Mumbai Metro’s Line-5 to be Extended to Ulhasnagar

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on Monday invited bids for topographical survey work to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for extending Mumbai Metro’s 24.9 km Line-5 (Orange Line) by 7 km from Durgadi Chowk in Kalyan to Ulhasnagar, with a new 8 km loop within Bhiwandi connecting Rajiv Chowk with Temghar.

This tender notice came out of nowhere. A metro line to Ulhasnagar was announced by the then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis back in October 2019 during his election campaign, but no formal plans for it have ever been announced.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) in fact has existing plans in motion to extend the partly under construction Line-5 by 20.7 km from Kalyan APMC to Taloja in Navi Mumbai. They’re currently in the process of selecting a General Consultant (GC) for its civil works, with the last date to submit bids coming up on September 29.

With this new plan now in place, it appears the Orange Line in the future will bifurcate at Durgadi Chowk, with one branch continuing south-west to Kalyan APMC (and onward to Taloja as Line-12), and the other branch heading south-west to Ulhasnagar.

Tender No: NIT/02/GM/CS/2020-21

Brief Scope: Topographical Survey work for preparation of DPR for extension of Mumbai Metro Line-5 from Rajiv Gandhi Chowk to Temghar and Durgadi Chowk to Ulhasnagar

  • Completion Period: 70 days
  • Date & time of submission: 28-Sep-2020 03:00 PM
  • Date & time of tender opening: 29-Sep-2020 03:30 PM

UPDATE – In addition, DMRC has invited bids for Geotechnical work

Tender No: NIT/03/GM/CS/2020-21

Brief Scope: Geotechnical Investigation work for preparation of DPR for extension of Mumbai Metro Line-5 from Rajiv Gandhi Chowk to Temghar and Durgadi Chowk to Ulhasnagar

  • Completion Period: 60 days
  • Date & time of submission: 14-OCT-2020 03:00 PM
  • Date & time of tender opening: 14-OCT-2020 03:30 PM

Route map shared by DMRC within the tender notice:

Extension of Mumbai Metro’s Line-5 (with large) – view Mumbai Metro Orange Line info & map

General Scope of Topographical Work from the Tender Document:

The work mainly comprises of Topographical Survey for preparation of DPR for extension of Mumbai Metro Line-5 from Rajiv Gandhi Chowk to Temghar and Durgadi Chowk to Ulhasnagar (Total length 15 km approx.). Activities to be performed broadly are as follows:

  • Fixing of a pair of survey control points at 5 km interval along the corridor by Differential Global Positioning System(DGPS)
  • Topographical Survey with Total Station Instrument of Running Section and Station areas/depot location
  • Triangulation Survey of Section
  • Precise Leveling of Control points
  • Profile Leveling
  • Preparation of river bed profile along the proposed alignment

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15 Responses to "Mumbai Metro’s Line-5 to be Extended to Ulhasnagar"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    I guess they will recommend to make it Underground, due to Busier crossings. and if the line will extend till Ulhasnagar, then they have to made lots of changes in order to reach Taloja

  2. Amit Kumar Shukla says:

    In Order to deal with further extension from Anjurphata first of all they must move Metro from Anjurphata to Temghar Underground as these areas are so conjusted and later they must move underground procedure from Kongaon or Durgadi fort to Ulhasnagar Underground too as without these measures lot’s of residents & business people will loss their livelihood & living areas.
    Maharashtra Govt must think about it

    • Tejas Nagariya says:

      They already thought abt it during previous administration and claimed it is not financially viable,the cost involved will be huge and passengers engagement will not scale in a decade or 2 that they can recover cost, forget being profitable

  3. Clevin Gomes says:

    Where the Depot 4 the Orange Line will be made?

  4. DPK Udas says:

    It is good that Metro line is covering more areas.
    Whether capacities of Metro coaches is sufficient to carry expected load of passengers ?

  5. Aone says:

    It should be extended further till badlapur

  6. Manish Sawant says:

    good, extension till Ambernath will save Fuel as well as time.To grow we must support

  7. Ramesh Mulchandani says:

    Extention till Badlapur will end commuting problems of whole areas .

  8. Nikhil shah says:

    Mmrda had already surveyed 3 possible routes & currently work had started on most feasible one. It’s best for all to stick with original plan. As for Ulhasnagar or Badlapur they are already connected to suburban railway.

  9. Tushar Sharma says:

    I am a resident of Bhiwandi and the current status of the Mumbai Metro Line 5 is that the Barricading is fully done till Narpoli Police Station, further no barricading is seen till kalyan apmc, as far as I know the route till Bhiwandi Kalyan naka is 100% going to be Construcred according to the old route, the main issue ahead kalyan naka is that the residents want it to take the route from ahead or different route that of the proposed planned route, but MMRDA is seriously working day and night till Narpoli Police Station(Current Status 3rd oct, 2020)

  10. Tushar Sharma says:

    Metrorailguy kindly tell us about the duration from now, how many years should mumbai metro line 5 take according to your analysis, experience by seeing the current Scenario of the Construction,in which year should this line be ready to run metro trains on the track?

    • TMRG says:

      Easily 4+ years away from starting. The depot is planned in Kon Village, near Kalyan, and tendering for the depot’s construction and main-line viaduct around it is yet to begin.

  11. Adarsh sinha says:

    Ulhasnagar metro seva kab tak aayega


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