Delhi Metro to Prepare Central Vista Metro Line’s DPR

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Central Public Works Department (CPWD) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to construct an approximately 3 km new loop (ring) line under Central Vista.

This underground line with 4 proposed stations in Central Delhi will connect the operational Central Secretariat Station, serving yellow & violet lines, with new government buildings coming up as part of the Central Vista Redevelopment project.

Per DMRC, they’re expecting a peak hour demand of 20,000 passengers per hour during the morning and evening hours.

Per their joint statement:

DMRC shall provide technical assistance as well as execute finishing and services works for the construction of a metro loop corridor to connect the existing metro network with the new central secretariat buildings.

DMRC shall prepare the detailed project report apart from finalising the horizontal and vertical alignment of the tracks and tunnels along with sizing of facilities like platforms, support services and maintenance facilities. DMRC shall also appoint a detailed design consultant for the project.

CPWD will carry out the basic civil structure construction work, DMRC shall execute all other finishing and services works including design and construction of control systems, signal systems, track work, rolling stock, electrical and maintenance works etc.

Here’s my quick purely fictional take on how the line might look like with 4 stations at or near the vicinity of Central Secretariat, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), Vigyan Bhavan Annexe and Ministry Of External Affairs Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan.

We’ll have to wait and see what the DPR suggests as far the number of stations, their locations, ridership projections and coach capacity go. I’m also curious to see if there will be any restrictions on the general public using it.

Trains on this line will likely operate in one direction, and the line will likely be a Automated People Mover (APM) system which are found at airports across the world. There’s one proposed at Delhi’s IGI Airport too – see the Delhi Air Train page. Also check out the IGI Airport Upgrade page I set up last month.

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18 Responses to "Delhi Metro to Prepare Central Vista Metro Line’s DPR"

  1. Shedfur says:

    Will they use cut and cover, what do you think?

    • TMRG says:

      Cut & cover would be cheaper. TBM-bored tunnel would cause minimal visual disruption.

      Let’s see what the DPR recommends.

    • Keen Kumar says:

      They’ll most probably bore considering the alignment may even bore kinda deep for probable doomsday security features or something…hahahahha

  2. Manu Nair says:

    The babus from the corridors of power can’t seem to move thier butts to get to the station a kilometre away and the whole janta has to live on with no choices for last mile connectivity. Look at the blunder of airport express line connectivity with pink line or it’s lack of connectivity with blue line at Rajiv chowk! Common sense is highly uncommon!

    • Mohan says:

      In the initial design stage of DMRC….why they failed to connect the major 3 railway terminals in the NCR viz Delhi Jn, New Delhi and Nizamuddin…..the present arrangement is useless… with ANVT, DEE and DSJ, a Metro line connecting these 6 stations is inevitable for easy switching from one station to other without having to hire a car or autorickshaw…..think seriously about it…. Also extend the airport express line to old Delhi station….


        A good suggestion though a bit costly!
        Nevertheless, the overall benefit to the national economy and environment should outweigh all these minor issues.

      • YK Gupta says:

        You are right. in the initial stage of metro planning connectivity between all railway stations, ISBTs, airports should have been done, though it might have been completed in stages.

      • Ritik says:

        Delhi ,hazarat nizamuddin and new delhi are already connected.

        • Raj says:

          They are not connected directly you have to change from one line to another for going to second station there should be a line to connect new delhi to nizamuddin.

          I think green line can be extended to nizamuddin so that at least 3 stations can be connected that is sarai rohilla new delhi and nizamuddin

          • Vansh Tevatia says:

            They’re coming up with indigo line, which will connect sari rohilla, new delhi and nizamuddin directly.

  3. Ramesh says:

    Stupid officials

  4. Saket says:

    Is there any feasibility study done?

  5. Anil Nimbekar says:

    Instead of metro, there should be underground path.

  6. The Indian Railway Guy says:

    A pod taxi or something like that, instead of a full-fledged metro would make it more feasible I guess

  7. AP says:

    Stupidity redefined.
    Had the govt considered a new place for Central Vista, it could have benefitted many nearby under developed places. Don’t know what are they wanting to prove by depleting the green grasses and open air. Give us fresh air Urban Ministry and not your heated ego to rewrite history.


    As per the drawing, it looks like only half of Rajpath will be covered. Now when making a new line, why not already provide connectivity to India Gate, National War Memorial and National Stadium too? These places have far more footfalls than the present route as per the map shown. In fact it could go upto Pragati Maidan too.


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