Kolkata Metro Line-2’s Sealdah Station Inaugurated

Union minister Smriti Irani on Monday inaugurated commercial services on Kolkata Metro East-West Line’s new 2.1 km Phoolbagan – Sealdah section.

This leg of the 16.34 km Green Line (Line-2) was built by ITD Cementation as part of the underground Package UG2. This Thursday (July 14), it will become the 3rd section of the line to become commercially operational.

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) plans to run trains with a frequency of 10 minutes during peak hours and 12 minutes at other times.

Route of Sealdah – Phoolbagan section – view Kolkata Metro route map & information
North entrance – Photo via My Kolkata
Photo via Rohit Kumar Singh

Sealdah Station and the tunnels leading to it were inspected by the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) in March 2022 over 2 days – view details & images.

South entrance – Photo via Sandip Tripathi

Video by a local news channel:

Photo via India’s Ministry of Railways

Additional images posted by the Ministry of Railways can be viewed here.

When this section opens on July 14, Kolkata’s Green Line will become 9.1 km long (Sector V – Sealdah) with a one-way end-to-end ticket costing just Rs. 20, which is quite cheap compared to other systems around India.

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14 Responses to "Kolkata Metro Line-2’s Sealdah Station Inaugurated"

  1. Gaurav says:

    Great news!! What’s the total length of kolkata metro after this section’s opening?

  2. Mangesh Dudwadkar says:

    Great, good news for kolkata waiting for
    ride under the river in near fut

  3. Hari Puttar says:

    What is the update of Sealdah to Howrah Maidan ?

  4. Dhruba Jyoti Roy says:

    It’s the opportunity for regular passenger to reach destination with less strugle.
    We demand for a commen metro smart card for both the services.

  5. Snowfox says:

    Can we get Nagpur Airport under Upgrades?

  6. KALYAN DEB says:

    When will the erring officials be censured, reprimanded, taken to task and punished for the inordinate delay in opening of the link for over three months causing great public suffering and loss of vital revenue while precious public funds were utilised to build up an essential public service facility?

  7. Sailesh chandana says:

    every new became version of old or from any. It is so word to that mind. That means revenue work upon. people who guess their got or forgot both are that guys who take up or down this simple….. world. Aagey HOWRAH BHI HAIN. LOK SATTI SOP TAI CHILO SAPNO…..

  8. Dr Lakshmi Narasimhan says:

    The crossover point looks too far away from Sealdah! The frequency of trains is thus less. Bad planning, don’t you think! Can’t they work it out at DPR stage?

    Also the Sealdah and Phoolbagan stations are spaced wide apart. They should have had another station in between.

  9. Mpaul Babu says:

    After good political circus and technical success and some weird segment design ( some curves the 80kmph trains need to run at 10 kmph ) we at kolkata can ride metro from Sealdah to Salt Lake . After that you walk 2 mins min to get some where you need to be ..

    So much success with transportation and Green thinking !

  10. Ashis Mitra says:

    Please update your main Kolkata metro map by adding the Phoolbagan – Sealdah section on green line. It is now commercially opened.

  11. Amittabha Datta says:

    Any latest updates on linking of the tunnels which is going on at Durga Pathuri Shaft at Bowbazaar.


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