[Pics] Lucknow Metro’s Krishna Nagar Station – October Update

Here’s a post with new images shot just last week at Lucknow Metro’s upcoming Krishna Nagar station. Roof work here commenced in March 2016 and many images of how Lucknow’s stations will end up looking like can be viewed here. The LMRCL is chasing a March 2017 deadline and from the looks of this station’s progress, there’s ample time left for completing the remaining finishing works required for it to become operationally ready.


Alignment of Lucknow’s 8.48 km priority corridor – view Lucknow Metro map and information


Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta


Interesting glazing + jali design – Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta


Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta


Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta


Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta


Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta


façade cladding work – Photo Copyright: Shyamji Gupta

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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  1. Vishaal Sharma says:

    Lucknow metro has will be operating soon according to the latest feed by the channels. Travelling by metro will reduce the amount of traffic and also decrease the pollution.


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