L&T Launches DFC Girders over Noida Metro’s Aqua Line

Back in March-end, Larsen & Toubro launched six 31 meter long girders for the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor’s line over Noida Metro’s 29.7 km Aqua Line.

This feat for the project’s Rail Flyover-185 was recorded between sector 145 and sector 146 stations. This section of Noida’s Aqua Line in 2014-2015 was purposely designed by the Detailed Design Consultant, Ayesa India, with a lower height to allow for the DFC’s viaduct to easily pass above with a small minimal gradient.

Spot where DFC crosses Aqua Line and Noida – Greater Noida Expressway (view on Google Maps).

Here are some screenshots from a nice video shared by DFCCIL (check it out here) of the girders being launched using 2 high capacity cranes:

Earlier in the month, DFCCIL operated a train engine on a 38.5 km section from Pirthala, Haryana to just a little west of this bridge at Noida – Greater Noida Expressway.

On the eastern side and barely 2.5 km away, L&T back in 2020 placed open web girder steel brides over Hindon River (view on Google Maps).

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  1. Aditya says:

    A double decker container train passing above a metro train.. that would be quite a sight.


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