Bridgecon Assigned Consultant for Delhi Metro’s Line-5/7 Interchange

This is another one of those dated news items which I’d like to put out here for the record πŸ™‚

On January 28, Bridgecon Infra Consultants received a letter of award (LOA) from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for a 20.43 lakh contract assigning them as the Proof Consultants for the Delhi Metro’s Green Line (Line-5) – Pink Line (Line-7) interchange project to allow passengers to switch lines.

For unknown reasons, the DMRC during the 124 km Phase 2’s construction (2006-2010) did not construct a station on the Green Line abutting the Ring Road – one of the biggest design oversights on the entire network. During the 160 km Phase 3’s construction, the DMRC planned to build a 820m foot overbridge to connect the new Pink Line’s Punjabi Bagh West Station with the Green Line’s Shivaji Park Station, but that plan did not materialize for want of a better long-term solution.

To fix this, the DMRC plans to construct or retrofit an entirely new ‘halt’ station with platforms on the operational viaduct of the Green Line, without a concourse area, to allow passengers to board and de-board. Riders will then need to go down one level and take a 230m elevated walkway to the reach the concourse area of the Punjabi Bagh West Station of the Pink Line.

Existing layout with no interchange or foot-overbridge to connect Delhi’s Green & Pink lines – view Delhi Metro Info & Route Map
Green Line (top) – Pink Line (bottom) interchange’s design render – Graphic Copyright: DMRC
Looking North: Green Line (top) – Pink Line (bottom) interchange’s design render – Graphic Copyright: DMRC
Looking South: Walkway connecting to the Green Line’s new platforms at Punjabi Bagh – Graphic Copyright: DMRC
Looking east at the walkway connecting both stations – Graphic Copyright: DMRC

After the new station’s design is verified and approved by Bridgecon, construction will be carried out by Som Projects Pvt. Ltd. through a Rs 46.77 crore contract signed for package CC-136 in August 2019. They will be assisted by LKT Engineering Consultants who won the Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) role in October 2019 through a Rs. 66.35 lakh contract for package CCDD-16.

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15 Responses to "Bridgecon Assigned Consultant for Delhi Metro’s Line-5/7 Interchange"

  1. Gandhar says:

    Do you think they can open this in 2020?

  2. ST says:

    I would love to see similar improvements in Orange (Airport line) like Rajiv Chowk, Dhaula kuan and Shankar Vihar.
    Do you think it is possible to improve the Orange line connectivity?

    • TMRG says:

      Me too! But I don’t think DMRC will bother with enhancing connectivity at Dhaula Kuan or attempt to connect at Shankar Vihar. Rajiv Chowk – Shivaji Stadium underground connectivity would be nice, is possible despite the utilities and existing pedestrian subways, but will be expensive to build.

  3. Mayank says:

    Bro who’s the contractor for Trilokkpuri?

  4. Ritwik says:

    What’s the status of trilokpuri-sanjay lake missing link on pink line ? Also, clear my doubt on siraspur metro depot, will there will be a station or it’s just a depot ?

    • TMRG says:

      A follower on Twitter just visited the site – he didn’t notice any metro construction activity. Did see new apartment blocks though.

      Siraspur just has a depot. DMRC didn’t receive an approval for the station from the Delhi govt – per a RTI response I saw.

      • Manu says:

        Hi all, demolition work of the structures (houses) coming in the way of the corridor alignment, is currently underway at trilokpuri. The alternate accommodation for affected people has greater occupancy now.
        The last Pier from pocket 1 station side, from where the new construction is to be done, is barricaded and also circular barricades put on the road, (on the intended alignment/curvature) where new piers are to be made.
        Overall, some progress seen. Wonder if this rather small section will be made in the usual way of concrete segments or will they be using steel spans (to save time).

  5. Sanjay panday says:

    sir i am sai enterprise govt contractor all type of Civil and mechanical work manpower supplier sir mujhi kaam dejiyi sir

  6. SHAM says:

    Yet another DMRC goof up! Looks like they were in such a big hurry during phase-2 that they forgot that a station was required at ORR on the green line.

  7. Tradom says:

    God, this looks ugly! When will we understand the value of good design? It resembles those blue tin roofs of New Delhi railway station…

  8. YOGENDER says:

    What is the deadline of completion of connectivity at Punjabi Bagh west to Green line as it’s already more than a year passed but progress is very slow of this re-trofit project.


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