Delhi – Varanasi HSR’s Alignment Design & Survey Contracts Awarded

National High Speed Rail Corporation Ltd. (NHSRCL) in August-end awarded the first few pre-construction alignment design, survey and data collection contracts to develop the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the 865 km Delhi – Varanasi High Speed Rail (DVHSR Bullet Train) corridor which’ll connect both cities through 12 stations in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.


Brief Scope: Data Collection and Associated Survey Work for DPR of Delhi-Varanasi HSR Corridor (view detailed scope)

NHSRCL invited bids in June with a contract period of 4 months, opened technical bids on August 7 to reveal 9 bidders, and then opened financial bids on August 24.

  • Awarded to: Ceinsys Tech Ltd.
  • Contract Value: Rs. 23.39 lakh

Contract: NHSRCL/LIDAR/2020/15

Brief Scope: Final Alignment design including Aerial LiDAR survey and other related works (view detailed scope)

NHSRCL re-invited bids in mid-July with a contract period of 150 days, opened technical bids on August 11 to reveal 4 bidders, and then opened financial bids on August 24.

  • Awarded to: Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – GSL Associates JV
  • Contract Value: Rs 7.92 crore

Contract: NHSRCL/CO/CONT./GAD/2020/12

Brief Scope: Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) of Crossing Bridges over Rivers, Canals, Railways and Roads (Expressway, NH and SH and Major District Roads) and GADs of proposed Stations and Maintenance Depots

NHSRCL re-invited bids in mid-July with a contract period of 3 months, opened technical bids on July 29 to reveal 25 bidders, and then opened financial bids on August 17.

  • Awarded to: Translink Infrastructure Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Contract Value: Rs 34.99 lakh

With this development only one more contract, for carrying out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study, is now pending award. NHSRCL invited bids for that service in July and opened technical bids on August 11 to reveal a total of 8 bidders which includes the likes of AECOM India and Ascenso Enviro.

Tentative stations on this line provided by NHSRCL in the past include – Delhi, Noida, Jewar, Mathura, Agra, New Etawah, South Kannauj, Lucknow, Raibareli, Prayagraj (Allahabad), New Bhadoi, and Varanasi.

Indicative alignment of the Delhi – Varanasi High Speed Rail project – view project info

The first draft of the DPR can take anywhere from 6 – 12 months to get ready, its finalization can take a similar time, and after that the DPR will go through the regular motions of getting vetted and placed for approval before the NHSRCL’s board, Delhi & Uttar Pradesh state governments’ cabinet, and finally the Central Government’s cabinet.

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18 Responses to "Delhi – Varanasi HSR’s Alignment Design & Survey Contracts Awarded"

  1. None says:

    Hopefully we will see faster progress here (and other HSR lines).. I doubt about the progress on Ahmedabad Delhi line, as it passes through Rajasthan (and may face the same fate as that of Maharashtra). Lets hope for the bes

  2. Shashikanth says:

    What is the status of MRS2 Project…when would tenders for Rollingstock be announced

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      The Rolling Stock is Already Chosen in 2017. India will use Shinkansen E5 Series. and it will be manufacture under Make in India Initiative. 1st 10 trains will be Made in Japan by Kawasaki Industries and rest 14 will be Made in India by BHEL through Transfer of Technology, under the Supervision of Kawasaki.

      • Shashikanth says:

        Thanx for your prompt reply.

        Sorry for my not clear question, I was asking regarding Mumbai metro MRS 2 project.

        Regarding the production of balance 14 shinkansen trains, which unit of BHEL will be involved.

        • Clevin Gomes says:

          I just got a information on Shinkansen Wikipedia. Just go to downward. Shinkansen outside Japan, then u will see that they clearly Mentioned that Kawasaki Industries have made a Technology transfer with BHEL.

          • Clevin Gomes says:

            Higher possibility that Japanese high Speed trains will be chosen.

          • Ashish Khanna says:

            You may correct me , however as per my knowledge Technology Cooperation Agreement between BHEL & Kawasaki is limited to MRTS class coaches & bogie only. Tender for Maglev trains from NHSRCL is yet to be floated with possible completion between Kawasaki & Hitachi.

        • Clevin Gomes says:

          In case of Mumbai Metro MRS2 Rolling Stock contract. BEML, Bombardier and CRRC participate but MMRDA has yet to Award the Contract. I m really Sorry for not Understanding your Question Properly.

      • Azam ali says:

        May i know you

      • Azam ali says:

        Sir which BHEL plant is 14 bullet train going to be made under Kawasaki JV.

  3. Deepak says:

    Can anyone tell why they left out Kanpur. What was the idea behind having a station at South Kannauj instead of at Kanpur?

    • Abhishek Threja says:

      It’s only tentative station . Station would be finalized after surveys and dpr

      • Deepak says:

        Okay, but then why isn’t the tentative station at Kanpur? If they left out Kanpur in the tentative list, they must have given at least some thought.

    • Manikantan says:

      Yes, leaving out Kanpur, an important city since ages, doesn’t make sense. Hope, the concerned, realise this, and Kanpur gets its due. Kanpurwallahs should definitely protest, from now itself. This fact should go public so that awareness is created fast.

  4. Aishwarye Saxena says:

    I think the alignment of this NHSRCL line is all along the Yamuna Expressway and the Lucknow Agra Expressway. For the ease of land acquisition.

  5. Jihong Ryu says:

    Delhi Capital to Eastern capital
    of Kolcatta HSR,Indian take-off to advanced country within 10years.

    Extenston to Gaya(Buddha’s
    Enlightenment site)/Patna –
    Jamshetpur-Western Kolcatta.

  6. Sanjay panday says:

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