Bombardier Delivers Final Trainset to Delhi Metro for 162 Coach Order

Last Wednesday, Bombardier Transportation in a low-key event celebrated the roll-out of their final 8-coach MOVIA train-set for the 230 km Delhi Metro system at their plant in Savli, Gujarat.

The train was produced as part of a 162 coach order (contract RS-11) which along with an order for 96 coaches to BEML (contract RS-13) were placed by the DMRC in 2015 to add 17 new 8-coach trains to the Yellow & Blue lines, convert 42 existing 6-coach trains into 8-coach trains on the Yellow and Blue lines, and convert 19 existing 4-coach trains into 6-coach trains on the Red Line.

News about the trainset’s delivery was announced on LinkedIn by Bombardier’s HR Partner Mukesh Gupta –

Bombardier India Proud to share his achievement.We have committed and we deliver our last Train of RS11 Project to our client before time(i.e;on 14th Feb). Delhi PI Team worked day & night to make sure we achieve our target. Big Thanks to Project Director (Nelson T) for his contribution and leadership. Proud at Bombardier. Cheers

Photo Copyright: Mukesh Gupta

Contract RS-11 was awarded to Bombardier in June 2015 with a value of Rs. 1497.98 crores. The first train was delivered in September 2016 and this final trainset has been delivered on schedule, exactly in “early-2018” as originally planned.

With this development, Bombardier has now fulfilled 4 major rolling stock orders for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and at 776 coaches the DMRC now operates one of the largest Bombardier fleets in the world.

Here’s a list of all orders along with the order month & year –

• RS-2: 340 (July 2007) + option of additional 84 (March 2008)
• RS-5: 74 (June 2010) + option of additional 40 (July 2010)
• RS-7: 76 (September 2011)
• RS-11: 162 (June 2015)
Total= 776 Coaches

Bombardier’s website has an excellent fact-sheet on Delhi Metro’s MOVIA trains and contains a schematic, train specifications, performance and technical characteristics – check it out here.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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20 Responses to "Bombardier Delivers Final Trainset to Delhi Metro for 162 Coach Order"

  1. suresh khurana says:

    Good news what about BEML and can you please shares the latest list of train sets in Blue Red And yellow. ie how may 8,6 and 4 coaches trains.

  2. Vivek Singh says:

    So Bombardier plant is jobless now considering that they haven’t won any other orders in India.

    Are you aware of any orders that they may have?

    • TMRG says:

      Exactly! They don’t have any other metro orders in India, but outside of India, Australia’s Queensland Govt placed a 75 coach order with them in 2014. First trainset was delivered in February 2016 and the last train is supposed to be delivered by the end of this year.

      If they don’t win Mumbai Metro Line-3’s upcoming 248 coach order, then they’ll have to temporarily shut shop.

      • Vivek Singh says:

        They didn’t compete in Mumbai Metro Line 3 tender so there is no chance of winning.

        Among the tender finalists, only Alstom has a plant in India, though MII is mandated in the tender.

  3. Abheek says:

    Today, for the first time, I saw an 8 coach train on the Yellow line wrapped in those advertising banners. The first and last coaches were exempt, the six coaches in between had been wrapped; some kind of advertising for khelo india. Never seen it on an 8 coach train before; was it a converted six coach train?

    • TMRG says:

      Interesting observation. Only way to check would be to see the silver plated panel inside each coach to see their manufacturing date. If they match, then they were all built together. If not, then it’s a converted train.

  4. Ashu says:

    Dear TMRG I have seen Yellow Line Coaches running on Red Line tracks. Means DMRCL had already started doing transferring yellow line coaches to red line also by the end of the year on green and red line all 4 coaches trains will be totally converted into 6 coaches.

  5. Yash Mhadgut says:

    Why were Bombardier Movia Trains not given to Red line? After all it was the first line and BG too.

    • Mayank Singh says:

      for the reason that, by adding bombardier coaches they will have to tweak the signalling system. hence to avoid duplication of resources, the red line is only provided rotem coaches and later yellow line will be homogenised with bombardier coaches.

  6. Mohit says:

    RS-13 order of Delhi metro of 92 coaches(beml), for red and blue line……..How many of them will ply on red line??
    As red line required 38 coaches to convert 19 4-coach trains into six one plus, 10 new six coach trains will also ply on same line
    So overall, red line requires
    38+60. =98 coaches of which 96 will come frm yellow line as a transfer…..So
    Frm this order red line will get only 2-new coaches?????

    • TMRG says:

      Your calculations are right for the end known goal of 28 x 6 coaches plying on the expanded Red Line.

      But with the Yellow -> Red transfer’s status unknown, I’m not sure how many coaches the Red Line will get (or got) from RS-13. I’m trying to get more clarity on this. Will back here when I hear something.

  7. Pal says:

    TMRG ,why don’t you respond about magenta line as people are asking you about the same on every platform viz fb ,twitter ,your website etc.?????????

    • TMRG says:

      The line will be ready for operations primarily whenever the system testing is over. There isn’t a set date for this and I do not have any additional insight. I’d recommend waiting for the DMRC’s press release announcing its completion.


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