MMRDA to Procure 216 Coaches for Mumbai Metro’s Line-4

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which is the lead external financier of Mumbai Metro’s elevated 32.32 km Line-4, has revealed on their website that the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority will be procuring 216 new metro coaches to run on this new line which’ll connect Wadala – Ghatkopar – Mulund – Thane – Kasarvadavali in the eastern side of the city through 32 stations.

The bank’s board of directors in April 2017 approved a concept decision to provide a 500 million Euro (approx Rs. 3750 crores) loan for their procurement which’ll cover roughly 25% of the line’s overall civil construction and system procurement cost of Rs. 14,549 crore. The project’s info-sheet, linked below, indicates a final decision by the bank’s board is expected to be made in March 2018.

Rolling Stock: A total of 216 modern coaches with air conditioning and service-proven equipment with high reliability will be procured. The important criteria for selection of rolling stock includes passenger safety features, energy efficiency, optimized scheduled speed, low life cycle cost, etc.
link to project info-sheet

No further details have been released, but like Line-2 & Line-7’s new rolling stock, trains on Line-4 are also expected to also run in a 6-coach configuration (i.e. 36 train-sets of 6 coaches) and be capable of running without an operator or “driverless” on the unattended train operation (UTO) mode.

A CRRC train on Mumbai Metro’s Line-1 – Photo Copyright: Raj Upadhyay

Line-4’s alignment (Purple) – view Mumbai Metro map & information

Recap of Mumbai Metro’s fleet:

• Line-1 – 64 coaches: 16 trains x 4 coaches (all delivered by CRRC; none on order)
• Line-2 & Line-7 – 378 coaches: 63 trains x 6 coaches (bids to be invited soon)
• Line-3 –  248 coaches: 31 trains x 8 coaches (RFQ for 210 coaches was invited in December 2015 after which the order was increased to 248; financial bids expected to be opened within the next 30 days)
• Line-4 – 216 coaches: 36 trains x 6 coaches (bids yet to be invited)

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