LMRCL Releases Lucknow Metro’s Fare Chart & Smart Card Info

With the inauguration of Lucknow Metro’s 1st stretch just hours away, here’s a post on its fare chart and smart card information.

On August 23, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC)’s board of directors finalized the fares or ticket prices for the entire 22.878 km Line-1 (Phase-1A) from Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport to Munshipulia. Fares (minimum Rs 10 and maximum Rs 60) were fixed based on the number of stations traveled with the objective of providing affordable transport to the public, covering operating & maintenance costs and servicing the European Investment Bank’s 450 million Euro loan debt.

As per LMRCL’s MD Kumar Keshav,

This is the most optimal initial fare structure of the entire North-South Metro Corridor between Chaudhary Charan Singh airport and Munshipulia. It has been arrived at after an all-round analysis of the fare pattern of other Metros in India and abroad, as well as other modes of transport in Lucknow with various pricing models

Lucknow Metro’s 1st stretch (Transport Nagar – Charbagh, 8.48 km) known as the ‘priority corridor’ includes 8 stations at Transport Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Singar Nagar, Alambagh, Alambagh Bus Stand, Mawaiya, Durgapuri and Charbagh.

Some sample fares using the official fare calculator –

• Transport Nagar – Krishna Nagar: Rs 10 (2 km)
• Transport Nagar – Singar Nagar: Rs 15 (3 km)
• Transport Nagar – Charbagh: Rs 30 (8 km)

Transport Nagar – Charbagh section of Line-1 – view Lucknow Metro map & information

Ticket counter at Krishna Nagar Station – Photo Copyright: LMRCL

The automatic fare collection (AFC) system was designed and commissioned by a consortium of Datamatics Global Services Limited (DGSL) and Mikroelektronika. Close-up images of the AFC gates, shot while testing them, can be viewed here.

AFC gates – Photo Copyright: LMRCL

LMRCL’s MD testing out an automatic vending machine in March 2017 – Photo Copyright: HT

GoSmart Smart Card

The contactless smart card works on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and gives a 10% discount on travel. The card can be purchased with a refundable security deposit of Rs 100 and then reloaded/recharged/topped-up online at LMRCL’s website here. After getting a smart card, users can use free WiFi at all stations after filling out this activation form.

Design of Lucknow’s GoSmart smart card – Source: LMRCL

Tourist Card

LMRCL has also introduced two types of tourist cards priced at Rs 200 (1 day) and Rs 350 (3 day), each with a Rs. 100 refundable security deposit. These can be purchased at the metro stations and cannot be recharged online.

For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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30 Responses to "LMRCL Releases Lucknow Metro’s Fare Chart & Smart Card Info"

  1. Aditya says:

    What is the interest rate on that EIB 450 million euro debt.

  2. Yash Mhadgut says:

    The fares are on the higher side, almost similar to mumbai metro. Rs 30 for 8 km.

  3. Hasan Pervaiz says:

    Metro fare too much expensive as compare to Delhi metro.If family want to travel better take Cab .if till charbagh this much than what about Hussainganj.

  4. Hasan Pervaiz says:

    It’s not worth for common people.low class and middle class will prefer other means of transport.

  5. Dr Arun Kumar Yadav says:

    The fares are not reasonalble. Its higher than Delhi metro, even more than other means of public transport like cab auto, etc.Mostly
    poor and common people will avoid to trvavel via metro may be if they do once but not regularlly what I do believe its my own survey. One will prefer cab if he travels with family. LMRC should revise the present fare again. Rs. 20/= for Transport Nagar to Charbagh is resonable fare according to the city like Lucknow its not Mumbai or Delhi. Here people’s income per capta are less than other metropolitan city.

  6. Ebenser says:

    We in Kochi (Kerala) also face the same situation. Ticket Rates very very high. City bus rate Rs 13 for the same distance KMRL charges Rs 40….due to this no regular passengers in Kochi metro…. Only joy ridership….. Here also we are pressing for rate reduction.

  7. Om prakash says:

    Please revised LMRC fare charges… It’s high from Delhi metro…ok please ???

  8. priya says:

    Charges are actually higher in comparison to Delhi metro… People take it as one time experience then prefer to travel by auto or other transport… Rates should be revised or else Lucknow metro would be a failure.. As this is nawabo ka shaher…and won’t mind ignoring the presence of metro….
    Thank you

  9. Sandeep kumar says:

    Fair is higher side for Lucknow, People take it as one time experience then prefer to travel by auto or other transport… Rates should be revised or else Lucknow metro would be a failure..
    Thank you

  10. Manoj Semwal says:

    At present scenario its too costly equivalent of running transportation means, and the main thing is that LMRC have no reserve passengers like other metro city, there is not good scope for such high fare, it can be increase time to time ,

  11. Deepak bharti says:

    Yes absolutely fare is too much than delhi metro

  12. Dhiraj Kumar Tripathi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am NCC “C” Gread -A passed 2009 & RDC+PM Raily attand 2008.
    i want job
    Lucknow Metro.
    Dhiraj Kumar Tripathi
    Mobile Number-+91-9450090151

  13. Ankur joshi says:

    Must revise fare chart..i libe at parag nearly 2km inside chungi..it takes 20 rs by auto from parag to charbag & vice versa.
    But if i use metro .i have to first reach krishna nagar station by 10 rs then spend 30 rs from there to charbag..what a waste of 20rs extra….must be competetive to other means of transportation..how would be city greaner if not attracting masses..
    Biggest mistake is this there is no station at chungi..which is high traffic area.the gap btw krishna nagar and transport nagar station is abnormal comparison to other stations..thank u

  14. GOVIND RÀWAT R officer u p Vidhan Sabha LKO says:

    Lucknow metro ka kiraya Adhik hone ke Karan isme Safar karna Kafi Mushkil ho raha isko kam kiya jaye

  15. Babloo says:

    New Delhi to lakhnow metro fare

  16. Vivekanand says:

    Metro fare too high for everyone

  17. shruti chandra says:


    Suggestions to improve:

    1- I live at Chungi and there is no metro station at Chungi, a big mistake because a lot of people livethere. By seeing the metro map, it is clear that the distance between the Krishnanagar station and Transport Nagar station is the largest distance comparing the distances between other stations.

    2- The fares are high, one way to get money back is to keep the charges optimal for all the public ranging from poor to high-class. This is also a good buisness strategy atleast for the first few years.

    3- Copying the suggestions by Ashish (commented above)

    “Must revise fare chart..i live at Parag nearly 2km inside chungi..it takes 20 rs by auto from Parag to Charbag & vice versa.
    But if I use metro, I have to first reach Krishnanagar station by 10 rs then spend 30 rs from there to Charbag..what a waste of 20rs extra….must be competetive to other means of transportation. ”

    The metro service is for public and hence public suggestions are valuable. Please read it carefully!

    • shruti chandra says:

      One more point, smart card and tourist card are not sufficient for public who travels daily. THERE MUST BE A MONTHLY PAAS TO ACCESS THE METRO!

  18. Neeti says:

    किराया daily passengers के लिये बहुत ही अधिक है. संक्षेप में कहे तो दोगुना लगेगा. और yearly या half-yearly MST type का भी कोई प्रावधान नहीं है। हमचाह कर भी इसका प्रयोग नहीं कर सकते। जहां हमारा प्रतिदिन का किराया 54 रूपए लगता है.. वहाँ यदि हम metro का option चुने तो 100 rs. ये daily users के लिए फायदेमंद है लेकिन इसका किराया हमें इसकी अनुमति नहीं देता।

    • Ashish tiwari says:


  19. B.LGupta says:

    Fare is not high looking towards comforts . Journey is air-conditioned ,no traffic jam . While in tempo you sit conjested non a/c & full of dust ,high temperature.
    Thanks Lucknow metro.

  20. Sarveshwar tiwari says:

    The last time of the metro should be 12:00 PM.Lucknow’s metro closes at 10:00 and I have a lot of problem.

  21. Avnish mishra says:

    Tension na lo bacho. Abhi starting hai metro ki usey apna krcha tho niklny do. Time ayega iska bhi rate down hoga. Enjoy kro aur krney do sbko. Aap ko costly padta hai tho aap travel mt kro. But don’t 😢 cry. Lucknow m aur metro aney do. Railway walo k budget bney do rate down hogey.

  22. Kalpana says:

    Metro k fare aur auto taxi k fare me comparison krna sahi nhi hai

  23. Durgesh Kumar Mishra says:

    “आज पहली बार आलमबाग बस अड्डा से चारबाग तक लखनऊ मेट्रो रेल सेवा से मेरी यात्रा हुईं, बहुत ही कम समय मै अपने गन्तव्य तक पहुँच गया, यात्रा में मैने देखा कि लखनऊ मेट्रो रेल सेवा पूर्णतः सुविधाजनक थी, मेट्रो रेल परिसर में पूर्ण साफ-सफाई थी, सभी समुचित सुविधाएँ उपलब्ध थीं, मेट्रो रेल स्टाफ व सिक्योरिटी स्टाफ जोकि यात्रियों के प्रति पूर्ण सहयोग व कुशल व्यवहार और सजगता के साथ अपनी ड्यूटी कर रहे थे, कुल मिलाकर लखनऊ मेट्रो रेल सेवा का काफी सुखद अनुभव मिला,,
    “लखनऊ मेट्रो रेल की अत्याधुनिक सुविधाजनक और द्रुतगामी सुखद सेवा की तुलना में इसका किराया भी अधिक नही है,,
    “हमें यह विचार करना चाहिए कि सस्ते किराये में एक सजग-सुरक्षा, समुचित-संरक्षा, समय-पाबंद जैसी सुदृढ़ व अत्याधुनिक सुखद सेवाओं की आशा नही की जा सकती,,!!
    धन्यवाद लखनऊ मेट्रो रेल सेवा,,,
    दुर्गेश कुमार मिश्र
    137-राजगढ़ पो०:-लखीमपुर
    जनपद:-लखीमपुर-खीरी उ०प्र०


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