Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1 Approved with DMRC as Consultant

Odisha Government’s cabinet led by its Chief Minister on Tuesday approved construction of Bhubaneswar Metro’s Phase 1 project at an estimated cost of Rs. 5926.38 crore.

Per Bhubaneswar Metro’s Detailed Project Report (DPR), Phase 1 with one elevated line will be 26.024 km long and connect Trisulia Square with Bhubaneswar’s Biju Patnaik Airport via 20 elevated stations. The project will be executed by Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Corporation, a fully owned company of the state government.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been appointed as Bhubaneswar Metro’s General Consultant at a fixed fee of Rs. 326.65 crore. Their ‘implementer’ role here would be similar to their prior roles in Jaipur Metro, Kochi Metro, Mumbai Metro’s Line-2A & 7 and ongoing role at Patna Metro.

Odisha government plans to lay Bhubaneswar Metro project’s foundation stone in January 2024. They’ve set a 4 year deadline to operationalize the system which will be powered by a 750V DC traction Third Rail system.

20 stations are planned to be built at Biju Patnaik Airport, Capital Hospital, Sishu Bhawan, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar Railway Station, Ram Mandir Square, Vani Vihar, Acharya Vihar Square, Jaydev Vihar Square, Xavier Square, Rail Sadan, District Centre, Damana Square, Patia Square, KIIT Square, Nandan Vihar, Raghunathpur, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Phulapokhari and Trisulia.

The project’s train maintenance depot will be built on a 18.50 hectare parcel located about 2.5 km west of Phulapokhari Station.

Here’s a rough / indicative alignment of the project I’ve made based on a couple maps I’ve seen in various official presentations, with terminals and key stations marked:

Indicative alignment of Bhubaneswar Metro – view project information & Google-based route map

CEG Test House and Research Centre on behalf of DMRC this summer conducted geotechnical soil investigation along the line’s route. The results from those will be included in civil construction tender documents to help bidders make more accurate calculations.

DMRC is currently in the process of preparing the system’s masterplan to connect Cuttack, Khurda and Puri. They invited bids for its preparation in August and opened financial bids in September. If someone reading is aware of the bidder names and/or results, then leave a comment below or shoot me a message via the Contact page.

The next step for DMRC would be to appoint a Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) for producing and proposing alternate designs of all civil, architectural, building services, electrical and mechanical works.

With this development, Bhubaneswar Metro is on track to become India’s 22nd metro rail system to enter the construction stage. I’ve created a new information page and added the project to the website’s menu bar (Metro > Approved). Check it out here: Bhubaneswar Metro – Information, Route Map, Fares, Tenders & Updates

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14 Responses to "Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1 Approved with DMRC as Consultant"

  1. Kamal says:

    This is excellent news. The proposed route covers most busy places. Expanding it to Cuttack (a very old city with high population density) will require extension beyond Trisulia station with bridge across Mahanadi river.

    I worry about proposal to connect Puri, which is about 60 km from Bhubaneswar. Do you think, this part will be viable for metro?

    • Sansiddha says:

      Yes, I think the long bridge and more complicated construction inside Cuttack city would have increased the construction cost quite a bit. Probably why they did not do it in phase 1.

      Puri they should not do, and instead push for more frequent services on Indian Railways, may be with the future ideas around Vande Metro. May be also triple line the Khurda Road to Puri section.

      At best future expansion towards Uttara Square, and may be even Pipili if required in phase 2, 3 or 4 of expansion.

      • Kamal says:

        I do agree with your points. Cuttack will be a very tricky scenario. Underground or overground metro will have very high cost considering the high population density. The route should include important places e.g High court, SCB, Revenshaw, OMP.

        Extension up to Pipili from Bhubaneswar railway station and till AIIMS from Jayadev vihar should be considered in subsequent phases.

        Puri seems may not be economically feasible and seems more as a electoral stunt. If govt is serious about Puri, they should consider RRTS between Bhubaneswar airport to Proposed Puri airport, rather than metro.

    • Ashirvad Ray says:

      Yes, you are right. Puri cannot be connected with a city metro, but since it is 60kms away, it should be connected with something like Delhi- Meerut RRTS as Meerut is 80kms away from Delhi. Likewise Bhubaneswar- Kakatpur- Astaranga should have one more RRTS(Rapid Rail Transit System), Bhubaneswar- Konark RRTS, Bhubaneswar- Bhadrak RRTS and Bhubaneswar- Dhenkanal RRTS, Bhubaneswar- Chilika-Balugaon-Banapur RRTS should be taken up after Bhubaneswar Metro.

  2. Karan K says:

    So, along with some good news in the East, here is a link to some good news from the Western part of the country…

    It seems like operations in Navi Mumbai metro may start soon.

  3. Krishna Rajput says:

    Wowo that’s Very Close To The Upgrade Odisha As Well As…..But We Could Not Find The Development of Education In Odisha Village. Take A Strong Turn onto Education It ll help to Make More Smart & Development Of People..

  4. Suvendu says:

    Very good news,but there should be underground line in phase 1 atleast from Kalinga Hospital square to Airport. So that the skyline of Smart city will remain open and the underground will serve as selter in war like situation.

  5. HareKrushna Nayak says:

    Happy…. Waiting to see the results….

  6. Sansiddha Pani says:

    I think the map needs a minor correction. There is a proposed stop at Capital Hospital Square as well, between the Airport and Sishu Bhawan.

  7. Pankaj says:

    DMRC as consultant will push for 25kV OHE and all the metro are 750Volt DC I think they should use UPMRC as consultant which has implied both AC and DC Solution

  8. Sansiddha Pani says:

    Construction has officially started with 1st tender being released by DMRC for boundary wall construction around the depot.

    I am thinking they have minimised land acquisition to an absolute minimum!!


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