RINA Wins Surat Metro’s DDC Contract for Tunnel Ventilation & Studies

Multiple industry sources have confirmed to me that RINA S.p.A.’s Indian subsidiary has won Surat Metro Phase 1’s detailed design consultant contract for its underground section’s environment simulation studies and tunnel ventilation system (TVS).

Surat Metro’s 21.61 km Line-1 (Sarthana – Dream City) includes two underground sections totaling 7.02 km with 6 stations. Construction contracts were awarded by Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) in January and March:

  • 3.46 km Package CS2: Gulermak – Sam India Builtwell JV (Kapodra Ramp – Surat Railway Station)
  • 3.56 km Package CS3: J Kumar Infraprojects (Chowk Bazar Ramp – Surat Railway Station)

GMRC invited tenders for this design consultancy contract in January with an estimate of Rs. 2.40 crore and deadline of 28 weeks. I don’t have details on its list of bidders or bid values, so if someone does just leave a comment below or send me a message using the Contact page, and I can add it in.

Tender No: GMRC/DDC/UG-SES/SURAT/PH-1/2021

Brief Scope: Detailed Design Consultancy Services For Subway Environment Simulation (SES) studies & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis and Sizing of Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS) and Major ECS Equipment for Entire Underground Section of SURAT MRTS PH-1 For Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited

Route of Surat Metro’s underground section from Chowk Bazar – Surat Railway Station – Kapodra with the indicative location of stations en route – view Surat Metro Phase 1 info & route map

Detailed Scope

The scope of services to be provided by the detailed design Consultant generally includes, but are not limited to:

1) Scope of SES/CFD Computer Simulations: The Consultants shall carry out all the required computer simulations analysis of the complete tunnel ventilation system for the entire Surat Metro Underground Corridor including station and trackway fire scenarios, utilizing the latest version of the Subway Environment Simulation (SES) and validated 3-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) computer software.

2) Scope of Sizing the TVS and Major ECS equipment: Utilizing the SES & CFD results, the Consultant shall size the following TVS and major ECS
a) Size and quantity of each TVS equipment: Capacities including the fan head (H-value) for all the tunnel ventilation fans, booster/jet fans, trackway exhaust fans, Sizing of the tunnel motorized dampers, Sizing of the TV shafts and plenums, Preliminary size of fan rooms and nozzle areas, Preliminary booster/jet fan niches in tunnels (typical), Preliminary design of TEF sizes and OTE size
b) Size and quantity of each ECS equipment: Total cooling load (Station and tunnel) requirement and breakdown of the cooling loads, Capacity of each Chiller (Air cooled Chillers as optional), Capacity of each Chilled and Condenser Water pumps (water flow rate), Capacity of each cooling tower, Capacity of each Air Handling Unit (cooling load and water flow rates), Capacity of each Fan Coil Unit (cooling load and water flow rates), Capacity of each Air-cooled chillers and fan coil units for 24-hr critical rooms

This is RINA’s second win in Surat Metro’s Phase 1. Back in December 2020, RINA-RITES JV was awarded another low-value contract (Euro 410000 approx. Rs. 3.62 crore) for designing multi-modal integration facilities across all 38 stations in 12 months.

For more updates, check out the Surat section or my Home Page!


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    Bro, any update on Bengaluru metro’s Pink line rolling stock tender.

  2. Dk says:

    Hey tmrg, have the financial bids for Bangalore metro’s pink line’s balance works been opened?


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