[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Chickpet Station – January 2017

Shared this update on Twitter earlier today, but reposting for those not on it.

Late last month we saw a glimpse of Bangalore Metro’s upcoming Chickpet Station in my monthly update post. Now here’s a post with some new images shot from within the station premises that primarily shows shuttering work underway by Coastal-TTS JV’s workers to build the station’s roof-slab.

For those unaware, the BMRCL and Karnataka government have publicly been targeting to open this station, part of the pending 12 km section of the Green Line between Sampige Road – Yelachenahalli, in April 2017 (and remain adamant about it), but are internally working towards meeting another deadline. As we approach that time frame, it’s now only a matter of time for them to announce a new deadline. Perhaps it’ll be done in February? or maybe they’ll push the impending announcement right up to March-end? We’ll wait have to wait and see.

Pending section of the Green Line – view Bangalore Metro map & information


Chickpet’s Platform Level

Interior finishing and sub-system installation work will begin only after civil work is complete and the site is available for the other contractors to freely perform their job. With tardiness in work continuing beyond the tunneling phase, I’m going to revise my estimate for the opening of this line (and overall Phase 1 project) to 2018 – as some of you have suggested all along.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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29 Responses to "[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Chickpet Station – January 2017"

  1. Nandan says:

    How can I help to spread awareness of this project’s progress? How can I make BMRCL more accountable so that we stop suffering and get what we rightly deserve??

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, you can share this post via social media/email/anything else to showcase progress. The push for accountability & overall project transparency would have to come through the state government quarters which are essentially hand in glove with the BMRCL. Maybe you could file a PIL in the HC? An online petition is another option, but not really effective.

      • Sumit says:

        I’m tweeting this to BRMCL, may be they’ll have some shame 😛

        • praveen says:

          they will show no shame.
          They tell that they are doing an amazing job which no one did till date(that’s true – as no one can delay the project like these folks). These idiots don’t want to get some experts help from ppl who have successfully finished the projects on time (Sreedharan)

          Keep twitting till you succeed.

  2. Srikanth says:

    2018! God..

  3. rangavittala says:

    useless people are minting in project (my friend view , worked in bmrcl-railway guy)

  4. Shashidhar says:

    Phase 1 looks like 2018 , by then Delhi would complete Phase 3 also we are still struggling to complete phase 1, BMRCL should worst metro project of india award

  5. Amish says:

    BMRCL has started a metro card while BMTC is planning to start their own card system. Is there going to be a common card for fares for both are they going to be separate?

  6. Santhosh says:

    2018 ? well they could open Phase 1 and Phase 2 ext together then… God save B’luru !!

  7. Bangalorean says:

    Can someone write to PM about the irregularities. Is opposition not worrying about all this. This brings me to question should be really vote to the opposition in next election.

  8. Daily says:

    Very good point. I hope the proper bmtc authorities are looking into this. Makes you wonder why common sense is not common…

  9. Daily says:

    BTW, I said that re metro card

  10. Veeresh says:

    We The People Of India are Na Mard’s! Can We take it on the Face!

  11. test says:

    Currently about 1.8 to 2 lakh people are using metro every day. Once entire Phase 1 is complete then 5-6 lakh people can benefit from it as per official estimate. I personally believe that it can go up-to 8-9 lakh people will be benefited from it if last mile connectivity is improved.
    The delay is actually have a lot of impact on lives of common man and even the image of Bangalore as a investment destination is getting impacted. When thousands of people can protest against steel flyover why no one is asking about delay of metro project.
    Once entire phase 1 is completed then about 8- 9 lakh people can save an hour or two daily in travel.The pollution and saving on fuel is added benefit to the city. Yet people are silent about it and almost no report in news paper or Bangalore TV channels on this.It is very clear that we are fooled by april fool joke

  12. Ashmita says:

    This govt. has nothing to show for the next elections. So, they want to boast the completion of Phase-1 as a great accomplishment before the next election, which is due in mid-1918. Hence this postponement till early 1918.

  13. Ashmita says:

    In continuation to my last comment, for the same very reason they have deliberately delayed the tendering process for Phase-2 till now, so that actual work will start by the end of 2017 and it will be visible to the voters before the elections.
    Take my words, the sanction for Silk Board- KR Puram line will also come by the end of 2017.

    • Manohar says:

      I would have to disagree with you on that, because half of the public on Silk board to KR Puram are non-local. So the vote bank politics doesn’t work there. It is the same reason that BMRCL didn’t target whitefiled line first.
      This is just slack work from the contractors, nothing more to it.

  14. Ashmita says:

    I am not talking about vote bank politics. What I want to emphasize is that they want to show lot of activities just before the elections to impress on all Bangloreans that they care so much for Bangalore’s development.
    Do you remember just before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, our honorable CM inaugurated the Peenya-Sampige Road section with great pomp and show to impress the Bangaloreans. What was his govt.’s contribution in that?

  15. Krishnan says:

    I request all to sent emails / letters to local new papers and local TV channels so that media and put some pressure on state government .

    It might help to woke up people who are sleeping.

  16. Muthu says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Looks like the habit of lying is ingrained into BMRCL. The latest news article says the MD still is sure they will open by April


    • Krishnan says:

      Thanks for the link but It is very difficult to believe the below statement .

      BMRCL MD Pradeep Singh Kharola told Mirror: “We are going to meet the April deadline at any cost. There should not be any doubt on that. We are doing all pending works on war-footing in the underground stations. The trial run on the underground stretch will start by next week. We are committed to start commercial operations in the month of April.”

      BMRCL will actually need a miracle to make this happen. But I wish it comes true

  17. Ram says:

    Bmrcl management needs to be held accountable. There is zero sense of urgency. Millions suffer everyday in B’lore in Pollution, traffic chaos & time spent to go from PT a to b.
    Metro p1&p2 needs to happen on WAR Footing so it helps alleviate dailysuffering of millions

  18. Prakash Magal says:

    Looking at the status of Chikpet underground station, one is surprised to see the progress.The Phase II underground stretch was started in May 2011 and it is pity and mega shame that dispite 5.5 years having passed they have not completed the basic civil structure. Probably they were keeping idle as the tunneling work from Sampige station was not progressing. They could have kept all the underground station ready.

  19. harish says:

    who ever is responsible for delay should be accountable and punishment should be given in public town hall . Responsible persons post should be sacked from the work .Then only problem will be solved. It is all our money we have paid Tax they are all enjoying without doing the job.

  20. Arun Kumar says:

    It is all a money making exercise. Delay the project, Quoting various reasons. Invoke the escalation clause and then inflate the bills.
    We have to bear all this and today 17/06/2017, when they are finally opening up the metro ph I, we are told that the fares will be jacked up by 10 %..


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