DMRC to Augment Sarita Vihar Depot for Aerocity-Tughlakabad Line

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today invited bids from construction companies to augment the Delhi Metro Violet Line’s existing Sarita Vihar Depot to stable and maintain trains on the Phase 4 project’s upcoming 20.201 km Aerocity – Tughlakabad line.

Technical details on the exact changes to the stabling lines/maintenance sheds haven’t been disclosed, but the contract requires the construction of a ramp, cut & cover section, and other civil works including the modification of track turn-outs within the depot.

Sarita Vihar Depot – built in the Phase 2 project – is located about 1.3 km away, as the crow flies, from the planned location of the new Tughlakabad Station. The construction of twin tunnels leading to it, likely using 1 tunnel boring machine, will be part of a separate civil package.

Contract / Package: DC-26

Scope: To Provide for maintenance facilities for the Vehicles on upcoming Tughlakhabad – Aerocity Corridor and Lajpat Nagar – Saket G Block Corridor and expansion of Depot cum workshop at Sarita Vihar. The civil work including Depot development works is to be undertaken in this contract consists of construction of Ramp, Demolition and restoration of Blower Room, Civil works for Shifting of ETP, Road Works, Railing Works etc. including all the Design of temporary works to be undertaken by a designer under arrangement of contractor.

  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 59.11 crore
  • Document Sale Start Date: 08-Jul-2020 05:00 PM
  • Document Sale End Date: 07-Aug-2020 03:00 PM
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 31-Jul-2020 09:00 AM
  • Bid Submission End Date: 07-Aug-2020 03:00 PM
  • Period of Work: 730 days (2 years)
Line’s route at the Tughlakabad end of the line with the location of the Sarita Vihar Depot – view Delhi Metro Phase 4 info & route map
New layout of the Sarita Vihar Depot (view large) – Copyright: DMRC

Per the tender documents, here’s the brief work content:

  • Cut and Cover Ramp by using Top-Down and Bottom up Technology including Waterproofing
  • Road Works for New Development and Restoration
  • Subgrade preparation works for new Stabling Line
  • Civil Works for Shifting of Existing ETP to a new Location including dismantling
  • Railing Works in Depot Area
  • Other development works

To maintain the Violet Line’s train maintenance/stabling capacity, DMRC in June invited bids to remodel Ajronda Depot under package DC-25. That package involves the construction of a new pre-fabricated steel roof structure for workshop and inspection bays.

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9 Responses to "DMRC to Augment Sarita Vihar Depot for Aerocity-Tughlakabad Line"

  1. Himanshu Doria says:

    First Mukundpur Depot and then Now Sarita Vihar Depot.
    Its going to be a challenge to implement this, considering the difference in signalling systems of lines these depots are going to serve and plus the requirement of stabling lines.

    As I know, they had implemented this practice in small scale for Najafgarh depot for Grey line and Blue line.

  2. Clevin Gomes says:

    Does it mean that the Aerocity- Tuglagabad Corridor will not have it’s own depot?

    • TMRG says:

      A depot was (is?) planned in Vasant Kunj – Mahipalpur area. DMRC isn’t great with sharing project info with the public – so If they don’t invite tenders for its construction by mid-2022 – I’d imagine it is not going to be built.

  3. Aditya says:

    I might be sleeping on this point, but nonetheless, could you tell me the status of the plan of transferring yellow line coaches to red line from khyber pass to shastri park depot??


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