that they will complete in 2020 ?

    Can you kindly update on Reach 1,2,3 & 4 Extension.

    • lina says:

      bmrcl also promises phase 1 to be done by this year. no way that is happening. If we are lucky it will be done by June next year

    • TMRG says:

      Hi Mithun, construction contracts for R2 & R4’s extensions have been awarded to 3 firms. Barricades have been setup at many places & machinery has been mobilized, but piling work will only commence properly once BMRCL obtains clearance to cut trees down. Land acquisition is underway for R1 & R3’s extensions – BMRCL hasn’t invited demolition bids yet.

  2. lina says:

    yea fair estimate. Phase 2 will probably be done by 2025. Definitely not before that. and I expect The BIAL link to happen by 2030

  3. anand says:

    Thank you for the update. Where is the metro station planned in Gottigere?

    • TMRG says:

      Supposed to be close to Mt. Saint Joseph School

      • Sham says:

        Mt. Saint Joseph School is over 2km from NICE road junction. Can’t understand why they are not planning to extend it till NICE rd.

        • Vishwanath says:

          Yes, I like your idea. Metro should connect to NICE road and public transport should be available in NICE road. Higher officers, please think about it.

      • Harsha says:

        But that is not Gottigere, that is Kalena Agrahara..

      • Sumukh says:

        Hi TMRG, Thanks for the update. why are they calling Gottigere Station which is nearly 2 kms. far from Gottigere. I don’t know who are the advisers and planners which they cant predict the correct locations of Stations.
        Gottigere is the right place which is meeting place of Nice Road, Konanakunte Road, Begur Road. Anybody kindly suggest to concerned persons to relocate this station nearest to Gottigere.

  4. Sujith says:

    What a mess?. You are getting a lot of people dissapointed but at the same time I love how your Estimates are always the bitter truth. If they can start by beginning of 2018, I would be glad enough.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I’m just saying it how it is. Two of the timeframes cannot be adjusted which is why the first couple of TBMs will only start in or after 2019:

      1) Bidding – Firms are usually given 4-5 months to prepare and submit their technical & financial bids. Entire process to open, evaluate and award the 3 contracts can take 9-12 months if the lowest bid is acceptable to BMRCL & lenders. Side note: I hope they invite bids this year.

      2) Site Preparation – Once the contracts are awarded, the contractor would need 12-15 months to mobilize resources and prepare the TBM launch shafts at either end of the stations. For example, UG-2 (Cubbon Park-City Railway) was awarded to CEC-SOMA-CICI in March 2010 after which tunneling began in May 2011 (see history). Similar timeframes have been taken by contractors in Delhi, Jaipur and soon in Lucknow.

  5. shubangi says:

    Hi TMRG, correct me if I am wrong, but if the underground section is made up of 3 packages, then at least 6 TBMs need to be deployed right? If the contractors go for 12 instead of 6 with TBMs on both ends of the tunnels, then the work can progress in double quick time but also lead to cost escalation. Keeping this point in view, it is reasonable to expect 6 TBMs only, and the overall completion of this part will depend on when the last machine starts action. Given that 4 km stretch took almost 4 years to complete and then 2 more years to commission with required tracks and signals and trials in place, it will be at least 4 years after the last TBM deployment on this underground stretch, and might throw some calculations out of the window about completion of this stretch.

    The elevated stretch will be done faster I am sure, but that also hinges on how soon the Kothanur depot will be completed. With less importance to underground stretch in terms of inviting bids and issuing contracts, BMRCL am sure has again tripped up with its planning and purpose. Deadlines mean nothing to BMRCL, and barring Kolkata, this could well be the slowest of all metro rail constructors in India.

    • Sham says:

      It isn’t usually possible to engage two TBMs in one tunnel stretch as they cannot be extracted midway of the tunnels upon completion, unless an opening is made & then covered up. So, only six machines can be operated at most, but it might well be just 4 as for phase 1.

      Pace of construction is slow no doubt, but there are too few to be compared with. Most others like Chennai & Hyderabad are still in construction stage from almost as long with no certainty on completion dates.

      • TMRG says:

        Hi Sham – you’re absolutely right about the need for an opening or ‘mid-shaft’ to retrieve the TBMs, but that will only hold true if they are deployed from either end of adjacent stations for the same tunnel.

        It is feasible to deploy 12 TBMs (4/package) if they were to start from either ends of the package. For example:

        TBM1: Vellara Jct-> MG Road -> Shivajinagar (down-line)
        TBM2: Pottery Town -> Cantt. -> Shivajinagar (down-line)
        TBM3: Vellara Jct-> MG Road -> Shivajinagar (up-line)
        TBM4: Pottery Town -> Cantt. -> Shivajinagar (up-line)

        On a side note, the # of TBMs and their drives are entirely dependent on the contractor. In the bidding phase, the BMRCL can however stipulate their type (new, refurbished) if they want.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi Shubhangi – Great assessment! Glad you see how they’ve missed a crucial step and not learnt anything from Phase 1 about first bidding the more time-intensive UG section out. Good thing is that the UG section here will not delay the opening of the elevated section.

      The contractors will deploy a minimum of 2 TBMs per package. We’ll have to wait until 2019 to see if more are deployed. Despite being lengthier, it should still take 1-2 years after the final breakthrough as the number of resources per package will be proportionate. PS: DMRC usually takes anywhere from 6-15 months to commission after the final breakthrough.

  6. S. Manikantan says:

    Any idea if metro rail will be extended up to Art of Living Ashram in Kanakapura Road, given its international importance. Please update if you have any strong news on this. I will be grateful to you.

    S. Manikantan

  7. Sahil Katchi says:

    Hi, Thank you for the update on phase 2. Where exactly is the Nagawara station planned? If possible will you be able to provide GPS coordinates?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, exact location is unknown at the moment, but it’ll come up very close to Elements Mall. Look for 13°02’37.4″N 77°37’33.2″E

  8. Melroy says:

    Where is the hulimavu station planned? Any idea?

    • TMRG says:

      Exact location is unknown, but it’ll come up in the vicinity of Sri Chaitanya Techno School

      • Nitin says:

        Are there any updates on the exact location for Hulimavu?

        • TMRG says:

          BMRCL recently published an environmental impact assessment which lists out the line’s chainage:

          1. Gottigere 411
          2. Hulimavu 1484
          3. IIM–B 3204
          4. J P Nagar – IV Phase 4575
          5. Jayadeva Hospital 5414

          If that still holds true, then the Hulimavu Station will be 3930m away from the Jayadeva Hospital Interchange and come up adjacent to the Arekere Lake – view on google maps

          • Nitin says:

            I was just looking at all the green marking which I believe is for extent of demolition. Most of the places I have seen markings which start from 0.8meters to 4.8 meters from Meenakshi mall to Arkere. Only close to Chaitanya Techno school entrance gate and the property besides on the north side it is marked as 18.9 meters. So my assumption is the Huilmavu station will start close the chaintanya techno school

  9. pankaj says:

    It’s the authorities who are not making a proper dpr ………… the geological report which they submit is like only 1/4 th is correct rest the tbm machine runs blind ………I have seen the coastal project how it went specially the godawari tbm it was stuck for almost 2 years and in end some new Indian UN experience guys who were new for this tbm machine made a break through

    • TMRG says:

      Phase 1’s DPR had quite a few issues, but BMRCL claims to be better prepared this time with more frequent bore holes to check what lies beneath. They can easily do it wherever the tunnels are beneath Bannerghata road, but what about beneath Langford & Pottery towns? Let’s see what happens.

  10. Rajesh says:

    Don’t know when metro will come to whitefield? A very important strech. Don’t knowhow is kengeri more important than whitefield area considering the number of people commute daily from all sides?

    • TMRG says:

      If no major issues arise, then BMRCL will start operations to Whitefield in 2021. BMRCL will soon invite bids (hopefully before year-end) for 4 packages after which it’ll take 9-12 months for the contracts to be awarded. Initial ground-work could begin in Q4 2017, but proper construction will only begin in 2018 (earliest)

      • Raghu says:

        Wish you were in the planning and PRO department of BMRCL ! Your estimates and words are more accurate than anyone in BMRCL at this time 🙂 Cheers !

      • Mahesh says:

        I always read your updates and Thank you !!!!

  11. Sourav says:

    Thanks for the info, but Mount Joseph School is at Kalena Agrahara not Gottigere. Are not they planning to get it done atleast to Shell Petrol bunk?

  12. Amit says:

    Where can we see the list of properties going to be demolished on Bannergatta road?

  13. Manoj says:

    Hi Sir,

    I wanted to know the exact location of the Stations from Puttenhalli to NICE Road. There are around 5 stations planned. But exact location could not be found in any of the sites.

    can you please share the exact locations (atleast the last 3 stations from NICE Road) on Kanakpura Road.

  14. T.Rajesh says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Hi, Thank you for the update on phase 2. Where is the Basapura station planned on Hosur road? Do you have the coordinates? When will acquisition procedure start? When would this line become operational according to you?


  15. Sourav says:

    Hi, very useful informations. But St Mount Joseph School is at Kalena Agrahara, not Gottigere. So have they changed the plan. I was planning to book a flat near Gottigere bus stop in anticipation that it might appreciate post metro construction in medium terms.

  16. Rs Anees says:

    hello my dear friends ..TMRG..hello sir what about venkeshpuram metro station when it’s going to come we are wating from a long time ..our property has been’s under phase 2 goddigere to nagwara..reply me

  17. MUBEENUDDEEN Z M says:

    Please let me know the status of venkateshpur road widening and metro station land acquisition. I have been to many officers in both BBMP AND BMRCL, BUT NO WHERE I GOT A BETTER ANSWER AS WHEN COMMENCEMENT TAKE PLACE.
    One week back announced in Bangalore mirror as work will start shortly notice will be issued end of this year.
    [email protected] 9945090821
    03 Nov 2016

  18. Hagesh says:

    I am planning to buy an apartment near Jayanagar. Where do I inquire whether the apartment has been served a notice for demolition?

  19. Lokesh Shetty says:

    Hi BMRCL

    why cant you start from Weavers colony instead of gottigere to nagawara because more people will stay in weavers colony than gottigere more over that is also comes under bangalore city corporation and you will get more land easily for stations.

  20. Prakash says:

    When will start metro project in bannerugatta main road near dairy circle any suggestions

  21. Sukumar says:

    In the phase II I came to understand the stop is only upto Loyola school. But the bmrcl to extend upto Nice road junction at gottigere (near gottigere lake) which will be useful for people in gottigere, anajanapra, jambu sawari dinne, Weaver’s colony. Moreover people bus connection is easily available to bannerghatta, kengeri and anjanapura if the bmrc stop comes at nice road gottigerr

  22. Fahansait says:

    This fahan Sait. from frazer town .plz develop our area when we going to office in morning they is full traffic jam.. no proper infrastructure. Damages of road no proper foot path.. wat hell doing BBMP…..
    Plz Sir develop
    As soon as early develop our Tannery Road.

  23. Arvind Gupta says:

    Hi ,

    Canul you tell the exact location of Hukimavu station


  24. KSJ says:

    Hi, Can you tell me the list of properties that will be impacted near the proposed Vellara Junction underground Metro station.

  25. deepak says:

    hi. can you let me know the list of properties that will be impacted by the dairy circle and swagath cross road stations. thanks in advance

  26. Imran Khan says:

    Hi, Can you please tell me the list of properties that will be impacted for Nagawara under ground Metro station?

  27. Rizvan says:

    BMRCL is asking for land to install a shaft on temporary basis. what do they mean by this? is it necessary? how are the affected people compensated?


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