1st Pier Starts Taking Shape for Bangalore Metro’s Whitefield Extn

Workers from the ITD-ITD Cem India JV have started tying up rebar for the first pier (pillar) of Bangalore Metro Purple Line’s 15.257 km Whitefield extension under the 73.95 km Phase 2 project. This pier is located south of Hoodi Circle along the eastern side of Sadaramangala Road, and is a part of package Reach-1A which was awarded to ITD in April 2017 for a value of Rs. 689.51 crores.

Rebar for the 1st pier – Photo Copyright: Swaroop Bekal

A larger sized image can be viewed here.

Next steps: More rebar will be used to tie the existing rebar horizontally (see example). Once done, formwork (see example) will be brought in to facilitate a concrete pour and mold it into the desired shape.

Location of the 1st pier – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 map & info

This pier has taken a very short amount of time (4 months since award of contract) to come up in its current form. For comparison, the 1st pier of the same line’s western extension to Challeghata came up in May 2016 – an entire 13 months after the contract was awarded to IL&FS in April 2015.

Construction work on this line is going on in bits and pieces wherever the contractor has a clear right-of-way – see images on my Twitter handle. As per BMRCL’s August 2017 newsletter, compensation packages in respect of 186 properties have been sent to KIADB for payment and compensation amounting to Rs. 740.60 Crores has been paid in respect of 149 properties. A majority of land acquisition on the extension is pending primarily along the Baiyappanahalli – Jyothipura – KR Puram section.

Land acquisition details from BMRCL’s Aug 2017 newsletter

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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18 Responses to "1st Pier Starts Taking Shape for Bangalore Metro’s Whitefield Extn"

  1. Satya says:

    Hi..Thanks for information..

    What time frame would you guess for completion of this stretch? Time till completion of the pillers and time to complete the track.. time for trails and finally the commercial operations..

    • TMRG says:

      Estimating timeframes for each step is impossible & not worth it as there are so many variables and dependencies at play – some in the BMRCL and ITD’s control and some not. Overall, I don’t see this opening for operations before 2022.

      • KRISHNAN says:

        Hi TMRG
        Are you saying that 2022 even for the Whitefield line or over all 2rd phase including underground .
        Whitefield line seams to easy to built and may be possible in 3 years .

        I agree that silkboad part and underground line is very difficult.

        Looks like I will go to office in metro only after retirement!

  2. Parthasarathy S says:

    What else can I say other than “Good news”. Any progress is good for Bangalore’s metro as it tries to reduce congestion one pillar at a time (not literally, of course :)).

    “This pier has taken a very short amount of time” – is the icing on the cake. I hope this is representative of Namma Metro picking pace (after an unexpected launch of Phase-1 in July beyond all expectations).

    The Silk Board – Bommasandra line seems to be going on the same path of quick progress. I see things happening quickly all along this line(demolition, barricades etc.) I’ve never really witnessed construction first hand so I cannot be sure if this indicates real progress. Let us see how it goes.

  3. Sandeep RM says:

    Good to see this update. But more and more parts of the road seems to be disappearing every day and barricaded for construction. Roads are getting narrower.The roads were supposed to be widened first. But only one or two feet of the footpath is removed at some places and asphalted and that is called road widening. Footpaths are vanishing. People are walking on the roads (along with the high density Whitefield traffic!!). Pits are dug on the road and left open. Who is answerable for all this?

  4. Sumanth says:

    Will the delay in land acquisition from IFB & Chemical industry in Whitefield impact the work. If so how much?

  5. Syed Khaja says:

    Great… You are doing excellent job.

  6. Madhu says:

    RV Road Metro Interchange station alignment again going to be changed….



  7. akhil says:

    I suppose it would still take more than 6 years from now for the Whitefield line to be operational and open for public. However property prices have already jumped of Kadugodi !! What can be said

  8. Deepak says:

    @TMRG… Though you post updates for all metro works in India Blore posts get highest replies!
    Not sure its our frustration with traffic or we are concerned citizens 🙂

    • domoincarn8 says:

      All other Metros have excellent working alternate public transport systems.
      Mumbai : local trains are more important
      Delhi : Metro+Bus
      Chennai,Hyderabad : Light local rail connectivity + broad roads
      Kolkata : Big roads+metro+rail connectivity

      Bangalore’s main roads are as wide as other metro’s residential area roads. Gurugram’s inner roads are wider than Bangalore’s many “Main” roads.

    • Syed Khaja says:

      TMRG has not responded yet.

    • TMRG says:

      Combination of frustration, lack of a solid transportation system and tech savvy residents.

      Delhi has the largest under construction network, but people are more interested in other things. Real estate and chaat papdi, for example. The metro isn’t a novelty anymore.

  9. Shyam says:

    There seems to be abundant land that they have acquired at Hoodi circle (the location of the 1st pier as explained in this article). Is there no plan for a station at this location? This location seems to have a lot of room for parking, and is close to the Hoodi circle, so connectivity would be perfect at this location.

    Any idea if we can prod the authorities to consider this? If not a station at Hoodi circle, at least a place to park vehicles at this juncture.

    • Brainstormer says:

      Exactly my thoughts. This would also be much close tot he Hoodi Railway station and the residential areas of Ayyappa Nagar, Bethel nagar etc.

      But then this is the same group that wants to put the Cantonment metro station a good 1km away from the railway station. Common sense seems to be a rare trait these days.

  10. Agasthya VB says:

    Earth digging work at Ragigudda station in the small park next to Jayanagar 9 Block bus stand has started.

  11. BA Burli says:

    Why can’t bmrcl complete the construction work part vise 5/6 km. Extend the running of metro( from byappanhalli.) Take next phase of 5/6 km


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