Terratec Reveals Lucknow Metro’s Tunneling Plan

Last month, I wrote about 2 TBMs which have been refurbished in Delhi and are ready for delivery to the Tata – Gulermak JV for constructing 1,812m twin tunnels on Lucknow Metro’s 3.44 km package LKCC-06 between Charbagh and KD Singh Babu Stadium. Now the TBM manufacturer, Terratec, has published a press release on that development including some interesting details on the tunneling drives. Relevant excerpts:

The first of the two TERRATEC machines is due to be delivered to the Sachivalaya (State Secretariat) station site in mid-November, with the second TBM expected to arrive on site in early December. The machines will initially be launched on twin 780m drives towards Hazratganj, where they will bore through local geology consisting of stiff to hard clayey silt and medium to dense silty sand, with an average overburden of 4m to 10m.

Underground section of Lucknow Metro - view Lucknow Metro information & map

Underground section of Lucknow’s North-South line – view Lucknow Metro information & map

Lucknow Metro's TBM S52 (view more images) - Photo Copyright: Terratec

Lucknow Metro’s TBM S52 (view more images) – Photo Copyright: Terratec

As the drives progress, the machines will install 275mm thick x 1400mm long, reinforced concrete Universal-style, pre-cast lining rings – comprising five segments + key – which are being manufactured at a local casting yard in Vrindavan (view recent images)

Following the initial drives to Hazratganj – where the machines will pass beneath historic buildings in the Capital Plaza of Hazrat Ganj – the machines will return to the shaft at Sachivalaya and be deployed on their next, 613m-long, drives towards Hussainganj. From there, they will continue on a further 419m – crossing underneath the Haide Nalah (canal) – to the cut and cover ramp near Charbagh station.

So a total of 6 tunneling drives and an equal number of TBM breakthroughs will be recorded by the Tata-Gulermak JV team & covered by me here on the site:

1 & 2) Sachivalaya => Hazratganj
3 & 4) Sachivalaya => Hussainganj
5 & 6) Hussainganj => Charbagh Ramp

As you can see, that means the small Hazratganj – KDSB Ramp section, in the northern part of the package, will be constructed using the cut and cover method.

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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  1. Naveen M says:

    Can’t wait for the TBMs to start..things are moving super fast in Lucknow it seems.

  2. Naveen M says:

    Can you post a pic of excavation at Sachivalaya station’s site?

  3. Ashish Kumar Singh says:

    Tunnel foreman


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