[Pics] Progress of Nagpur’s Metro on Wardha Road – May 2016

Here are some recent new images of Nagpur Metro’s 19.66 km north-south line under construction on Wardha Road! NCC was awarded the 7.61 km Reach 1 section between the New Airport station & Congress Nagar station in November and recently cast its first pier in April. Since then, 2 more piers have been cast while formwork has been placed around others on the stretch between the New Airport & Airport stations.

Nagpur Metro's map showing the location of the 9 stations which will be designed by L&T Infra

Alignment of Nagpur Metro’s Reach 1 – view Nagpur Metro map & information


Photo Copyright: Sourabh Soni


Photo Copyright: Sourabh Soni


Photo Copyright: Sourabh Soni


Photo Copyright: Sourabh Soni


Photo Copyright: Sourabh Soni


Photo Copyright: Sourabh Soni

Last week, workers completed casting the first segment which in the coming month will be erected on top of the piers to form the line’s viaduct. View details and an image here: First Segment Cast for Nagpur Metro’s Elevated Section.

For more updates, check out the Nagpur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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