Bangalore Metro Yellow Line’s 1st CRRC Train Rolls Out in Nanjing

Back on October 27, CRRC rolled out the first of 15 new trains for 19.143 km Bangalore Metro Yellow Line (Reach 5) which will connect RV Road – Electronic City – Bommasandra via 16 stations.

The train’s first look inside CRRC’s Puzhen plant in Nanjing was leaked in September when it was undergoing factory acceptance tests (FAT).

This 6-coach train is the first of two trains that will be shipped from China as part of Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project’s 36 train (216 coach) contract 4RS-DM awarded by Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) in December 2019. The rest 34 trains will be assembled locally by Titagarh Rail Systems in West Bengal.

Here are some snaps from the roll-out ceremony, attended by BMRCL’s officials, via Chinese website OurJiangsu and shared by WF_Watcher on X:

Out of 216 coaches, 126 coaches (21 trains of 6 coaches) will be deployed on the purple and green lines, alongside the existing 56 trains supplied by BEML. The rest 15 new trains with 6 coaches each will be deployed on the new Yellow Line (Reach 5) connecting RV Road – Electronic City – Bommasandra via 16 stations.

Per OurJiangsu “after a loud flute for the first train of the project, the guests attending the ceremony boarded the first train and experienced the first train made in Puzhen up close“.

Note the electronic signages (digital displays) above the doors – a first for Bangalore where its existing BEML trains have static LED lights. These electronic signages can be configured by BMRCL to provide a map of the line, upcoming station information, time remaining to upcoming stations, real time alerts for closures and advertising.

This train is part of CRRC’s 7th and largest order for metro projects in India – view order history.

Assuming the train was dispatched after the roll-out ceremony, I’m looking at an early to mid December arrival into Bangalore city looking at historic shipping timeframe of other projects’ metro coaches and tunnel boring machines (TBMs) from China.

Meanwhile, Titagarh earlier this month received at least 6 car body shells at their plant in Uttarpara near Kolkata. They’ll now be equipped with interior, electrical & mechanical fittings and undergo testing, so we’re easily at least 4 months from seeing the first local train rolling out.

As shared in the past, at this time I see this line opening up no sooner than Q3 (July-Sept) 2024 and wouldn’t be surprised if the line ends up opening in 2025.

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19 Responses to "Bangalore Metro Yellow Line’s 1st CRRC Train Rolls Out in Nanjing"

  1. Raghu says:

    Hi TMRG,
    What might be the time frame you think for at least 8 trains to be delivered for starting the operations.

  2. Sunny says:

    It is shame that entire metro system in India is promoting this Chinese co. How many Indian companies are getting any orders for high end products like this from Chaina. Even if, it is more more with Beml we should go with them.

    • Dezzir says:

      Don’t worry the advertising inside this train before 2024 electiona claiming Aatmanirbhar Bharat with Modi’s smiling face will be designed in India, and printed in India using imported ink.

      • shreyas says:

        Don’t worry, Modi’s still gonna be smiling post elections, and will continue Atmanirbhar campaign through his third tenure. Bitter doesn’t deter a man on a mission.

    • A R Iyer says:

      In a sense, this is also within the ambit of Aatmanirbhar as you should also look at amount of crude imports these coaches will displace.Yes, I too feel bad about importing from China, but the ridiculous traffic situation where we have to spend 3 hours to travel 10 to 12 kms is justification enough to fast-track coach procurement. However, once we have our production capabilities in order, we can give a big middle finger salute to our enemies abroad.

      • Ram says:

        I like your confidence, but not your misplaced sense of pride.

        • shreyas says:

          I don’t generally reply to nonsensical comments, but felt compelled to here. He was just rationalising the unavoidable imports and looking at a silver lining even though no one’s liking an import from China. That you find a “misplaced sense of pride” in this clearly tells me your contribution to this country is not more than your unhealthy level of cynicism, and your extreme sense of entitlement about what this country needs to do for you.

    • Aman says:

      Please note the 75% local partner/production tie-up requirement in the tender conditions. Do you think Titagarh will do the balance 75% of coach manufacturing for free at its West Bengal plant? As per my limited knowledge, only 25% of the amount goes to China; the rest is still with Titagarh, an Indian company.

  3. Sriharsha says:

    At the current speed we may see the pink and yellow lines inauguration together sometime late in 2024.

    • Grenville says:

      Buddy there is no chance that pink line will open in 2024, late or early.

      We’re still waiting for 2 boring machines to complete it’s tunneling, and even though BMRCL said march 2024, we both know that won’t happen.

      • Kulkarni says:

        Correction. BMRCL said March 2025. so expect a 2026 opening of the pink line.

        • Grenville says:

          That’s correct sir.
          BMRCL said March 2025 is Pink Line deadline. What I meant by March 2024 is the completion of all UG tunneling, which no way in hell can be done.

          This was quoted by them when there was a breakthrough back in October ’23.

          Anyways, whether this happens in ’25 or ’26, the result will be the same – people will still use their own vehicles, train sets will be delayed, and never-ending tom-tom of “people should use public transportation”.

          I support the Metro – but this ridiculous delay has to be in control. Don’t set deadlines if you’re just not competent to stand by it.


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