8 Bidders for Nagpur – Gondia Expressway’s 4 Construction Contracts

8 civil engineering firms have submitted a total of 20 bids to construct the 127 km Nagpur – Bhandara – Gondia Expressway project on EPC mode in eastern Maharashtra after technical bids were opened on Friday.

This 4 lane access-controlled highway project by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) will have its western terminal at Gavasi village on Nagpur’s Outer Ring Road, roughly 7 km from eastern terminal of the 701 km Mumbai – Nagpur Expressway (Samruddhi Mahamarg or ME-2).

On the east-side, Nagpur – Gondia Expressway will terminate at village Sawari, located north of Gondia, while a 13.745 km bypass will be constructed around the south-western side of Gondia (note: this bypass is not shown in the map below). Besides Gondia Bypass, a 3.826 km spur will link to the town of Tiroda which hosts MIDC’s Growth Centre.

The expressway has been designed with a 100 meter right-of-way (ROW) and a 120 kmph speed limit. It will be developed under 4 packages: NG-01, NG-02, NG-03 and NG-04.

MSRDC had applied for Environmental Clearance in October 2023 and invited bids for civil construction in February 2024 with a 2.5 year construction deadline.

Bidders & Packages Bid For

  • Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.: NG-01, NG-02, NG-03 & NG-04
  • APCO Infratech Pvt. Ltd.: NG-02 & NG-03,
  • GR Infraprojects Ltd.: NG-01 & NG-02
  • Montecarlo Ltd.: NG-01 & NG-04
  • NCC Ltd.: NG-01, NG-02, NG-03 & NG-04,
  • Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd.: NG-03 & NG-04
  • Patel Infrastructure Ltd.: NG-04 only
  • PNC Infratech Ltd.: NG-02, NG-03 & NG-04

Package Information: Chainage and Length

  • NG-01: km 0+000 Gavasi Tq. Nagpur (Rural) to km 29+400 Chanoda Tq. Kuhi Dist. Nagpur (Length: 29.400 km)
  • NG-02: km 29+400 Chanoda Tq. Kuhi Dist. Nagpur to km 58+850 Thana Tq. Dist. Bhandara (Length: 29.450 km)
  • NG-03: km 94+100 Manora to km 121+500 Sonegaon Tq. Tiroda Dist. Gondia (Length: 27.400 km) with Tiroda connector km 0+000 Paldongari to km 3+826 Kachewani Tq. Tiroda Dist. Gondia (Length- 3.826 km). (Total Length: 31.226 km)
  • NG-04: km 121+500 Sonegaon Tq. Tiroda to km 144+807 Sawari Tq. Dist. Gondia (Length: 23.307 km) with Gondia Bypass km 0+000 Lohari to km 13+745 Karanja Tq. Dist. Gondia (Length- 13.745 km) (Total Length: 37.052 km)
Route of Nagpur – Gondia Expressway via the government’s environmental clearance website (includes my markings) – view project information page

The bids have now been sent for technical evaluation which will take a couple of months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely contractor for each package.

Nagpur – Gondia Expressway is expected to reduce the travel time between both cities to about 2 hours from the current 4-5 hour journey. Maharashtra’s government plans to develop an impressive 5000 km expressway network in the state. Nagpur – Gondia Expressway is displayed by number 2 below:

Graphic via Pooja Khushwah

MSRDC on Friday also opened bids for the 182 km Nagpur – Chandrapur Expressway project. See details and a list of bidders over here.

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6 Responses to "8 Bidders for Nagpur – Gondia Expressway’s 4 Construction Contracts"

  1. Sunil says:

    Maharashtra will have 5000kms of expressway this is daydreaming. At the moment UP has the longest kms of expressway. Hope with the interiors of Maharashtra getting expressway, investments should start coming there and Nagour should take off and be on par with hyderabad/bangalore, which still Gadkari has been still unable to do.

    • PRAKASH says:

      Maharashtra has different terrian than UP don’t compare Maharashtra expressway with UP within 3-4 year down the line you will find at least 3000 km of expressway in MH as land aquiation process is already done on in process similar in the line of Samaruddhi mahamarag and 5000 km expressway will in reality within 7-10 year max

  2. Sham Zanzad says:

    Is Land acquisition start for this project ?


    how many time land a


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