Sam India Wins Agra Metro Line-1’s Construction Work

October 23 Update: Sam India has been awarded AGCC-01’s Rs 272.95 crore contract.

October 19 Original Post:

Sam India Builtwell Pvt. Ltd. today emerged as the lowest bidder to construct the 4 km Taj East Gate Station – Taj Mahal Ramp (Package AGCC-01) section of Agra Metro’s 14.25 km Line-1, after officials from the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRCL) opened financial bids this afternoon.

This first elevated package of the 29.40 km Agra Metro Phase 1 project will consist of 3 stations at Taj East Gate, Basai and Fatehabad Road in eastern Agra. West of the ramp, the line will run underground until Shastri Nagar on GT Road, with an interchange facility at Agra College for allowing passengers to switch to the 15.40 km Line-2 (Agra Cantt. – Kalindi Vihar).

UPMRCL invited tenders (bids) for this section’s construction in August 2020 with an estimated cost of Rs. 290 crore and expects the assigned contractor to complete work in 26 months. They opened technical bids to reveal 3 bidders on October 5 and completed evaluation on October 16 in just 11 days.

Financial Bid Values:

Sam (India) Builtwell Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 272.90 crore
URC Construction Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 301.34 crore
Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.Rs. 355.08 crore

Package: AGCC-01

Scope: Construction of elevated viaduct and 3 nos. elevated metro stations (viz. Taj East Gate, Basai & Fatehabad Road) including civil, architectural finished, water supply, fire fighting, fire detection, E&M works and PEB structures on Priority Corridor-1 of Agra Metro

First section: Taj East Gate to Ramp with the indicative location of enroute stations – view Agra Metro Phase 1 info & route map

Sam India’s bid of Rs 272.90 crore was well below UPMRC’s estimate of Rs 290 crore, so I don’t see any issues arising during financial bid evaluation. In the coming weeks, UPMRCL should award them with the project’s second major civil contract, with an aim to complete all civil work in 26 months.

Compared to other cities, including others in Uttar Pradesh, things are moving along extremely fast for Agra Metro. Back on October 14, Lisha Engineers was awarded a Rs 112.63 crore contract to build Line-1’s PAC Depot after they emerged as the lowest bidder on October 5. Ground work on both packages should begin before the year ends.

For more updates, check out the Agra section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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50 Responses to "Sam India Wins Agra Metro Line-1’s Construction Work"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    Now the next one is Mumbai Metro Yellow Line Phase 2 (Line2B), today MMRDA will also open technical bids for this section. TMRG, what is the latest update of Mandala Depot? Does Ahluwalia won the contract?

  2. Manan J says:

    Whats the timeline for work on the underground line until Shastri Nagar on GT Road? Has that work been allotted yet?

    • TMRG says:

      Tender notice inviting bids hasn’t been published yet.

      From what I hear, the doc is ready but funds haven’t been allocated for it.

  3. Himanshu Doria says:

    Hey whats the status of Line-4, Rolling Stock Contract ?

    • TMRG says:

      Still in technical evaluation.

      I’m keeping a close watch on that tender – will share results when financial bids are opened.

  4. Raveendra says:

    Bid is less than the estimate by almost 6 percent and considering L2 bid.

    I think it’s tight for SAM idea to maintain their bottom line.

  5. Sham says:

    TMRG, sorry but its funny you say “details are sketchy” when someone asked if you would be covering Bangalore’s suburban rail system when there are two very detailed RITES DPRs besides such a long history about the neglect of it & lately, citizens’ voicing demands for the system – all stretching over 37 long years.

    You covered the so-called “broad gauge metro” for Nagpur elaborately when its nothing more than just a small regional rail system catering to a few thousand on each route.

    Fyi the ridership estimate for the Bangalore suburban rail system is 9.3 lakhs & increasing with time as its more an urban system than suburban.

    Appreciate if you could please make a post on Bangalore’s Suburban system with equal zeal that you have for other minor or unimportant systems.

    PS: Was coverage for Nagpur’s system because of the word metro in the name!?

    • TMRG says:

      Nagpur’s new regional rail system will operate trains at semi high-speed – a minimum criteria I’ve set for coverage outside of regular MRT systems. After approval, I’ll likely only be covering system updates since there isn’t much civil work to begin with.

      Please share a link to Bengaluru Suburban Rail’s DPR – I’d love to take a look since I haven’t been able to locate it. I don’t believe trains there will operate at even semi high-speed since its stations are (rightly) closely spaced together.

      I mentioned this in the past, but I have a limited amount of time that I can dedicate to the site, so I’m afraid I cannot cover every system out there (BRTS, suburban, hyperloop etc.) or even every development related to a metro/HSR project.

      • Sid says:

        The DPR for many projects are not available freely. Hence it becomes difficult. for example DPR for all UP Metro projects are on the website, similarly for MMRDA but finding detailed DPR for NCRTC, BMRC is a challenge

      • Bhagwati Prasad says:

        Mo.No= 8534954311

  6. SHAM says:

    Sid – All DPRs for Bangalore Metro are available on BMRC’s webpage – go to News & click on the Archive News tab.

    TMRG – noted. I thought all Feasibility Reports & DPRs were available on public domain since most mainline news (TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloids etc) have been covering it including DPR details. I tried a search but have been unable to trace it so far. Will provide a link if I do find it.

  7. Pawan Rajput says:

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  8. Abbas says:

    It seems right now Kanpur Metro’s Both the corridors are priority for UPMRC. Other Tenders such as Signage, Elevators, Signaling are being rolled out for Just One corridor in Agra where as it’s both the corridors for Kanpur. Also, Line 2 for Lucknow metro has no update whatsoever which would connect parts of old Lucknow.. Kanpur would seems to be main Point of Interest right now.

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