Design Finalized for Nagpur Metro’s Sitabuldi Interchange Station

Via a Facebook post, the Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation has unveiled the final design of its Sitabuldi Interchange Station through which users on the 19.658 km north-south and 18.557 km east-west lines will be able to switch trains to reach their final destinations. The design has been prepared by a consortium of Enia Architects, Mahendra Raj Consultants and Worxpace Consulting who were shortlisted in April 2016 via a global 3-stage design competition.

Location of Sitabuldi Interchange – view Nagpur Metro map & info

Preliminary Design

In May 2016, this preliminary design was selected from a list of 4 designs by different architects:

Source: NMRCL

Prelim design of Sitabuldi Station – Source: NMRCL

Final Design

As of January 2017, no size or technical specifications have been revealed so far. The station’s façade will use local stone & glass, and will be overall “environmentally friendly”.

Final design – Source: NMRCL

Sitabuldi Interchange – Source: NMRCL

It’s important to note that bids for this station’s construction have not been invited yet. The project’s bidding stage is running way behind schedule (see latest status here) and will not be able to meet the March 2018 deadline as originally announced in 2014. The NMRCL is aiming to open a small 4.5 km at-grade section between Khapri (MIHAN) to the Airport by that time frame, but the rest of the project along with this station is expected to open only by 2023.

For more updates, check out the Nagpur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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2 Responses to "Design Finalized for Nagpur Metro’s Sitabuldi Interchange Station"

  1. Shivank Shankar says:

    Is it necessary to spend so much money on station designs, when a basic station will work just fine and would be easy to build and maintain?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I think it’s about time we start pushing the envelope and build aesthetically pleasing stations (within our means) instead of boring boxy ones. RMRG did a good job in Gurgaon, but am yet to see others match or do better.


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