Egis JV Wins Bengaluru Suburban Rail’s General Consultant Contract

Egis – Louis Berger – AECOM JV on February 2 emerged as the preferred bidder for the General Consultant (GC) contract of the 149.348 km Bengaluru Suburban Rail project (BSRP)

The consortium put in a bid of Rs. 196 crore and their selection was made on the QCBS (Quality Cost-Based Selection) 80:20 method. If someone has a list of bidders and their final scores (technical + financial), then leave a comment below or shoot me a message via the Contact page. I’d like to add it in here for record keeping.

This is the first major contract by Karnataka’s Rail Infrastructure Development Company (K-RIDE) for this project which will feature 4 lines and 64 stations (see detailed info):

  • 41.478 km Corridor 1: Sampige Line (KSR Bengaluru – Yelahanka – Devanahalli)
  • 24.866 km Corridor 2: Mallige Line (Baiyyappanahalli Terminal – Chikkabanavara)
  • 35.520 km Corridor 3: Parijaata Line (Kengeri – Whitefield)
  • 46.285 km Corridor 4: Kanaka Line (Heelalige – Rajankute)
Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project’s Map via KRIDE’s website – view project information

K-RIDE invited tenders for the GC contract in April 2021 and again in September 2021 with an estimated cost of Rs. 202.76 crore. They expect the assigned GC to be onboard for 4 years plus 12 months of operations & maintenance (O&M).

Bidding is currently underway for Corridor-2’s 8.027 km elevated viaduct between Benniganahalli and Chikkabanavara. This is the first civil package of the project and technical bids are currently scheduled to open on February 21. The construction of stations en-route will be part of a separate package – see project details.

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16 Responses to "Egis JV Wins Bengaluru Suburban Rail’s General Consultant Contract"

  1. The Indian Railway Guy says:

    All of these lines exist already, but most of them are single lines, shared by expresses and freights. So my understanding of this suburban project is that these lines will be doubled/tripled/quadrupled as required to accommodate additional EMU-style suburban trains. Is that correct?

    • The Indian Railway Guy says:

      Of course, most of the stations in the map don’t exist so I believe those will need to be created. Also elevated viaducts specifically for suburban trains, a la Mumbai/Chennai/Kolkata. Is this how it’s planned?

  2. Ashok Kumar says:

    4 of the lines
    Kengeri – Hoodi
    Bellandur -Yelahanka
    Bengaluru city – Yeshwanthpur
    Hebbal – Yelahanka

    Have some overlap with the existing or under construction metro lines.

    How feasible are these suburban lines given that they do not run through the main roads like the metro?

    Also i heard that suburban lines with have AFC gates and also metro like facilities. The fares might also be on par with the metro fares.

    The head way during peak times in other suburban train networks in the country is about 15 mins. Will it be able to compete with the metro to attract commuters.

    Also the suburban have larger number or rakes (9 in the Chennai MRTS and 12 on other lines). Will the proposed suburban train network be able to attract such large numbers to make it viable to run?

  3. Rajkumar Dugar says:

    This, after over 475 days of receiving Sanction !!!… It is an insult to snails to call this “Snail’s-pace”. Neither will KRIDE be allowed to / be able to commission all 4 Corridors by Oct 2026 nor will it be able to rein in cost-escalation due to delay. The DELAY and the CHANGE IN PRIORITY of the Airport Corridor are going to prove very costly for Bluru. Also, no one can say that what BMRCL is building is going to be viable. There are enough reasons for the 58Kms round-about Airport Corridor being built by BMRCL to be non-viable. But they are building it anyway, even though they received Sanction 9 months AFTER Suburban Rail Project. KRIDE, a similar company is unable to lay even a single brick after over 15 months !!

    • Arun Shankar C says:

      So true this comment. So unfortunate that railways don’t at all give required assistance to karnataka. Not to sound too political but I feel Modi govt does not care for karnataka

  4. Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Let there be all forms of transportation for Bangalore metro, bus, suburban rail, autos and taxis which should be appreciated which will certainly be helpful in handling the traffic.

    • Rajkumar Dugar says:

      Yes, absolutely. The ONLY solution to Bluru’s globally infamous Traffic Congestion situation is PT and Tight Integration between all forms of PT. However, very unfortunately, until now BMRCL has not played a positive role – Cantonment (they gave up sanctioned location and lost integration) and Suburban Rail Project (it is out in the media that BMRCL is behind KRIDE’s de-prioritising Airport Corridor). Both these actions are against the interests of the City. We wonder what our “Public Representatives” are doing.

      • Aravind says:

        BMRCL is the most inefficient, corrupt, obstructive & disruptive organisations in INDIA. Suprised why KRIDE allowed BMRCL to bulldoze its priority. It stinks of POLITICAL CORRUPTION & CONTRACTOR FAVOURITISM.

      • Aravind says:

        It is very disturbing to see that BMRCL has no foresight at all. Else, it would have planned for a station near BASVESHWARA bus terminus. Also, they would have integrated their stations with BMTC & Railways at Yeshwantpur, Deepanjalinagar, Biappanahalli, Kundanahalli, Kengeri & many other such places. They dance to whims & fancies of big BUILDERS of Bangalore. It stinks of CORRUPTION.

  5. Stanley says:

    Bangalore suburban trains planning started 50years ago. Waiting to see when it will be executed.

  6. Rajkumar Dugar says:

    Details here (pls go to the url, sign and share, in the interests of Namma Bengaluru) :

  7. K Krishna says:

    A sincere request- please extend the Kengeri end point to Ramangaram. By the time the project is realised Bangalore would have grown upto Bidadi and growing towards Ramangaram. So don’t go by where you see Bangalore today. Similarly take the Chikabanavara end point to Tumkur for the same reason.

  8. Hari says:

    2023 state election gimmick thats alll .. again bjp trying to fool karnataka people.. it will not work out ..

  9. Naveen Kumar B S says:

    From how many years they’re saying the same thing?
    No progress is done for this.

  10. Naveen Kumar B S says:

    From how many years they’re saying the same thing?
    No progress is done for this. So sad


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