2 Bidders for Versova – Virar – Palghar Sea Link’s DPR Consultant Contract

Aarvee Associates and Nippon Koei are the only two firms that have bid for the Detailed Project Report (DPR) contract for Versova – Virar – Palghar Sea Link in Maharashtra after technical bids were opened today.

The scope of this access-controlled highway’s consultant contract by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) includes two components:

  • Peer review of 43 km Versova – Virar Sea Link (VVSL) project’s existing DPR. Along with 6 lane connecting roads leading to the western suburbs, the entire project will be 79.11 km long.
  • Preparation of a new DPR for extending VVSL to Palghar by approximately 21.8 km. A connection to Palghar town is estimated to be 7.3 km long.

MMRDA had invited tenders for this consultancy service in November 2023 with an unknown estimate and contract deadline.

MMRDA’s Brief Scope: Peer Review of VVSL DPR and Preparation of DPR for an Extension of VVSL from Virar upto Palghar

Versova – Virar – Palghar Sea Link’s route – via MMRDA’s tendering documents

The bids have now been sent for technical bid evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely consultant.

While Indian cities have a road deficit, admittedly this isn’t a project I’m a major proponent the money can better be used towards new mass transit lines.

Infrastructure planners typically route projects (highways, metros etc.) along path of least resistance and this is a good example of that. While cities elsewhere outside of India are ripping apart elevated corridors, we’ve got MMRDA implementing this hair brained project while all metro projects under MMRDA’s purview are crawling along due to a very relaxed procurement schedule.

To leave you with some figures and food for thought – VVSL project is estimated to cost Rs. 63,426 crore and its extension to Palghar would be another 25k – 35k crore. For comparison, the 82 km Delhi – Meerut RRTS project is estimated to cost Rs. 30,274 crore. Now think about the possibilities.

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19 Responses to "2 Bidders for Versova – Virar – Palghar Sea Link’s DPR Consultant Contract"

  1. Aryan says:

    Instead of Starting from Versova they should’ve started from Dahisar where Mumbai Coastal Road ends. They would have saved atleast 18000 crores & with the help of 20k crore from Centre & with some JICA ODA Loans they could have build Mumbai-Pune HSR (Bullet Train). Municipal Corporation’s can also help financially. I think this is/was the best time because all municipal corporation are suspended (No Mayor) & Approvals will be given quickly & they can get financial help for this project also.

  2. Sunil says:

    A coastal road like in South mumbai would have looked more beautiful from versova to palghar.

  3. Mayur Mahajan says:

    Instead of this project, MMRDA can utilise the projected money to build Airport metro, strengthen mono rail network, Amar Mahal metro station, extend Eastern freeway, Airoli-Katai Naka phase 2, city beautification and general area development.

    • Mayur Mahajan says:

      So many things to do, yet no priority.

    • Kalpana Korgaonkar says:

      I am local resident of vasai. Why all the developments in central or harbour area. Why no developments required in vasai virar belt where there is so much of crowding in our area? All the chawls and buildings are going for redevelopment in Mumbai and the people from all over Mumbai are buying flats in this belt out of the corpus money given by the builders.
      This is required. A boon for the northern suburbs

    • Am says:

      I am from Vasai and we need this sea link. There is a lot of development and going on in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai but Mira Road to Virar is laid back. The cities have a lot of people travelling to Mumbai, so this should be helpful. It’s about time Mira road to Virar side population also get something aprt from local trains right

    • Am says:

      Mayur you are saying this because you don’t know the pain to travel from Vasai-Virar.
      All the development is happening on the Mumbai side and Navi Mumbai side. There is no development that’s happened here since decade. Finally there is something happening.
      We need better connectivity from vasai virar to Mumbai. So it’s a nice move.

      I hope a metro should start soon connecting vasai-virar to Mumbai

  4. Hemant R Avaral says:

    very good steps taken by the government regarding infrastructure development in the neglected areas.kudos to government for initiating steps

  5. Milind B. Pagdhare says:

    I appreciate government decisions specially MMRDA’s DPR process hassle free.
    As we know the Palghar region is not far away from MMR region but it takes many decades for development decision.
    Mostly MMR region depend for their water & energy requirements from Palghar region. Water reservoirs , Nuclear power project, Termal power & World’s 5th largest port city Wadhavan also situated in Palghar if MMR region get facilities from this region there is no search for 3rd or 4th Mumbai Palghar it self complete all criteria so the decision of Virar to Palghar extension sealink is foresight vision of government.

  6. Sharad says:

    Virar Varsowa sea link should have started 10 years ago… Too much delay.. But better late than never! I wish environmental & forest department should not interfere in development.

  7. JA says:

    This is good move, but expensive. If a road bridge from Naigaon to Bhaindar is built it will make it much cheaper to travel by coastal road to Mumbai.

  8. VV says:

    Is there on bridge MOTOCYCLE allowed to drive ?

  9. Sylvester Dmello says:

    We don’t encourage this concretization of Vasai- Virar belt. The government can not take such hazardous decisions, only for the sake of high influencers, & high net-worthy car driving section of society.
    You should understand the green ecology of the region. This green belt (Naigaon, Vasai, Nallasopara, Virar up until Palghar, Dahanu)is living in harmony. This project will face a stiff resistance from the local communities.
    We will come together & resist such destruction of our beautiful area.
    Government cannot turn a blind eye to the CRZ(Coastal Regulation Zone) norms.
    The builder lobby is having it’s crooked eye on this nature filled area.

    Just remember what we did wit BVA in 2009.
    Don’t forget & don’t dare to harm us & our environment.

    Sylvester Dmello, Vasai-Virar local

  10. Sunil says:

    Land for 3rd airport of MMR can be blocked now itself in palghar, with this kind of connectivity coming up. But mmrda decisions/planning is all ad hoc and in fits and jerks.


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