Segment Launching Begins Near Ahmedabad Metro’s East Ramp

Late last month, workers from J Kumar Infraprojects began launching precast segments near Ahmedabad Metro’s East Ramp for constructing the viaduct of their 6 km section of the 20.536 km east-west line. As per one source, this is the 5th launching gantry to be commissioned, but there’s a possibility that another previously used launching gantry was dismantled and brought to this site.

J Kumar Infraprojects had originally started launching segments in February 2016 in the Nirant Cross Roads area and has since then commissioned other LGs in May, July and August 2016.

J Kumar’s 6 km Apparel Park – Vastral Gam section – view Ahmedabad Metro map & information

Tweet from January when the LG was being set up:

Image of the 1st segment being brought on-site for launching:

Photo Copyright: Anil Bishnoi

More images will be added here when available, so do check back.

Meanwhile, Ranjt Builcon has also started setting up their 1st launching gantry at AEC for building a 4.85 km section, between Motera and Ranip, of Ahmedabad Metro’s 17.23 km north-south line.

Trestle support for Ranjit Builcon’s 1st launching gantry – Photo Copyright: Akhilesh

Here’s my go-to video to demonstrate how the launching gantry works its magic with precast segments to build modern segmental viaducts and bridges:

For more updates, check out the Ahmedabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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2 Responses to "Segment Launching Begins Near Ahmedabad Metro’s East Ramp"

  1. Ramesh says:

    Have u left posting monthly report of delhi metro phase’s 3 .
    And pls. specially Update about Janakpuri-kalindikunj section .☺

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, Phase 3’s tunneling works are over, so there’s no point in publishing the same info again. 2 TBMs are still inside the Gurdwara Shaft (between Azadpur – Majlis Park). Whenever they’re out, I’ll post an update.

      At this time, I don’t have anything to post about the Janakpuri – Kalindi line. Will share whenever there’s something!


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