CMRS Approves Commercial Operations on Delhi Metro’s Pink Line

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on Thursday evening announced that they’ve received the final statutory approval from the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) for starting commercial operations on the 20.6 km Majlis Park – Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus section of Delhi Metro’s new 58.59 km Pink Line (Line-7).

The CMRS had conducted a thorough 3-day final inspection of the line between February 26-28, and at this time it isn’t known if the approval was outright or conditional. If conditional, I’ll add the conditions below whenever they are known.

Update – Here’s the detailed approval which lists out all the conditions that the DMRC has to follow. Note that the line’s length has been mentioned to be 21.565 km long which is a little higher than the 20.6 km figure they’ve released in the past.

This is what Anuj Dayal, DMRC’s Executive Director of Corporation Communications, mentioned in a brief press release –

The DMRC has received the clearance from the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) for the opening of the Majlis park-Durgabhai Deshmukh 20.6 km long Metro section on Thursday. This line is likely to be opened for commercial operations next week after completion of all stipulations specified in the sanction.

Inauguration and commercial launch dates haven’t been announced yet and now depends on (1) how quickly DMRC takes corrective action in meeting the CMRS’ requirements & suggestions (if any) for safely operating the line, and (2) the availability of local & national ministers wanting to attend the event.

This 20.6 km section of the line includes 12 stations (8 elevated and 4 underground) at Majlis Park, Azadpur (interchange with Yellow Line), Shalimar Bagh, Netaji Subhash Place (interchange with Red Line), Shakurpur, Punjabi Bagh West, ESI Hospital, Rajouri Garden (interchange with Blue Line), Mayapuri, Naraina Vihar, Delhi Cantonment and South Campus –

20 km Majlis Park – South Campus section – view Delhi Metro Phase 3 map & info

Images from the first day of inspections can be viewed here and some from inside Naraina Vihar Station can be viewed here.

Here are some more general images –

Passing beneath the Blue Line on a 350MT steel bridge at Rajouri Garden – Photo Copyright: Anushree Fadnavis/ HT

Azadpur Station – Photo Copyright: HT

Azadpur Station (Pink & Yellow lines’ interchange) – Photo Copyright: Anushree Fadnavis/ HT

Stay tuned for the inauguration and launch dates to be announced. It’s only a matter of a couple days now.

Update – the line will be inaugurated and open for services on March 14 2018 – see details.

For more updates, check out the Delhi section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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16 Responses to "CMRS Approves Commercial Operations on Delhi Metro’s Pink Line"

  1. TA Anand says:

    Your point 2 is worrisome. Public has to now wait for the tussle between politicians..

    • AngaragSandilya says:

      Mudi kaka can’t do any joomla this time as the line is inside Delhi

      • Sushant says:

        It will be interesting to hear Kejriwal’s speech on the inaguration in fromt of Modi/other Central Minister. He has always demanded to roll back the fare increase.

      • ravi says:

        Did kejruddin construct the metro?? Delhi govt. doesn’t have money to even buy DTC buses. They aren’t approving phase 4 because they got no idea on how to fund it.

  2. Prem Kashyap says:

    Hey, Is this line connected to o green line and airport line. From the map., it doesnt look like that. If not than why ? Isn’t it a terrible design decision.

  3. Prem Kashyap says:

    Hey, How is this line connected to green line and airport line. From the map it doesnt look like connected. If not than isn’t it a terrible design decision.

    • Vivek Singh says:

      Airport Line: Pink line is connected to Airport line through a pedestrian bridge. The construction of the bridge isn’t complete yet and hence this interchange will have to wait.

      Green Line: Although pink line crosses green line, the stations are quite far and will require a long pedestrian bridge (still shorter than airport line interchange). As for now, there is no official plan to link pink and green lines. Hopefully, DMRC provides an interchange link in future.

      • Arnab says:

        poor planning. very poor planning. Just building the metro somehow isn’t enough. Routes, stations need to be planned and interchanges should seem like interchanges, with minimal transfer time or effort. Had the DMRC not planned for further stages while building the initial lines?

        PS: The airport line transfer is so long that I do not see air passengers using it with all their luggage! Maybe some of the regular overnighters will use it. The airport line Dhaula Kuan Station is in a pretty odd place to be fair.

        • Harsh says:

          There are travellators for this purpose

        • Russ says:

          If one of the main ideas behind the Pink Line is to lessen the load on the center of the system by enabling line to line transfers on the periphery, you’d think that making those transfers as easy as possible would be a fundamental goal in construction. Even with future pedestrian walkways, the long distances mean huge delays for commuters. I agree that this was very poor planning. Alternatively, when the Chinese build metro lines, they have future lines in mind and put stations in the correct site to link up with those future lines. It certainly looks like the Green Line and Orange Line planners had no idea that a future Pink Line might be built.

    • Harsh says:

      It cannot be called a terrible decision.The pink line’s alignment near Dhaula Kuan is a little far from the station on airport line.So an FOB has been designed for this purpose from D.D. South Campus to Dhaula Kuan.It is justified as they want to increase revenue from Airport line which has been running into losses since its inception.
      An FOB between Punjabi Bagh E and W has been skipped due to space constraints and also because most of the traffic from North is directed towards South and Southwest Delhi.If traffic increases in green line after extension to ballabgarh,then any type of interchange can be considered

  4. RAKESH SHARMA says:

    when will start inspection by cmrc on magenta line.

    • Harsh says:

      Wait for trials and finishing works to get completed.Only then they can have an inspection by CMRS.Till now no update has been given on part of DMRC

  5. Mukund says:

    What happened to trial runs on pink line beyond South campus towards lajpat nagar. Haven’t heard any news of trial runs on this section. And if they have not started trial runs than I am sure pink line won’t be opened further till mayur vihar pk1


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