Mock-up BEML Coach Arrives for Kolkata Metro’s Line-2

On the morning of January 5, Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation received a mock-up (prototype) coach from BEML at their maintenance depot in Salt Lake. This development comes two years after BEML was awarded a Rs 900 crore contract to supply 14 train-sets of 6 coaches each for a grand total of 84 coaches.

The coach is an exact replica of the trains (see design renders) that will operate on the 16.34 km Line-2 between Howrah Maidan and Salt Lake Sector V, except for the fact that it doesn’t include wheels or even a traction motor – so testing the coach is not possible. The purpose of this exercise is solely to inspect the design features and send back any recommendations or suggestions to alter the actual trains’ design.

As per a KMRCL official  who interviewed with the Times of India –

The rakes will run on 750V DC and collect current from the third rail. The six-coach rakes will comprise two driving motor cars (DMCs) at either end, two motor cars (MCs) and two trailing cars (TCs). The carrying capacity of every rake will be 2,068 passengers. The DMCs will be 21,050mm long while the length of the other coaches will be 20,800 mm each. The maximum width and height of the coaches will be 2,880mm and 3,848mm. The coaches have stainless steel shells with dull finish exteriors. The mock-up is an exact replica of a coach, save for the fact that it can’t move.

The maximum design speed of the rakes will be 90 km/hr with a maximum operational speed of 80km/hr. The coaches will have primary rubber springs and secondary air suspensions with wheel-mounted disk brakes. There will be roof-mounted saloon air conditioners and cab air conditioners. The coaches will also have passenger announcement (PA), passenger information system (PIS) and CCTV cameras for surveillance. We plan to unveil the mock-up coach soon.

Images –

Photo Copyright: Bengali News 18

Photo Copyright: Bengali News 18

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Photo Copyright: Telegraph India

Photo Copyright: Telegraph India

Photo Copyright: Telegraph India

Source: Times of India

Source: Telegraph India

For comparison, design renders revealed in July 2017 can be viewed here.

News videos –

In the above video they’ve displayed a map I made for my Line-2 posts.

It’s been two years since the contract was awarded, so this mock-up seems absolutely unnecessary. KMRC’s rolling stock engineers could have instead periodically traveled to BEML’s plant in Bengaluru for inspection, design audit and to offer recommendations. With no sight of the actual set of trains (or their schedule of testing), a 2018 opening for the Sector V – Stadium section (5.3 km) will not be possible despite Kolkata Metro’s General Manager’s latest public statement of opening the line by Durga Puja (October) this year.

For more updates, check out the Kolkata section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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7 Responses to "Mock-up BEML Coach Arrives for Kolkata Metro’s Line-2"

  1. Adri Roy Chowdhury says:

    KMRC has set a new deadline for the phase 1 . It says that the Sector 5 – Stadium section will open in September 2018 whereas the full section from Sector 5 to Howrah Maidan will start operations on June 30 2021 .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any recent construction updates about Kolkata Metro ?

  3. krishnan says:

    Hi TMRG , as per one U tube video , Kolkata East West Metro was planned in 1921 ( 100 years ago)

    This line is expected to start in 2021 ( only 100 years late )
    Source :

    • RAKESH SHARMA says:

      Hi Krishnan, that’s a fantastic discovery. 100 Years of East West Metro Rail construction, which others do in 2-5 Years.

  4. Selvakumar says:

    Hi , My Son is a Train Crazy kid 9 years old , He want to Visit BEML Couch Factory in Bangalore to see the Factory , Please Confirm if kids are allowed to go inside the factory for visit

  5. Rakesh Sharma says:

    Hi TMRG, please provide more news for Kolkata Metro construction. There is no news since Feb 2018. I want to know construction updates on Joka – Esplanade route and Garia – Saltlake route.

  6. 1) Joka-Esplanade, 2) Garia-Salt Lake, 3) Airport -Saltlake Routes... says:

    Like Rakesh Sharma – My questions are the same: Joka-Esplanade & Garia-Salt Lake Routes. Please provide Info. Thanks.


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