DMRC Invites Geotechnical Bids for Delhi Metro’s Phase 4 Lines

While the Delhi Government’s official sanction is still awaited for Delhi Metro’s 105.93 km Phase 4 project, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has gone ahead and invited bids from geotechnical / soil investigation companies to drill, inspect & record the soil profile of the areas where Phase 4’s 6 new lines are going to pass through.

The data captured through this exercise will be included in the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for each individual line and within the civil construction tender documents to help infrastructure companies make accurate financial bids & later use appropriate machinery, methods & technology during construction.

Investigative work for the 6 lines has been divided up into 3 packages:

Notice Inviting Bids
Geo-Technical-1: Detailed Geotechnical Investigation Work for Rithala – Bawana Narela corridor & Janakpuri – Majlis Park (including) corridor of Phase – IV of Delhi MRTS Project – link to notice

Geo-Technical-2: Detailed Geotechnical Investigation Work for Majlis Park(excluding) – R K Ashram corridor, Majlis Park – Maujpur corridor & Inderlok – Indraprastha corridor of Phase – IV of Delhi MRTS Project – link to notice

Geo-Technical-3:Detailed Geotechnical Investigation Work for Tughlakabad – Terminal 1, IGI Airport corridor & Lajpat Nagar – Saket G Block corridor of Phase – IV of Delhi MRTS Project – link to notice

Detailed information on each line including station names and maps can be found here as well as in the Delhi section of the site.

The last date for interested companies to submit their bids is December 12 after which the bids will be evaluated on December 14. Contracts are expected to be awarded by the end of the year or in January and once the work-orders are issued, the appointed contractors will have a duration of 4 months to submit their findings.

Phase 4’s Current Status

While Phase 4’s  lines have been finalized, the DMRC’s MD Mangu Singh recently mentioned in an interview that funding still remains unclear with the Delhi Government yet to take a decision on accepting JICA’s step loan. Besides that, an official sanction/approval from the Delhi Government’s cabinet for the project is also still awaited.

Once the project receives official sanction, the DMRC is expected to invite bids for appointing Detailed Design Consultants for each new line. As far as timing goes, and I’ve mentioned throughout this year, I’m expecting the DMRC to begin the tendering/bidding process for civil construction only in the year 2018.

Maps for Reference:

By PhasePhase 1 | Phase 2 |  Phase 3 | Phase 4

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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7 Responses to "DMRC Invites Geotechnical Bids for Delhi Metro’s Phase 4 Lines"

  1. Aby k says:

    Great news to hear in the morning

  2. Ayush Thakur says:

    Already DMRC’s gonna face alot of hurdles. If basics get done before time then it will only benifit Phase4 implementation.
    Good thinking

  3. S Manikantan says:

    I know it is difficult and may be impossible, but just wishful thinking, if any other metro in india can overtake Delhi on the number of lines and distance covered by metro rail? Or, Delhi Metro will be the largest for ever in India?

    And one more, at the moment Delhi metro is no.10, if I am not wrong. Is it possible for it to be the largest metro rail in the world, if not in the near future, at least in 50 years’ time from now?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I don’t see any Indian city ever overtaking Delhi’s network. The sheer size of the NCR and its requirements will ensure that they’ll continue constructing beyond Phase 4.

      If Chinese cities (esp. Beijing, Shanghai) stop constructing additional lines, then Delhi will have a chance to claim #1 spot. Let’s see what happens 😀

  4. Lakshmi Narasimhan says:

    Is there a phase 5 being planned/designed? Become even after phase 4 several areas even in central Delhi will still be >2 km away from a metro station.. plus several suburbs/villages will still be left out. By the time phase 4 is completed phase 5 will be need of hour.

  5. Lakshmi Narasimhan says:

    ^^ If u have any map of master plan/ proposed phase 5, pls do share..


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