Afcons Wins Jaipur Metro Phase 1C’s Underground Contract

September 4, 2023 Update: JMRC has issued LOA to Afcons Infrastructure with a contract value of Rs. 630.45 crore

August 18, 2023 Original Post: Afcons Infrastructure was today declared as the lowest bidder for the civil construction work (Package UG-03) of Jaipur Metro’s new 3.41 km Phase 1C connecting Badi Chaupar to Transport Nagar.

This brand new phase will extend Jaipur’s operational 11.98 km Pink Line (Mansaravor – Badi Chaupar) eastward to Transport Nagar. 2.65 km of route will be built underground (twin tunnels) through the old city with 1 new station at Ramganj Chaupar, while 0.76 km will be built elevated with 1 new station at Transport Nagar.

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) had invited bids for construction of the underground section in June 2023 with a Rs. 717.23 crore estimate and unknown deadline.

Technical bids were opened last week to reveal 4 bidders, and as you can see, evaluation was completed in just 1 week – a remarkably small amount of time compared to other cities.

Financial Bid Values

FirmBid (Rs. crore)
Afcons Infrastructure630.45
Sam India Builtwell651.22
ITD Cementation735.18
J Kumar Infraprojects750.45

Tender: JP/EW/1C(Underground)/03

JMRC’s Brief Scope: Design and Construction of Twin Tunnel by Shield TBM, Underground Station (Ramganj Chaupar), Cut and Cover Tunnel Box and Underground Ramp from Badi Chaupar to dead end Ch: 10387.860 to Underground ramp end Ch: 13040 of Jaipur Metro Phase-1C including entry exit structures, architectural finishing, water supply, sanitary installations and drainage works at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Jaipur Metro’s official Phase 1C and Phase 2 route map (via DPR) with my edits

Afcons’ bid of Rs. 630.45 crore was well below JMRC’s estimate of Rs. 717.23 crore, so a contract should be awarded in the coming months without a long financial bid evaluation period.

Jaipur Metro Phase 1C’s Detailed Project Report (DPR) was prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in June 2020 and can be viewed here. At that time, they had estimated it to cost Rs. 856 crore including taxes and land acquisition.

DMRC was appointed as the General Consultant for this project in January 2023. They had earlier recommended no additional trains (rolling stock) will be required for this small extension as the existing 10 4-car BEML train-sets will be sufficient.

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    Congratulations Afcons..🥳💐

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    Congratulations Afcons

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    @TheMetroRailGuy Can you provide the details of Bidder for Bhopal & Indore Metro Tenders??

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    ITD CEMENTATION INDIA LIMITED Congratulations,. 🎉🎊✨️

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    Afcons wins bcoz infrastructure major L&T wasn’t participating in this

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    Good management of the afconce

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    Any progress on their second line? Without a network a single line can only carry so much traffic.

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    Balaji construction company
    All types of equipment supplier

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