J Kumar Launches 1st U-Girder for Mumbai Metro Line-6’s Package 1

In the early morning hours of this past Thursday, workers from J Kumar Infraprojects launched their first pair of U-girders for Package BC-01R1 of the 15.18 km Mumbai Metro Line-6 (Pink Line) project which’ll connect Swami Samarth Nagar in Lokhandwala Complex with Vikhroli through 13 elevated stations.

Weighing 140 MT, the very first 25 long U-girder on the Jogeshwari – Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) was successfully placed into position in Powai for the down-line viaduct. This was immediately followed up with another launch on the same pair of piers for the up-line’s viaduct.

After a retender in 2018, Package BC-01R1 was awarded to J Kumar Infraprojects on February 13, 2019 by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (executor of Line-6) with a contract value of Rs. 444.98 crore. Their scope of work involves the construction of a 4.771 km viaduct from chainage 9586.50 m to 14358.00m, including a ramp leading to the Kanjurmarg Depot’s entry upto chainage 14490.60 m, and 3 elevated stations at IIT-Powai, Kanjur Marg (W) and Vikhroli (EEH).

Route of Package 1 from IIT Powai to Vikhroli (EEH) with its viaduct leading to the depot at Kanjur Village – view Mumbai Metro Line 6 info & route map
Shot en-route to the launch site – Photo Copyright: Uday Teja Reddy Pebbati
Going up! – Photo Copyright: Pratit Tiwari
Photo Copyright: Pratit Tiwari
Photo Copyright: Vikas Tiwari
Photo Copyright: Vikas Tiwari
Cheers! – Photo Copyright: Prafull Kumar

The first U-girder on the entire Line-6 had been erected in May 2020 by J Kumar – CRTG JV for the 6.079 km Package BC-03 (Swami Samarth Nagar – Shyam Nagar) near Lokhandwala Circle – view images here. MBZ-EIIL JV working on the 4.329 km Package BC-02 (Shyam Nagar – IIT Powai) is now the only contractor that is yet to begin launching activity.

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9 Responses to "J Kumar Launches 1st U-Girder for Mumbai Metro Line-6’s Package 1"

  1. Mahendra Joshi says:

    Congrats JKIL team

  2. Clevin Gomes says:

    It’s progressing a lot at J Kumar Side, but the MBZ-EIIL one have a slow pace of work, well I have some serious doubt whether MBZ-EIIL JV will meet the deadline of 2023 or not, otherwise it will kick out from the contract, just like they were kick out from the contract of Yellow Line Phase 2 (Line2B), when they made a JV with RCC. I hope the line will open soon. TMRG, I’ve heard that Govt. of Maharashtra have asked DMRC, to conduct study to shift the Depot to Pahadi Goregaon, where the state Govt. Have planned to park the trains of Aqua Line and Pink line, is this method will be feasible?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, let’s see what DMRC’s feasibility report says. I believe they have 3 months to submit it.

      The state government has no genuine concerns to begin with, but after this unnecessary exercise, I hope they quickly decide on the way forward. Line-3’s tunneling, station completion & systems installation are the long-pole, but in another year or so, the depot will become the sole reason for any delays. This must be avoided.

      • Himanshu Doria says:

        One of the most hilarious saga I have ever came across. A Dairy Land was converted into a forest land by media. Then It was converted into a ecologically sensitive zone and later non-existent tribals came into picture. All this happened after all these claims fell flat in the high court. Conveniently, it was ignored that a film city was already covering a large part of this area.

        • Subramaniam says:

          The costs should be recovered from these so called NGOs and activists. Hopefully DMRC will censure this government in their feasibility study

  3. Vikas Apte says:

    Aarey Metro Depot now getting shifted to Pahadi Goregaon is reinventing the wheel again. Pahadi Goregaon site was to be the depot for Line 2A, which was denied permission due to CRZ issues in 2016/17 , which resulted in shifting of Line 2A depot to Charkop. Ironically Line 2 of erstwhile Reliance Infrastructure which was to be executed under BOT way back in 2011 was scrapped since Metro Car Depot could not be constructed in CRZ zones of Charkop or Pahadi Goregaon. Maybe now they have found an ideal location within Pahadi Goregaon that does not violate CRZ norms and also axes minimum no of trees.

  4. Sumant Gupta says:

    Proud moments for me and my team as we Aecom are Detailed Design Consultant to J Kumar .

    Well done JKIL Team!!!

  5. Dhaval shah says:

    First ugirders of line 6 were launched in lokhandwala circle few months back plz check near lokhandwala circle. Upside and down side both ways


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