[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Majestic Station Ready for Operations

Yesterday afternoon, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.’s Managing Director took the city’s Development Minister and the local media on a tour of Kempegowda Majestic Interchange Station where they checked out the central concourse, viewed the Green Line’s new platforms (#3 & #4) and interacted with the media.

With a large surface area of 48,000 square metres across 3 levels, the BMRCL claims this station as “Asia’s largest” despite numerous larger stations strewn all across East Asia. A section of it opened up on April 30 2016 to serve the 18.10 km Purple Line, and in the coming days the rest of it will open to users on the 24.20 km Green Line after the last 12 km section of the Phase 1 project between Sampige Road and Yelachenahalli gets inaugurated on June 17.

Enjoy these fantastic images:

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Green Line’s platforms #3 & #4 – Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Photo Copyright: Deccan Herald

Larger sized images can be viewed here and images shot in March 2017 can be viewed here.

Local news coverage:

Like earlier, the BMRCL didn’t take the media on a tour of Chickpet and KR Market stations as there’s still quite some finishing & system installation work pending. As per a report in today’s TOI, the CMRS in his 9-page authorization report submitted on June 8 noted that the “Automated fare collection gates, CCTV cameras, speakers, escalators, lifts, air handling unit, hydrant and fire alarm and protections systems were not ready in the Chickpete station“.

In the run up to the line’s inauguration, the BMRCL will today start service trials with its employees and contractors’ staff from 8 am – 9 pm to simulate real operations, so don’t get confused if you read or hear information related to the entire north-south line while traveling.

Before you leave, check out this stellar pre-launch video on the city’s new metro network:

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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29 Responses to "[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Majestic Station Ready for Operations"

  1. Harish Jain says:

    Why are Indians so obsessed with rankings and claiming largest, highest, first? Open the newspaper and its got articles on media freedom ranking, global peace index, IIT ranking, ease of business ranking and now underground metro station ranking.

    • Humus says:

      What’s so wrong with wanting the best ?

    • Akhil Ashok Golikeri says:

      This ranking business is just to advertise to public about the Metro service and to create a hype . All politics by Nidde Ramiah and the Mulla chap Pakistani Congress party. Bangalore metro is yet another flop show. It won’t help to decongest the traffic mayhem in this city. This city has gone to dogs due to the rampant corruption and unprofessionalism by the authorities .

      • Citizen says:

        Yes, flop show for folks who never ever use public transport!

        But I agree the city has gone worse from not just one but all forms and shapes of politicians who ran governments here till date..

      • Parthasarathy S says:

        I understand the general tone of the comment. But Banagalore Metro being flop show is ridiculous. It will sure take off a good number of vehicles off the road. The full potential (particularly for IT professionals) however will be realized once the Phase-2 starts in a 5 years.

        • Deepak Ram says:

          The currently running parts of Phase 1 are already running full during peak hours, and are quite well used throughout the day! People generally passing comments should perhaps visit the completed metro routes like Indiranagar->Majestic to see the impact it is having!

          • Jayant Murthy says:

            In fact, they could add at least one more coach in rush hour. There are times when I’ve not been able to get on the first train.

        • Manjunath Hegde says:

          I hope they open pH 2 in 5 years…thought I know I can only hope. It will never happen.

        • Yeshwanth says:

          I think you meant to say 15yrs 😛

          • Parthasarathy S says:

            Nope. I meant five. The UG line may still be pending. But, rest of them will be completed in 5 years, IMO.

            General Note: I see demolition work in progress en route E-City from silk board. But was sad to see that the trees were cut down at silkboard (perhaps for road expansion that precedes Construction work).

          • NV says:

            Same thing here in Whitefield, trees are cut first, may be 2-3 months before…. Shade and oxygen are not valuables…. There are other utilities like electrical cables, shifting which takes second priority 🙁

        • Rajesh Chauhan says:

          Well commented Mr.Patthasarathy.????

      • Swaminathan says:

        I fully agree that it is a flop.
        No one is questioning the exhorbitant delay of about 20 years-which reveals the corruption by politicians with private vehicles-autos & buses.
        Especially wrongly planned Majestic will have a terrific tragic woes as Railway, Local & other Bus stands are already polluting.

    • V Gireesh says:

      Looks like you are very ones see with congress and NDTV

  2. Shivakumar says:

    Congratulations to Mott macdonald , Bangalore for their Architectural, Structural and MEP services of Majestic Interchange station. Their excellent services in designing this station has added beauty to Bangalore city.

  3. Syed Ahamed says:

    Good Job George, thanks to you and Siddaramaiah, we congratulate you for completing phase I inspite of facing lot of hurdles, those who criticise this achievement of this government to racall the Yediyrappa days and the condition of the city roads. Now the city has much better roads and improved infrastructure. Please complete the alternate route to Airport on priority basis, this will shut the mouths of critics. Keep it up George.

  4. Raghu says:

    True…same words were spoken …when Delhi metro was started…but now…delhi life is depend on metro.
    Same things will happen..here
    For traffic it ll remain same..ppl still prefer comfort for even 1 km distance..
    Autowala ll preay on metro commuter..
    Unless metro introduced.. Feeder bus service..even share auto concept…where ppl can pay 10…n auto can get 100..by taking 10 passenger…or electric rickshaw concept should b started by metro…b,cos auto lobby ll not alow..electric rickshaw( pollution free transport)

  5. Hemanth says:

    Will there be a metro from mejastic to dasarahalli directly???

    • Deepak Ram says:

      Which Dasarahalli? There are many in Bangalore :-). The one in Peenya already has metro all the way to Mantri mall in Malleswaram – this will hopefully connect to Majestic by 18/June.

  6. AAA says:

    the porkistani mullah congress party and its sick leftist mental disease ridden politics needs to be removed from Bangalore if it wants to make any progress. These leeches are going to suck your city dry and mostly use the money stolen for anti Indian activities. Kick these jokers out and bring in some decent pro Indian, organised government like BJP to power and see the city grow to even greater heights.

    • Rajesh Chauhan says:

      Get lost you AAA big asshole.BJP is the most corrupt party on this planet.Do you recall the goon called Yediyurappa ?

  7. ramkumar nagaraj says:

    Can some one tell me when demolition work at jayadeva flyover will start?
    i have heard land acquisition and demolition of the flyover will begin soon, but i dont have any concrete info.

    I believe these activities are part of phase 2 metro setup, correct me if am wrong man

    • Sham says:

      Jayadeva flyover demolition work may not start until the NS line in ph1 upto Yelchenahalli is opened /made fully operational to provide an alternative for people to travel since free traffic movement between RV Rd & Silkboard will be effected.

  8. Rajesh Chauhan. says:

    Splendid job accomplished by BMRCL .Congratulations to all the staff of BMRCL.
    Congratulations to Mr.K.J.George .Well done.Keep up the good work going and your sincere endeavors for making Bengaluru the most dynamic city of the World.Well done Mr.Siddharamaiah and your team.Well done Mr.Dinesh Gundurao.Well done Mr.D.K.Shivakumar.Overall a commendable job by Karnataka state government.

  9. Bhanu says:

    Jeez what’s with all the political trash talk? Please let this page be free from all this nonsense.

    The station is kinda ‘meh’! After seeing the well designed new stations of Chennai and Kochi metro, this station doesn’t invoke a wow response, just glad that it is finally completed. As always, great coverage TMRG! 🙂

  10. ESWARA BM says:

    NAMMA METRO….The great asset of namma Bengaluru….!

  11. Annoy Shankar E L says:

    Hip hip hooray, three cheers to namma metro

  12. S B says:

    No need to brag about DELAYED completion of Phase 1 of Namma metro .

    Namma metro is far behind Delhi metro in terms of length as well as project execution.

    Infact recently started Metro projects like Chennai Metro & Hyderabad Metro are going to cross Namma metro in 2018 in terms of length.

    Lucknow Metro also going to start in this month just after 2 years of start of construction.
    Kochi Metro also started recently within 3 years of start of construction.

    In Bangalore where roads are poor, Metro can really help in reducing road traffic only if the politicians, BMRCL focus on completing it on time.
    Not to do showoff just because assembly elections are near or give lame excuse of underground section.

    Looks like BMRCL has still not learned from their mistakes. They have ordered additional 3 coaches only in march’17 which are due to be delivered in 2018-19. Why didn’t they order it last year when they opened BYP – Mysore road section ?

    For Phase 2 also they are claiming 27 months (2020 start) but as per the track record of BLRCL it will take 72 months (6 years or more).
    Realistic estimate is 2022-2025.


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