MMRDA Approves Mumbai Metro’s Dahisar – Mira-Bhayandar Line-10

With an aim to rapidly ramp up and modernize Mumbai’s urban transportation network, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, who is also the Chairman of the Mumbai Metropolitcan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) yesterday approved the MMRDA’s Rs. 6,976.50 crore budget for the year 2017-2018. Out of that, Rs. 3273.25 crore has been allocated for the construction of new metro lines around the city (see press release below) which include Line-2, Line-3, Line-4 and Line-7.

Soon after approving the budget, the CMO’s office also announced, via a tweet, the MMRDA’s approval for the city’s 13.5 km Line-10 connecting Dahisar East (under construction northern terminal for Line-2 and Line-7) and Mira-Bhayandar in the north. This elevated line with 11 stations is expected to be an extension of Line-7, but for administrative purposes has been allotted a new number. Its Detailed Project Report (DPR) was recently prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) who has been in the thick of things since 2015 to shape Mumbai’s Metro network.

Press Release:

The Authority has spared Rs. 1,000 crore each for the Dahisar to DN Nagar Metro-2A corridor (18.5-km, 17 stations, Rs. 6,410 crore) and the Andheri (East) to Dahisar (East) Metro-7 corridor (16.5-km, 14 stations, Rs. 6,208 crore). The Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro-3 corridor has received Rs. 800 crore boost and DN Nagar to Mandale Metro-2B (23.5-km, 22 stations, Rs. 10,986 crore) and Wadala-Ghatkopar-Thane-Kasarvadavli Metro-4 corridors (32-km, 32 stations, Rs. 14,549 crore) have received Rs. 200 crore each. The recently approved ThaneBhiwandi-Kalyan Metro-5 (24-km, 17 stations, Rs. 8,416 crore) and Swami Samarth NagarJVLR-SEEPZ-Vikhroli Metro-6 corridors (14.5-km, 13 stations, Rs. 6,672 crore) have been given a token grant of Rs. 5 crore each. – link to press release


The MMRDA hasn’t released the line’s alignment, but here’s what it will most likely look like in Pink:

Expected alignment of Mumbai’s Dahisar – Mira-Bhayandar line – view Mumbai Metro Map & Info

The line is expected to follow the Western Express Highway (WEH), skirt AG Nagar & Miragaon, turn north-west and then run along the Mira Bhayandar Road to connect the Golden Nest Circle via Silver Park, Bharti Nagar, Indralok and Geeta Nagar. This route displayed above is roughly 5.5 km long, so it’ll be interesting to see where the rest of the 8 kms in the MMRDA’s 13.5 km figure comes from.

With this development, the line now just requires the Maharashtra Cabinet’s approval. The Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) elections are scheduled to be held in August this year, so there’s a good possibility of the line receiving its final approval before that.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of the Metro Rail Guy!


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32 Responses to "MMRDA Approves Mumbai Metro’s Dahisar – Mira-Bhayandar Line-10"

  1. UDAY JOSHI says:

    I am Working at Chennai Metro Rail as a Manager Execution (Tunnel TBM). It’s Great Job By Our CM of Maharashtra & Nitinji Gadkari to speed up all Metro work in India. Thanks !

  2. Mayur says:

    Wow. The government is going all out in Mumbai. So good to see this.

  3. Rustoo says:

    Good to see more Metro lines in Mumbai. However, the Metro line 10 should be extended more till Bhayander East and maybe then to Virar. It will help a lot of congestion problems.

  4. Nachi says:
    According to this, there will be two arms in 2 directions after golden nest circle in bhayander. Maybe that’s how the 13.5 kms figure is reached.

  5. Ambuj Tiwari says:

    I think 13.5 km is the combined distance from Dahisar to Mira bhayander and Andheri WEH to Airport. And both the extensions to be referred as line 9.

  6. Tanveer says:

    D N ROAD -Dahisar metro should also be extended till Bhayander West or maybe terminate at same spot where this line will be terminated.

  7. Tanveer says:

    D N Nagar -Dahisar metro should also be extended till Bhayander West or maybe terminate at same spot where this line will be terminated.

  8. Mumbaikar says:

    entire west express highway in mumbai is dug up and there is work happening even on the link road.
    maximum commuters use these two to reach goregaon, kandivalli borivalli etc.
    do you think, the construction could meet the deadline specially when we have assigned the work to company which has already been black listed by BMC.

    • Sahil says:

      The same company is known to complete projects ahead of schedule (Dahisar and Kherwadi flyover).It currently is well ahead of other contractors on line 7.

    • Mukul says:

      Actually what Sahil mentioned is true. Kherwadi flyover was constructed in record time. And the work on this section of metro is going quite on time. So far so good.

  9. babul miya says:

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    I can do also repairing the robot machine and supplying any kind of operator for other mashineries such as Boomer,loader,excavator and driver for dumper… Mobile no 8879733830,
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  10. Amol Sawant says:

    I have noticed that last stop on metro line 2 is Anand nagar. Whereas the last stop of metro 7 is yet to come up, exact spot of which is not known. I fail to understand where these to line will meet, without which these lines will not be complete. In fact both this lines should have one last/first comman interconnection at Dahisar Toll Naka. This will enable connectivity to commuters of both lines and they can further travel to newly announced mira bhayander corridor.

  11. Satish says:

    When the metro work will going to begin in Mirabhaynader extention.

  12. Sean Pereira says:

    I want to know when will Mira -Bhayandar Metro construction will start???

    • TMRG says:

      Sean & Satish – The line requires the state government’s approval and the availability of funds. DMRC is preparing a DPR to have this line and Line-4 meet at Ghodbunder Road, so there’s a long way to go before all approvals come in and tendering begins for construction.

  13. Sean Pereira says:

    Thanks for answering Sir ,but the newspaper and the local politicians claimed that the construction would begin by December 2017 , I can see no news or initiative taken by our government

    • TMRG says:

      A large section of the media is clueless. Their reports are based on what the government or operator says, and not on independent investigative work.

  14. Sean Pereira says:

    Will they start the construction or it is all bogus and election sham Sir ?????????

    • TMRG says:

      Start in December? Not possible. 2 time consuming hoops need to be crossed – state government’s approval and tendering process to appoint contractors. Hypothetically, if the approval comes today, then work will only be able to start towards the end of 2018.

  15. Satish says:


    Not heard anything about mirabhaynader metro work….please update.


  16. satish nayak says:


    Can anyone update us about the mirabhayander metro work status?

  17. satish nayak says:

    Hi Any updates

  18. satish nayak says:


    For all these government will face the heat in 2019 election

  19. Pramod Kamath says:


    Can i get and alignment map for metro line 10 with stations ?

  20. Ram Mishra says:

    What about Vasai – Virar Metro Plan?

  21. Ram Mishra says:

    Government need to think about Vasai – Virar Metro Route because It’s very crowded in peak hours and many peoples are dying on regular basis.
    Is there any Plan for extension of Metro from Dahisar to Virar??


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