1st Pier for Bangalore Metro’s PH-2 Starts Taking Shape at Nayandahalli

Hat tip to Nandan J for sharing this with me.

Workers from IL&FS Engineering have started tying up rebar for the 1st ever pier of Bangalore Metro’s Phase 2 project! This particular pier is being built for the Purple Line’s 8.814 km extension between the Mysore Road station and Challegatta Depot for which IL&FS was awarded a Rs 326.99 crore contract to construct the 3.945 km Nayandahalli – Pattanagere portion in April 2015.

Photo Copyright: BMRCL

1st pier taking shape – Photo Copyright: BMRCL


Photo Copyright: The Hindu

Next steps: More rebar will be used to tie the existing rebar horizontally (see example). Once done, formwork (see example) will be brought in to facilitate a concrete pour and mold it into the desired shape.

Approx. location:


Reach 2A & 2B from Nayandahalli to Challegatta – view Bangalore metro map & information

Although it’s been more than a year since the contact was awarded, the IL&FS team has only been able to barricade about 600 meters of the stretch due to the BMRC’s inability to convince locals & secure approvals for cutting trees along the alignment. The last (3rd) meeting to resolve this dispute was held at Jayanagar (Reach 4B) in March, but didn’t end favorably for the BMRCL.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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8 Responses to "1st Pier for Bangalore Metro’s PH-2 Starts Taking Shape at Nayandahalli"

  1. Muthu says:

    I wonder how they start work with tree cutting permission not available. Is this a way to armtwist the forest dept and the NGT to give approvals by saying that we have already spent so much and lack of permission for tree cutting will cost thousands of crores of tax payers money? This place has hundreds of well large grown trees and it is unacceptable that they assume tree cutting would somehow get done. Already Blore has lost more than 80% vegetation since 2000s and BBMP itself has called BMRCLs compensatory afforestation a sham. By the time the metro completes, Blore will be denuded of all trees. Even if affrorestation is done, it is done so far to have any impact on the local weather conditions.

  2. Wajid says:

    Thanks @TMRG for lightning fast update

    To be true this strech is of no use
    Most crowded parts needs metro 1st

    I guess u remember when shridaran said to award underground strech for construction first but BMRCL didn’t

    Due to which North South line (elevated section is complete before 2 years ) but no train running between RV Clg to puttenahall

    Thanks to BMRCL now they r doing d same

    Don’t u think they should cover the dense and important areas (daily commuting areas 1st).?

    • Citizen says:

      Dense and important areas first? Have you ever lived or travelled along this route on a BMTC to KR Market or majestic? There is a good reason why the EW line is riding full almost all through the day and this is an extension of that line.

      And thanks TMRG for these updates. I agree to the fact that UG should have started first, but we don’t live in an ideal world!

    • lina says:

      all parts of bangalore are crowded. and this is probably the easiest part to extend as most of it will go through a wide road.

      Though I do wish the whitefield extension is done first. But that will be very difficult with a lot of land acquisitions. since the constructions will happen parallely, i hope that section also starts soon

  3. Wajid says:

    And @TMRC I seriously appreciate ur wast knowledge and ur information source about metro projects all over India ( u r telling India need to change )

    And thanks for making such a awesome website and mostly ur updates

  4. Aravindan says:

    Nice pace of work. But BMRCL doesn’t seem to have learnt lessons from phase 1. UG section should have been awarded and started first. 13 km UG line. Only God knows when it will be completed

  5. Sham says:

    Mysore road, Kanakapura road & Tumkur road has huge volume of potential commuters. So, it is good they have moved ahead there.

    Lets also remember that the most crowded parts like Whitefield, BTM, Jayadeva etc also give the maximum trouble from people who are against land acquisition & it therefore takes longer for construction to start in those parts !!

    BTW BMRC had invited ph-1 tenders for underground sections in time, but costing & in fact almost entire DPR prepared by DMRC had to be redone as it had assumed same geological conditions as in Delhi whilst it was very dense, hard rock in many places in Bangalore. The underground tenders were redone by BMRC to minimize costs as initial costs were too high – this incurred delay. Subsequently, coastal JV screwed up on NS corridor even after knowing about the nature of rocks. Currently, Robbins are assisting to run their TBMs under supervision by BMRC.

    This mistake by DMRC was repeated in DPR for ph-2 also, even after they took two years for DPR when it was already known to BMRC & all other consultants that there was rocky terrain.
    DMRC gave priority to DPR for ph-3 of Delhi metro even though that was planned much after ph-2 of Bangalore metro & delayed it hugely since it had to be redone as for 1st phase, else we might have seen a lot of progress on ph-2 by now.

    Few know but actually DMRC as prime consultant was responsible in many ways for the delays & they were rightfully shunted out. Henceforth, hopefully it’ll be better though the damage is done for phase-2’s commencement as it could have started much sooner!

  6. Praveen says:

    When will be Nayandahalli – Pattanagere portion will be ready for Public?


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