Prayagraj Airport New Terminal’s Contract Awarded to Vishal Infra

Vishal Infrastructure Ltd. last month was awarded a Rs. 152.87 crore construction contract by Airports Authority of India (AAI) for Prayagraj Airport’s new terminal building, second link taxiway and apron expansion in Bamrauli, Uttar Pradesh.

Prayagraj Airport (IXD)’s existing 6700 sqm terminal with 2 aerobridges was opened in 2018 with a capacity to handle 320 passengers per hour. Its civil construction by Tata Projects (TPL) was completed in just 11 months, making it one of the fastest-constructed airport terminals in the country.

The new terminal, to be built just east of the existing terminal, with a 9500 sqm area and 4 aerobridges will be able to handle 500 additional passengers per hour. Post completion, the airport’s expanded apron will allow up to 15 aircrafts to be parked alongside.

AAI had invited tenders for the terminal’s civil construction work in May 2023 with a Rs. 172.35 crore estimate and 455 day (1.24 year) completion deadline.

Technical bids were opened in mid-July to reveal 4 bidders: Amara Raja Infra, Bridge and Roof Co India, G S Express and Vishal Infrastructure. During evaluation, GS Express’ technical bid was found non-compliant to the tender conditions and got disqualified.

Financial bids were opened in July-end to reveal Vishal Infra as the lowest bidder.

Financial Bid Values

FirmBid (Rs. crore)
Vishal Infrastructure Ltd.152.87
Bridge and Roof Co India Ltd.172.00
Amara Raja Infra Pvt Ltd.195.27

Here’s a copy of the LOA issued to Vishal Infra. Apparently the contract signing event took place on September 4.

Tender: AAI/CHQ/Engg-NR/Prayagraj/NTB

AAI’s Brief Scope: Construction of New Terminal Building, Second Link Taxi Track, Apron Expansion, and associated works at Prayagraj Airport On Design and Build Basis

Here are a few renderings and layout design via AAI’s tender documents:

Existing terminal (left) and new terminal (right)

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