1st CRRC Train Arrives at Navi Mumbai Metro’s Taloja Depot

Update-1: Looking at the comments received in this post below, it appears that an OHE Wagon/Catenary Maintenance Vehicle (similar to this) has arrived on-site and not the actual train coaches.
Update-2: Confirmed. See an image of the vehicle here.

Original Post:

Turns out that 2016 had another surprise in store for us.

On the night of December 31, the first metro train for Navi Mumbai’s 11.1 km Line-1 (Belapur – Khargar Pendhar) comprising of 3 coaches arrived at the city’s Taloja Depot from CRRC’s plant in Zhuzhou, China without any prior announcement by its operator. This train is part of a 300 million yuan (approx. Rs 295 crores) contract that CIDCO signed with CSR Zhuzhou, CRRC’s subsidiary, in July 2014 for an undisclosed number of 3-car trains which I estimate to be 10.

Track-work by Tata Projects inside the depot built by the J Kumar – CRTG JV to welcome the train started in October 2016 – see some images here & here.

As per CRRC’s press release from 2014:

Metro vehicles of this project adopt the program of 3 carriages, including 2 powered carriage and 1 unpowered carriage with 25 KV pantograph-OCS system supplying power. The max passenger capacity of the whole metro can reach 1,128 and the max operation speed 80 km/h.

The max width of vehicles for the project is 3.16 m, 3 m wider than domestic A metro vehicles. And the vehicle body adopts stainless steel of V-shape section with high anti-corrosion which is high enough to meet the rigid anticorrosion requirements in Navi Mumbai. To adapt to Indian large passenger flow volume, technicians designed bogies and passenger lifting equipment specially, such as bogies with bearing capacity of 17 t, vehicle doors of containing doors with greater closing force and wider opening area, and 4 sets of vehicle doors on each side of vehicles.

All wrapped up – Photo Copyright: Sharad Raina

Photo Copyright: Sharad Raina

I’ll update this post when new images are available. In the meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of how the train’s design looks like:

Model Coach of Navi Mumbai’s Metro

See my original post covering its design here.

CIDCO’s MD in a recent interview stated that trial runs on the line will begin in December 2017, but there hasn’t been any update on whether the Central Railways has approved the design of the line’s steel truss bridge at Panchanand. Without that critical bridge, trains on this line, just like on Delhi Metro’s Pink Line in Azadpur, will not be able to venture out too far.

Purple circle – location of the missing bridge (view satellite imagery)

For more updates, check out the Navi Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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13 Responses to "1st CRRC Train Arrives at Navi Mumbai Metro’s Taloja Depot"

  1. Vik says:

    Most of CRRC’s rakes look awful both in design and color. Only Gurgaon’s looks good to me.

  2. Manojkumar P says:

    This vehicle is not a metro coach, it is catenary maintenance vehicle for NMML1

  3. Vivek says:

    Not actual coach CMV. Kindly correct the notification

  4. P Vara Prasad says:

    Dear Metro Rail Guy Team,

    Depot track works and OHE WORKS are done by TATA PROJECTS LIMITED. It is not J-KUMAR & CRTG JV. Please update the same.

  5. Govinda Rayudu says:

    Track work is done by Tata Projects Limited, but not Jkumar.
    For information and Necessary correction.

  6. Manojkumar P says:

    Dear sir kindly share your mobile number, so that in future we will update the correct information thank you

  7. Flying_Pheonix1000 says:

    This looks like an OHE wagon transported by a company named PROCAM LOGISTICS. Spotted this enroute very recently on Pune-Mumbai Expressway.

  8. sunny says:

    sorry state of affairs. Central and State Government is continuously announcing new projects, when various projects are delayed leading to high cost over run. The CAG should audit all projects which have overshot their deadline and accountability should be fixed.


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