DMRC Revises Magenta Line’s Deadline to December 2017

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has revised their publicly facing deadline for the 38.235 km Magenta Line to December 2017 – the 1st time ever they’ve reported a realistic completion time-frame for any of the 160 km Phase 3’s new lines.

The final Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) breakthrough for this new line, which runs between Janakpuri West – Botanical Garden, was achieved by L&T-SUCG JV at the Munirka Station in November 2016, and since then various contractors have been busy in completing civil works, interior finishing works, HVAC (AC/Ventilation) works, and installing tracks and other sub-systems necessary to run smooth commercial operations. Just yesterday, the DMRC also invited bids for installing signage and graphics at 10 stations between Vasant Vihar & Kalkaji.

Trial runs are currently underway on 2 fragmented sections between Botanical Garden – Kalkaji (12 km) and Janakpuri West – IGI Domestic Airport (10 km). While the Botanical Garden – Kalkaji section will open in Q2 (April-June) 2017, the rest of the line is expected to open in one go either in December-end or in Q1 2018 (Jan-March) as I’ve previously highlighted in the January 2017 update post.

Sections of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 info & map

Here are some new images from some of the stations. For more, see the DMRC’s Magenta Line update page.

Delhi Cantonment Sadar Bazaar Station – Photo Copyright: DMRC

Shankar Vihar Station – Photo Copyright: DMRC

Panchsheel Park Station – Photo Copyright: DMRC

Chirag Delhi Station – Photo Copyright: DMRC

Kalkaji Mandir Station – Photo Copyright: DMRC

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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18 Responses to "DMRC Revises Magenta Line’s Deadline to December 2017"

  1. Sridhar says:

    They are a little late, but I do appreciate their frankness. When will BMRCL do the same??

  2. shubangi says:

    Honesty was never in the DNA of BMRCL. Unless it is supported by monetary incentive, honesty is and will remain elusive with respect to BMRCL.

  3. Mayank Singh says:

    If a person has to travel from vaishali to kalkaji, then will this new alternate route be worth taking by making two interchanges, one at yamuna bank and other at botanical garden? Or is this just going to help only by splitting the crowd. In this specefic case, the older route will be viable i guess.

  4. Tanmay says:

    Will DMRC be able to open full magenta line upto december 2017 also?
    Every stretch is delayed in phase 3.
    Mangu Singh fails to deliver as per standard set by Shreedharan.

    • Abheek says:

      In matters of land acquisition, the state government has to work with DMRC. Current government is least bothered about public transport. In one year they have not been able to place an order for DTC busses. Without their support, there will be delays.

      • Tanmay says:

        Where in magenta line was there any land acquisition issue except kalindi kunj depot which has been sorted out at very early stage ;most of the line is underground.

        How Shree dharan managed to keep projects on time till 2nd phase .
        Moreover land,law & order,police issues come under central govt. in NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY.

        • Saket says:

          Delhi government is not able to place an order for DTC because DDA which is controlled by Central Government is not willing to give them parking space for buses.

    • ashok says:

      yes mangu singh is a big failure

  5. Kamal says:

    Project delayed by one year. This was not expected from metro which never missed it deadline

  6. Tanmay says:

    DMRC again revised deadline to september 2017.

  7. Azad Babu says:

    I dont think september deadline is viable. New pictures updated on delhi metro website yesterday shows a different tale. December, 2017 can be a reasonable deadline.

  8. Tanmay says:

    So why does DMRC updated deadline within 2 days.

  9. Metro says:

    Ye mangu Singh maderchod corrupt hai.

  10. S Paldas says:

    DMRC should push to quickly operationalise the Hauz Khas – Kalkaji section after the Botanical Garden – Kalkaji section is made operational in Q2. This will go a long way in reducing some pressure at Rajiv Chowk, rather than waiting to operationalise the full line by Q1 2018.

  11. S K Siwal says:

    Current team don’t deserve such prestigious projects

  12. Kamal says:

    More delay is anticipated as no news for Kalka ji to botanics garden which was suppose to be opened by now.

  13. suresh khurana says:


  14. ssrwaff says:

    geting to know man



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