Trial Runs Begin on Noida Metro’s Aqua Line in Gr. Noida

Engineers from the Noida Metro Rail Corporation and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on January 2 began trial runs (testing) on Noida Metro’s new 30 km Aqua Line. This feat was achieved in just 30 months after construction work commenced in June 2015 by the CEC-SAM JV on all 3 civil packages of the line.

Trial runs using the 1st CRRC train were flagged off from the Greater Noida Depot Station towards Delta 1 Station – a distance of about 850m, and back. NMRC and DMRC’s engineers ran the train at a speed of 5 kmph and primarily observed its interaction with the civil structure to ensure there are no physical obstructions along the way.

The train’s four coaches arrived at the Greater Noida Depot on December 14 2017 and had since been tested only within the depot. Each train is designed to have a seating capacity of 186 passengers and can carry 1,034 passengers in crush-load conditions. The trains have darker shaded seats for senior citizens, disabled and women passengers.

DMRC’s press release lists out the rolling stock’s features for passengers –

  • Each coach is equipped with four 37” LED backlit LCD displays called Dynamic Route Maps (DRMs). These DRMs have been installed to provide the necessary information, especially for passengers with hearing impairment. These DRMs are strategically located for easy visibility. DRMs will display dynamic message regarding the operating route, current and next stations, information regarding interchange stations, direction of door opening and flashing of important / emergency messages.
  • Each coach is equipped with 6 LED backlit LCD/TFT displays (about 450 mm, 18.5 inches). This display will be used to display special messages/advertisements etc (Including videos). It may also be used to display information regarding the ongoing train route.
  • Dedicated space has been provided for wheel chair based commuters in Driving Trailer cars at both the ends of the trains.
  • For visually impaired passengers, Digital Voice announcements regarding train and route information and announcement of station will be made in both Hindi and  English. Chime sound indicating opening and closing of doors is also in built.
  • The Operational Control Centre (OCC) can communicate directly with the passengers in case of important/ emergency announcements through speakers installed in each coach. Similarly the Train Operator can also communicate directly with the passengers through mikes.
  • The passenger seats are in two separate shades of blue well alingned with the Client’s theme . The dark blue seats indicate the reserved seats (ladies, Senior Citizens and Divyang) and the Light Blue seats for General passengers.
  • Provision of Lumber support/ backrest near wheel chair area has also been provided.

Greater Noida section of the Aqua Line – view Noida Metro map & info

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On February 3 2018, testing was extended to the Alpha II station, a distance of about 2.5 km during which the train was operated at 35 kmph. Full length testing on line is planned to begin on March 15 after electrification work by Siemens and signalling installation by the Ansaldo STS – ZTE Corp – ZTE Telecom JV are completed.

For more updates, check out the Noida – Greater Noida section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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4 Responses to "Trial Runs Begin on Noida Metro’s Aqua Line in Gr. Noida"

  1. Chandra M says:

    Good news for Noida but lucknow metro retained their record of starting trials in 27 months!!

  2. Bharat Bajaj says:

    Good to see you back!

  3. Arnab says:

    Its some achievement. However the interchange with Delhi metro at Sec 51 seems really weird. A distance of almost 500 mts between two with no apparent connection. 300 yards down, both lines pass each other at a distance of less than 10 mts or so. That spot would have been perfect for an interchange station! Plus, its on one side of the road and would not have impeded traffic.

    Secondly, NMRC should start thinking of linking Sec 137-where the current line leave the highway and goes towards Old Dadri Road- and Okhla Bird Sanctuary Station of DMRC Magenta line. Its a significant distance and the most heavily used corridor by cars and office goers. Infact, the NMRC should think of stretching the line right upto Film City. A lot of people working in that region stay in Noida Extn and Greater Noida. The alignment is fairly straight.

  4. Prateek Misra says:

    After making all the right noises and creating a buzz, the aqua line has also gone awry and is delayed just like all other metro projects. Last heard it was expected to open in Aug 2018.


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